Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My hunters. Let me show you them.

So it's no secret that I love hunters.

But... just how much do I love those hunters?

Hmm. Let's take a peeksie at my toons. I count a grand total of 28 characters, across 12 servers. Now let's meet my hunters. In no particular order...

Level 70 Night Elf Hunter
Server: Silver Hand (RP)
Pets: Tux the Owl, Locke the Cat
Notes: Ah Tawyn. She was my first character and as such she will always be my favorite. Not much to say about her simply because this blog focuses far more on her adventures than anyone else's... so you can go read up on her anytime!
Current Status: Main

Shantizar the First
Level 12 Troll Hunter
Server: Silver Hand (RP)
Pets: Scraps the Cat (this is a personal in-joke. "Scraps the Cat" is the name of a cartoon character I invented some 14 years ago.)
Notes: I wanted to play Horde. I wanted to make a hunter. I love trolls. Shantizar was born.
Current Status: On hold until I have more time

Level 16 Dwarf Hunter
Server: Silver Hand (RP)
Pets: Clifford the (soon to be) Big Red Dog
Notes: I wanted to make a dwarf hunter and I wanted a wolf named Clifford. I also wanted a character on the same server as my main that I could play if I... didn't feel like dealing with my main. This character is super fun and is not played enough.
Current Status: Casual alt

Level 9 Orc Hunter
Server: Dark Iron (PvP)
Pets: None yet
Notes: My brother and a bunch of my friends all play Horde on Dark Iron. Pretty much as soon as I got the game, they ambushed me and got me to make a character there. I made a Blood Elf Paladin who I got to level 16 before giving up. I didn't play on that server for a while but eventually they once again convinced me to try playing there again. I figured I would have the best shot at not giving up if I rolled a hunter, so... I did.
Current Status: Retired until further notice

Level 14 Tauren Hunter
Server: Dark Iron (PvP)
Pets: Charisma the Cat
Notes: See above but I decided I liked taurens more than orcs because I'm silly like that. Also I thought that putting an "e" at the end of my main's name would inspire me to keep playing the character. Turns out I simply have a hard time playing on non-RP servers. Hey, you can't say I didn't try, at least!
Current Status: Retired until further notice

Level 13 Tauren Hunter
Server: Moon Guard (RP)
Pets: Unnamed Owl
Notes: This character actually started out on Silver Hand and then all my character slots on Silver Hand filled up and I wanted to make a new character there... so I transferred this hunter to Moon Guard because I heard the RP there is awesome and I wanted to check it out. (Yes, I paid $25 to transfer a level 13 character. Don't laugh. I get attached, okay? >.>) I actually have hardly played this character since the transfer but I really want to at some point.
Current Status: On hold until I have more time

Level 2 Dwarf Hunter
Server: Drenden (PvE)
Pets: None Yet
Notes: The mandatory female dwarf hunter that I made to say hi to BRK. But then I chickened out and decided he probably didn't want to be bothered so I failed to ever even whisper him. I simply stalk his blog now. /cough
Current Status: Retired until further notice


Level 2 Blood Elf Hunter
Server: Drenden (PvE)
Pets: None Yet
Notes: So after chickening out, I figured so long as I was on the server I'd might as well make a new type of hunter that I'd never tried before. So I made a female blood elf hunter. I quit at level 2 for the most shallow reason in history. Ready for it? ... the bow-firing animation drove me insane. I don't know why. I can't even remember what it looked like. All I remember is that I hated it. I am horrible, no? Anyways, I'm sort of feeling the urge to try making a male blood elf hunter next time. Because the guy blood elves are... kinda cute. (Pike, did you just pull the female version of "I play a girl night elf so I can look at a cute butt?" ... yes. Yes I did. I am not afraid to admit it. =D)
Current Status: Retired until further notice

