Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

So the other day I was browsing the fan art section of the World of Warcraft website, and stumbled across a stunningly gorgeous picture that promptly became my new desktop wallpaper:

So maybe I'm really just an obsessed hunter-addict (okay, so there's no "maybe" about it), but I can't stop looking at this picture. It's just a compelling and dynamic image. And standing at the side of that powerful hunter, almost appearing to to be materializing from the shadows, is an ever-faithful wolf pet.

So of course I had to go tame myself a wolf.

I picked the Bloodmaul Dire Wolf in Blade's Edge. He comes with the highest rank of Furious Howl, and before I tamed him I temp-tamed a raptor from Netherstorm and obtained the highest rank of Bite for myself as well. This is my third stable slot, after all, so I'd best get everything I need beforehand.

Is the wolf gonna stay? I'm not sure. I haven't had anytime to play around with him yet and he's only level 65. It's going to be neat, I think, to try having something other than a pure DPS pet. The wolf is more of a well-rounded pet, sacrificing some DPS for some armor. I think he might be good for grinding and solo'ing. One thing is for sure: he needs a name.

And once he gets a name, I'll probably get all attached to him.

Oh Blizz, why must you torment us so, with a mere three stable slots?

Hrmm. It doesn't look quite as epic as the artwork, does it?

Someday, though. Someday when Tier 4 leaves the bounds of a young hunter's daydream, as it is perhaps the most attainable dream in a garden of delights such as Loyalty Level 7, traps that never break early, The Ultimate Aimed Shot of Ultimate Destiny (And No Threat To Boot), and being able to surround oneself with a limitless menagerie of creatures.


Xial said...

That is some nice art work, wish i was gifted with that ability...

slayerboy (Lonehunter on Area52) said...

That's awesome art work!

oh....I notice you're using KDE. You play WoW on Linux too? I'm just waiting for the day when Blizz decides to alienate us Linux users.

Pike said...

I agree with you both, I wish I could draw that well.

Slayerboy - I play WoW on Kubuntu Linux =)