Friday, February 22, 2008

Hunter The Thirteenth

So after waxing poetic about all my hunters in my previous post, what did I do? I went and made another one, obviously.

Althalor the Level 7 Blood Elf Hunter.

Male Blood Elf Hunter.

Now some 95% of my characters are female, because I am female too, and I feel most comfortable "getting into" my characters when we are the same gender. After a while I started branching out and playing male gnomes, and now I've got me a male belf.

And I am enjoying playing him faaaaaaar more than I thought I would, especially since I've never been a huge blood elf fan.

But. I love his animations. I love his voice. I love the way he looks in the [Festive Teal Pant Suit]. And I absolutely adore the way his ears go all boingy-boingy when he runs. Actually I have a confession to make here. Not too long ago it occurred to me that I seem to have some sort of long ear fetish. Growing up (and still today) I have always been drawn to animals with long ears-- rabbits, bilbies, and of course hares, my "mascot" animal. I grew up watching Star Trek and I loved Spock and the Vulcans. I collect Pikachu toys. In D&D I usually wanted to play elves or half-elves and now that I look back on it I think that it's not because they're graceful and athletic and all that-- but because they had those freakish ears. My main character in WoW is Tawyn, a Night Elf, and I am so jealous of her ears. I wish I had long ears like that. It would be so awesome. I want to be her for Halloween just so I have an excuse to put on some fake elf ears.


So yeah, sorry about that tangent. Now that I've scared away half of my readership I'll continue where I left off:

Above all though, I love my new character's personality and backstory. You will notice from the picture that he is in Mulgore. He has a very good reason for that. I cannot wait to develop this further.

I love inventing new characters. I think it might be my favorite part of the game.

...but then again, these days anytime I make a blog post, I say something like "[Some completely random aspect of WoW] is my favorite part of the game!" So maybe I should make a song:

Running heroics and downing the last boss
Roleplaying and using up all my toon slots

Big Steady Shot crits and winning AV

These are a few of my favorite things

When the raid wipes

When my traps break

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feeeeel so bad!

The downside to having so many character ideas, of course, is that I give myself far too many characters to play, so many of them wind up getting neglected, even if I didn't intend them to at all. I almost need to make some sort of playing schedule for myself. Hmm, that's not a bad plan, really...

In closing, I leave you all with my new favorite YouTube movie. No, it most certainly did not put tears in my eyes. /scoffs at the notion




Bobo&SgtPork said...

"I love inventing new characters. I think it might be my favorite part of the game."
I actually had to quit City of Heroes over this. I spent all my time making new superheroes and never played any!

Bobo&SgtPork said...

Oh, and aw, shucks! "Hootie" was the first WoW video I ever saw, and it's still one of the best. *wipes what are clearly NOT tears from the corners of his eyes*

sonvar said...

Yeah I was beginning to wonder when all your hunter altoholicness was going to catch up to ya. Like I've said before its hard for me to do what I want on one character let alone a whole army like you have.

Anonymous said...

I get caught up in inventing new characters also. Oddly, I was considering branching out to a male BE myself because I keep drooling over them in game. (They can look really, really good in some getups!)

If I do (which is more a matter of finding time for another character than anything else at this point) it will be the first male character I've actually played in WoW (bank gnomes excepted).

Mama Druid said...

Trolls have long ears. I realize you do have a troll huntress, but maybe your next one could be a boy? Their mannerisms are great fun and their accent is pretty nice! ;)

Jarla said...

I know exactly what you are talking about here!

Funny enough, I recently started on my first male character too: An orc shaman. And guess what: the story I have in mind for him brought him to Mulgore to make his first levels there. :)

Faeldray said...

I second Mama Druid. Male trolls are really cute and I love their accent. I'm tempted to make one myself :)

Daxenos said...

I just rolled a new BE hunter - Daxen. I really tried to NOT melee while killing mobs before I got my pet. It was a lot of fun strafing and kiting the mobs around!! And now that I have PuddyTat by my side, the mobs go down even faster! Woot! Level 13!