Friday, February 15, 2008

Roleplayers Gone Wild

So what happens when a rather motley crew of roleplayers shows up in Moonglade to have an in-character Guild Lunar Festival Party... and then somebody randomly announces that a certain boss has been summoned?

Yep. We downed him.

To fully appreciate this you have to realize that about half of our little raid group consisted of people from levels 40-60. The other half were people in their 60s and a smattering of 70s. None of our healers was a higher level than 60, and that level 60 healer was spec'd Boomkin at the time.

We were completely and thoroughly unorganized, because we had no idea we were going to be doing this; people had been thrown into random groups without regard to party buffs, in fact nobody had any buffs of any kind really. There was conveniently a graveyard very close by, so the typical strategy was to do as much damage as you could before the AoE inevitably caught you off guard and killed you, at which point you would wait two minutes to rez and then rinse and repeat. It wasn't long before everyone's armor started getting shot so we started taking shifts running to the nearest repair guy and running back.

And yet somehow, after what I swear took no less than a half hour, our scraggly little group of roleplayers pulled it off. It helped that we had our ever-so-amazing pre-Kara-geared tank, who did not even die a single time, thanks to our ridiculously talented sub-level-60 healers.

We failed to get the quest beforehand, but honestly, I couldn't care less about that. Being on Ventrilo with the whole group, cheering and squealing at the end and congratulating and complimenting everybody and simply being so giddy and high on our guild's first little "raid victory", was worth far more than any possible quest reward.

I cannot wait to start raiding.

(Oh, did I mention Tux didn't die a single time? I musta died 5 or 6 times; Tux never once hit the bucket before I did though, Omen's Starfall be darned. I'm proud of my boy. *ruffles his headfeathers*)


Anonymous said...

you know pike iv played wow for 2 years now and without sounding egotistic am a bt/hyjal hunter and yet iv never seen this boss i feel so ashamed theres me thinking i was a wow know itall and yet iv never ever seen this boss so thank you cos now when i get home im gonna log on and find out more about this boss and maybe a get a raid going for it,even though i will get torn to bits by guildies when i ask LFG raid moonglade, but then i still run mc and onxyia and ZG for fun ...and massive gratz keep up the good work pike loving your blog

yunk said...

Ah Omen, when I first started we were capped at 60, and that was before dailies when we were all poor, so we fought naked! I remember someone just throwing a raid together, and most people weren't even in the raid, and a whole lot of horde (I was alliance back then).

There we were dying naked and futilely smacking him with broken swords.. and our pvp grand champ (when those existed) yelling "heal xxx" who was tanking, but of course no one did because it was an unorganized group of people who had no idea what we were doing.

one of the funnest boss kills ever

Nina said...

Congrats, Pike! And congrats to Tux too, for holding his own.

I was in the Moonglade when a mini raid tackled that multi-headed pooch. It scared the daylights out of me!