Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Alt Project: Druid: Early Impressions

Yesterday I rolled a tauren druid on The Venture Co., named Songlark (the actual naming process took about 45 minutes, because I'm a dork).

In character, she's bright and cheerful and more outgoing than the hunter Lunapike.

Out of character she is my highest-level druid in WoW, at level 7.

Rejuvenation is one of my favorite things ever. It's like a Mend Pet, only for yourself. As such, my current typical super-intense and clearly very experienced *cough* druid strategy goes something like this:

Pull with a Wrath or two. Rejuvenation. Moonfire. Moonfire again. ...hit with stick until my mana comes back. Rejuvenation, Moonfire, Moonfire, hitting with stick...
Like that. Sometimes I'll throw in a Healing Touch for good measure.

I dig it. I'm like a mage that can heal. Except I go OOM a lot faster than my mage does (and that's saying a lot). But that's because my mage has a bunch of Intellect gear and this druid, well, doesn't yet.

So I got about halfway through level 7 and was having this great fun time and I was aiming for level 10 before the night was out, and then suddenly I felt it.


"Piiiike... come back to us... you know you want to..."

"No! I'm leveling a druid!!"

"Piiiiiiike... we have cookies... and Kibler's Bits..."


I logged out of Songlark and logged into Tawyn and spent the next two hours in Alterac Valley pewpew'ing stuff.


It's a drug, I tell ya.

Currently I'm waffling over whether I should get the druid to 10 today or give another class a whirl. I suppose I'll think it over while I'm at work.


Faeldray said...

ROFL! I hear those little whispers all the time, which is probably why I can't play anything other than a hunter either.

Maebius said...

I understand those whispers! I almost feel bad admitting my main hunter is lvl 55, and while I LOVE him, the guild needed a healer, so I now have a lvl 60 Holy priest. I miss the hunter, but when I play him, the head-whispers to "go heal outlands" start up.....

-Hi, I'm Maebius, and I hear voices when I play other characters...
-(group) Hello maebius!

faradhim said...

I see sign you are becoming addicted. Quick! Seek professional help!

Just kidding. :-)

Stupid Mage said...

Wrath -> Root -> Wrath -> Wrath -> Root

Almost like a shot rotation that will keep the baddies away from you while you kill them.

Ess said...

Hehe, this sounds like a fun project. Best of luck!

I started to enjoy the druid more when she got bear form (once I got past the motion sickness part, anyway). Shapeshifting is neat to learn (I like the quests to attain the forms, and the stories behind them), and can be really handy in battle. Sometimes I do wrath, wrath, wrath, moonfire, etc, until I'm almost out of mana, shift to bear, and claw, claw, claw to finish off the mob. So much fun. :)

Phaelia said...

Sounds like a blast!! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your moo-id so far. One thing to note is that you shouldn't use Moonfire 2x in a row. The up front damage it does is only a portion of its total damage since it's followed by a DoT. Just refresh it when it falls. :-)

sonvar said...

sniff, sniff

I miss my cow druid I never did get him to 70. =(

alda said...

I vote leveling her to 10 and getting bear form. That's a good milestone to reach, then move on to another alt. =)

Boozsha said...

It often takes me a long time to come up with names for my toons as well. However most of my have Booz in the first name. Like my troll priest is named Booshundye! Troll shaman is Boozshamo, and warrior is Boozshido.

So I'm probably even more of a DORK!

Euripedes said...

Heh, not quite as bad as me trying to get all my toons with the same name.


And so on. So stupid.

Dani said...

"Piiiike... come back to us... you know you want to..."

"No! I'm playing my hunter!"

"Piiiike...We have self-heals...and that bear form is soooo clooooose..."

Nelthilta said...

You aren't the only one that takes forever to come up with a name. Whenever I make new toons, I will sit forever and look through names either in a book or online until I find one that I like the sound of and like the meaning behind. And then I /cry if I finally choose one and it's not available!!!

Sade said...

Just remember -- when you get to level 10, I strongly recommend you give the Feral tree a long, hard look.


Well, here's how the typical fight will go for you as a bear druid.

"Hi, I'm a druid!"

*run run run*

"Oh look, a monster! I think that I will kill it."

/cast Moonfire

*shift into bear form*

*claw bash rip tear rawr*

*mob dies*


/cast Regrowth
/cast Rejuvenation
/cast Healing Touch


^ That was your downtime. No need to eat or drink, as you can heal your mana back up and you have no use for your mana pool when in form. Just throw on the HOTs and keep moving. No need to even keep your fuzzy, clawed alter-egos happy!

You'll find that the gearing process for a feral druid is pretty similar to that of a hunter in its early days as well, as you'll be looking mostly for Strength, Stam, and Agility.

You can spec however you want to, of course, just keep in mind that there's a reason that most people will tell you to level as Feral. I rolled a feral druid to help my tank-starved guild out and was pleasantly surprised by how fun and fast-paced druid grinding is when you have those wonderful beautiful heal-over-times and bear form at your disposal.

Viktel said...

At least I'm not the only name dork out there. When I rolled my druid Finegas I actually had out my old Irish Folklore books to find a good name for him.

My play style must confuse the bejeebes out of my opponents. LOL Just call me Fin, the Kiting Druid.

I knew it was time to switch back to Vik after I kited Sharptalon into the guards at Splinter Tree Post.

Have Fun!

Mirshalak said...

Droods are cool. ;)

Mine was the first alt I ever made, before Mirsh actually. His name's Cloudwalker, and he's still only level 28 because I don't play with him very often, and never quest with him. He's resto spec and is purely for WSG or instances, although I think I hear the call of the boomkin recently as well. ;)

They're a fun class...wouldn't want it as my main, but Cloud is good occasionally for something different.