Monday, February 25, 2008

The Ol' Switcheroo

So you all know that I have a level 70 hunter. Ja?

Well, my boyfriend has a level 70 warlock. So now you know that, too, if you hadn't already!

Anyways. Today we were talking and at the time he was doing schoolwork and I was on my blood-elf-guy who I adore playing, and I was talking about how I, at level 13, had succeeded at taking on and killing three level 14 mobs at the same time by DPS'ing one down quick and then having my pet tank one (and with a Serpent Sting planted on him) while I kited the third. And we began talking about how really my success there had largely been dependent on the fact that I already know how to play a hunter. And then we began talking about what it would be like if maybe he rolled a lowbie warlock and if it would be the same experience for him, or if it was more of a hunter thing.

And then... I don't even remember which one of us came up with the idea... but one of us said "You know... we should level each other's class". I.e., I would level a warlock and he would level a hunter. And the other one of us very quickly agreed that this was a fantastic idea, and we both went immediately over to yet another new RP server (Sisters of Elune) and pretty soon we had our level one characters ready. We ran them to Durotar where there are both warlock and hunter trainers, and we've agreed that we will only play these characters with each other.

They got to level four tonight.

That's my boyfriend, the tauren hunter, and yours truly, the undead warlock.

Now we've both tried to level each other's class before. He has a level four-ish night elf hunter and I've got a level four-ish gnome warlock, but we both made the characters strictly for RP purposes and then sort of tried to level them on our own, and basically we decided that we didn't like the other's class. But this time it's different. This time we're doing it together and we've got the other right there for advice and help. I trust his warlockeryness, and he trusts my hunteryness, and right off the bat we're giving each other all sorts of handy advice. I have no idea how far we're going to get these characters but I'm very excited for this little project already.

He's doing pretty good, even if I often catch him popping into melee mode when the mob runs up, because he's not the best kiter yet. But I'm a forgiving teacher/girlfriend! =P


See the guy on the left? Tux and I got him down to 85%-ish percent. That's not bad, right? Well on our way to being able to solo Molten Core, right? ;P


Anonymous said...

I'd say hello on Sisters of Elune if I could, but alas, I am Alliance there. At least for now. (And maybe it's just me, but isn't it weird to be playing on a realm called SOE?)

Dave said...

Damn you for getting the song "Switch" by Will Smith stuck in my head! :P

Gebeorgan said...

Cool idea, I leveled my rogue all the way to 70 with an RL friend's priest once he convinced me back to WoW but character-role reversal is a neat twist. good luck!

By irrelevant coincidence, our guild was 9-manning MC last night for kicks. The drop rate (of albeit useless) epics was pretty good being 31 people shy of a full raid lol.

Softi said...

ooh gratz on the MC giants :) Ahh the days of 40-man raids... I miss them *cries*

My husband and I have recently made some characters to play with only together, almost lvl 10 now and it's been good fun so far :)

sonvar said...

Now how long will you be able to take playing a lock before you have to go back to one of your hunters?

Nialla said...

That is soooo cute! My Hubby plays a 70 Warlock too, cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what UI are you using? I like that. Its nice and clean and not cluttered like some others I have seen.

Pike said...


Probably the most visible parts of my UI there are XPerl Unit Frames (my nameplate, party, etc.) and StellarBars (the action bars).

I'm rather fond of my setup too!