Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Hunter Song

A few weeks ago somebody told me that when I talk about WoW, it sounds something like this: "Hunter hunter hunter hunter hunter..."

Anyways that sort of reminded me of a popular flash animation (no not "Badgers", although that fits too)... so I sat down and wrote this:

"The Hunter Song"
(Based on The Llama Song)

Here's a hunter
There's a hunter
And a little dwarven hunter
BM Hunter
Marksman Hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Hunter hunter
Furbolg hunter
Shadowmelding Night Elf hunter
Hunter hunter
Murloc hunter
Hunter hunter priest

I was once a newbie
I made some mistakes
But I did my pet research
So I could tame The Rake

I was only level ten
Couldn't yet wear mail
Best time for a furry friend
Or feathery or scaled

Did you ever see a hunter
Kiss a hunter
Roll a hunter
Newbie hunter
Expert hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Instance hunter
Raiding hunter
Trapping feigning kiting hunter
Hunter on a mount
Hunting a
Hunter hunter priest

I just love my kitty
And I love my boar
Now I'm out of stable slots
Oh why can't there be more?

I think that it's just so fun
To have a big red beast
Maybe I should retire now
And reroll a priest


Anna said...

Wow. This is awesome, and I laughed! I'll definitely be sharing this with hunter friends!

Anna said...

bah! can't edit comment! I was going to mention, re: badgerbadger, that if you bring a 3 hunters with snake traps to the first boss in Heroic Underbog, you have the entire song right there...

Joel said...

That was funny.

Good point too anna.

Nightravyn said...

LOL! Too funny. :D Of course I'll be humming that all day long now...

sonvar said...

Lol that was good. And it has been shared with the hunter forums

Gebeorgan said...

lmao. I hope someone feels inspired to put your lyrics to sound and Flash by the weekend ;)

Viktel said...


Xial said...

lol, nice work, hunters everywhere!!!

Kyrilean of Arathor said...

LOL! I'm not a hunter, but I like reading your site. This was funny!

Lazz said...

/target Pike

Euripedes said...



Is epic. Illidan has nothing on this.

Heritikyl said...

Hilarious. Just started reading your blog and I must say it's pretty awesome, good work!

Anonymous said...

its only a text or everyone know where i hear the musik?^^

Anonymous said...

where i can hear the song?

or its only a text.....crap

Pike said...

@ Anonymous - it's just text =P