Level 47 Tauren Hunter
Server: The Venture Co. (RP-PvP)
Pets: Alyosha the Cat, Ivan the Windserpent, Dmitri the (insert current experimental pet here)
Notes: This character started out on Wildhammer, a PvP server where some of my friends and their awesome guild were. I got up to level 27 or 28 or so but as much as I was enjoying the Horde side of the storyline, I simply was not enjoying not being on an RP server. So the character was shelved for a little bit. Eventually the guild sort of imploded and most of its members went their separate ways and I took the opportunity to transfer to an RP-PvP server and I haven't looked back. I love playing this character and she will be my second level 70.
Current Status: Horde Main/Main Alt

Level 4 Tauren Hunter
Server: Anvilmar (PvE)
Pets: None Yet
Notes: This character was made specifically to partake in a certain project brainstormed up by Ess. A bunch of us bloggers get together to hang out and level together. Unfortunately I am really really slacking here but... I'll try to log on more!
Current Status: Heir to the throne of "I need to play this character more"

Shantizar the Second

Level 14 Troll Hunter
Server: Shadow Council (RP)
Pets: Niels (the) Boar
Notes: This is my Survival hunter. I'd like to think she's the character I focus on most after Tawyn and Lunapike but really only time will tell because I just started her.
Current Status: Full-fledged Alt

Level 6 Draenei Hunter
Server: Maelstrom (RP-PvP)
Pets: None yet
Notes: This character was made for two reasons: firstly, I wanted to have at least one hunter of every race and I didn't have a draenei yet, and secondly, now that I've played Horde on an RP-PvP server I decided it was time to give my birth faction (hehe) a shot on an RP-PvP server. Actually she had been hanging out at level 4 until very very recently, when I resurrected her because I know how to kite and jumpshot now (THANK YOU BRK!!! EVERYBODY GO WATCH HIS MOVIES GOGOGO) so pre-pet hunters are now surprisingly superfun.
Current Status: Unknown; hoping to develop her into a Casual Alt

12 of my 28 toons are hunters.
That means approximately 42.8% of characters that I make are hunters.
If you added up the levels of all my hunters and made them one entity, you would get one big level 209 hunter.
The average level of my hunters is: 17
The average level of my non-hunters is: 8

My five highest leveled characters are:
Tawyn (Level 70 hunter)
Lunapike (Level 47 hunter)
Ralaenia (Level 21 mage)
Katlaina (Level 16 hunter)/Aellindria (Level 16 paladin) (tied)

Paladin and mage are the only two non-hunter classes I have ever gotten to level 11 or higher.

...so, what do you guys think? Am I a little crazy? Obsessed? Not obsessed enough? ...I like that last option.

Why don't you come back in a few months and we'll see how many more hunters I've created/leveled.


TJ said...

Good call on not whispering BRK. It's not that he wouldn't like it, it's just that the server is at ego-capacity.

Sonvar said...

If you're worried about the animations then you should make a Draenei Hunter. I feel that they have some great animations for both bow and crossbow.

Also I'm not sure how you keep up with so many alts I find it difficult enough to do what I want with just one char consistently

Althoran said...

I like the latter - not obsessed enough!

BRK said...

Poor, pathetic BRK. All he wants is a whisper from Pike.



/hangs head, goes back to getting TJ-smackdowns


Gebeorgan said...

So many alts! Let alone hunter alts... wow. I have 10, 2 of which are bank mules on each side. What puts me off is not so much the time but the endless repeats of the starter areas. Sonvar's comment is inspiring though, I've only ever rolled one Draenei - a mage and he's my Alliance mule now so that starter area is still very fresh for me.

sonvar said...

Somehow missed the lvl 6 draenei hunter. Anyways, I know I love my draenei hunter and there should be more draenei period. They remind me a lot of taurens physically and demeanor.

Kestrel said...

You know, I love hunters as much as (or more than) the next guy, or girl. But you, my dear: I think you need professional help. :D

Daxenos said...

Oh, Pikewind! We missed you last night! Hopefully we'll see you soon.


/sigh, NO! Daxe Fifth Ave. does NOT carry dead animal skins, although we do have a FABULOUS pair of shoes that have a modest amount of leather in them.

Doofy said...

My dear, you are completely insane and you rock for it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, why don't you try playing a hunter? I heard they are fun. ROFL