Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About the Author

Way back in 1997, a then 13-year-old girl stumbled onto the Internet. She called herself "Pikestaff" after a character she'd invented based on the "Redwall" series of books; a hare with a penchant for causing mayhem.

Over ten years later, Pike still lives...

"Pike" has been the longtime Internet moniker (heck, offline moniker too sometimes) of a twentysomething geekish girl who lives in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. (Specifically, she lives in the town where Vulcans and Humans will make First Contact, according to Star Trek lore.)

She's been playing video games basically before she could talk, thanks to the cutting-edge Commodore 64 computer her family owned. A quick perusal of the "Favorite Games" section of her Baby Book would not reveal Pat-a-Cake or Peek-a-Boo, but rather Dig-Dug, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man.

Then one year they got a Super Nintendo, and other than a very passionate love affair with Starcraft, she was exclusively a console gamer for many years. Until one day her boyfriend said "Hey I'm installing WoW, do you want to play too?" She thought hunters sounded fun, created her first WoW toon, and that's when the madness began.

Today you can see Pike creating and playing hunter after hunter after hunter because it's not just a class, it's a lifestyle. And an obsession, admittedly.

Pike's other big passion is the Linux operating system. She leveled her first character to 70 exclusively on Kubuntu Linux and the only reason she pops onto a lesser OS sometimes these days is for Ventrilo (by the way, she appreciates all the "Linux/Wine/Ventrilo" how-to links people send her, but trust her when she says she has tried everything and it's a bug that's out of her control at the moment).

You can find Pike online most places as "Pikestaff" and chances are if you see a "Pikestaff" on some internet site, it is her (DeviantArt is a notable exception-- somebody else took her beloved internet name first and that is perhaps the big reason why she can't bring herself to create a DeviantArt account).

Other than that, her Pikachu plushie collection, and the Periodic Table of the Elements she carries in her wallet, Pike is just your normal chick who holds a bachelor's degree in filmmaking which she does not use and who currently works in the Pet Care Department of a popular pet store chain. That means she is a master cricket counter and fish catcher and is bitten by snakes on a regular basis. She can also warn you to never, ever touch a pooping hamster., seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I link to you?
Yep! =D

Will you link to me? If you are an active commenter and your name links to your blog, chances are I will pick up on it at some point and add you to my blogroll. If I do not, feel free to send me an e-mail and if your site seems to have some decent content and is regularly updated, I will link to you.

Would you like to hook up for some advertising/moneymaking?
No thank you.

I saw a "Tawyn" on [insert non-Silver Hand server here], is that you? Nope. I tend to view my characters as all having distinct personalities and so as such I generally do not share character names across servers, though I have made exceptions. Tawyn is not one of those exceptions. (At one point, though, I did have a "Tawyne" on Dark Iron, but that character is now retired.)

How do you pronounce Tawyn
? Say the two words "Saw Win". Now blend them together and replace the "S" in Saw with a "T". And emphasize the first syllable. ^^

What is the cool add-on that makes you and your party's name plates appear in 3-D? X-Perl Unit Frames.

"For the Horde" or "Glory to the Alliance"? Both! No really, I rather enjoy playing both factions. Alliance if pressed, though these days I am more prone to be found Horde-side due to circumstance.

PvE or PvP Server? RP and RP-PvP! =P

Is your guild on Silver Hand recruiting
? Entelechy is always accepting of new members of any class, level, and activity level (i.e. we won't kick you even if you only log on twice a year). We are a fun group of people of varying backgrounds and ages (I'll take a stab here and say our average member age is early-20s) who enjoy goofing off and hanging out in Ventrilo. You do not have to be a roleplayer but keep in mind that our guild's roots lie in roleplaying so you should at least be respectful to those that participate in RP even if you do not yourself. If you are interested in raiding with us keep in mind that at this point we really only run Karazhan (we aim for once a week, though it doesn't always happen) but many of our members raid higher-content with other guilds and you would be free to do so as well.

And if you want to get really nitpicky, we could use mages. Desperately. (And healers and tanks, but mostly mages.)

Anyways, if you see me on as Tawyn or Tamaryn send me a poke and I'll toss you an invite. You can also randomly whisper someone in the guild if I am not on to see who has invite rights, usually at least one person who can invite is online.

Is your guild on The Venture Co. recruiting? No, because that guild is a small personal guild for me, my alts, and my friends and family. That may change in the future, but for the time being, no, Lunapike's guild is not recruiting, and no, I'm not interested in leaving my mini-guild for a bigger one.


kilovh said...

So wait, what happens if you touch a pooping hamster?

BlackBeardFreelance said...

I was thinking the same thing...

oriniwen said...

*tackle* Get over here you Crazy Canuck! Surfed onto your blog from Blog Azeroth. No I don't think your posts are toolong or too wandery,I think they're just great! And I am doing the "happy puppy wiggles" dance to see not only another Canuck but another hunt-a-holic too! I will be a very regular reader now!