Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lovin' that New Hunter Smell

Not too long ago I mentioned how I pulled out an old troll hunter alt that I'd had lying around and wanted to retool her into a Survival hunter.

Well, she has been rerolled. There are a few reasons for this:

1.) She already had talent points in Beast Mastery and was too broke to respec.
2.) I did a lot of hard work getting her to Dun Morogh and taming a snow leopard pet. However, I decided that using a boar would be a much better idea. But I didn't want to put that adorable snow leopard in the stable and never take him out again.
3.) Starting 12 levels into the game already sort of feels like "cheating".

So I decided to make a completely fresh start and reroll her! I had a few issues at first deciding what server to put her on. All 10 of my Silver Hand character slots are filled up, and to be honest I really only play Alliance on Silver Hand anyway. I really like Venture Co. a lot, and RP-PvP servers are starting to grow on me, but I don't know if I want to level two PvP hunters simultaneously-- it'll be good to have one to play on a regular ol' RP server I think, if I ever don't feel like the PvP. So finally I picked a new RP server which I've never played on before. It's called Shadow Council and I know absolutely nobody there and that's fine with me. Sometimes anonymity is fun ya know? It's also the first server I've played on that is actually in the same timezone as me; I am an hour ahead of both Silver Hand and Venture Co. Not that it really makes a big difference, but it's kinda neat.

And so we have Shantizar the Troll Hunter and her trusty pet Niels (first person to "get" the name, gets a cookie!)

Niels is cute and charismatic in a way I had no idea boars could be. And oh boy is he an aggro monster. I love it.

Anyways, I've been having a blast on this character so far. Right from level one I've been practicing my kiting and my jump shots (I consider both of those to be, by far, my biggest hunter Achilles' heels. I really shouldn't even call myself a hunter sometimes. /hangs head and blushes) and I sort of feel like I'm getting into the Survival mindset, which is kind of silly considering the fact that my first two points have gone into the Marksman tree, Lethal Shots specifically. The reason for this is because I'm a troll and get a 1% crit bonus when I'm using bows, and I totally am going to take advantage of this fact. MOAR CRITS. I will move into Survival after 5/5 Lethal Shots.

I wound up on the zeppelin to Undercity with one other passenger: a fellow female troll hunter who also had a boar. She was level 35 or so, and we both waved at each other and /patted each other's boars and stuff. I glanced at her spec (I am super voyeuristic when it comes to other hunters and their specs... I can't help it) and was somewhat surprised to see... a fellow leveling survival hunter! Woot. This is fun already. I can't wait until I can put some points into that tree. It's going to be so fun and different.

I went to Silvermoon City because I randomly decided I want a chicken mount so I figure I'd best start leveling there. And who should I run into but...

Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain!

The Fab Five, propelled into superstardom by their hit single I Am Murloc!

...I was too shy to ask for an autograph. =/

So yeah, The Alt Project is sadly being more neglected than it should be, simply because I am playing not one, not two, but three* hunters simultaneously. And I absolutely love it.

* Shantizar is actually guildless; she signed somebody's guild charter for a gold and then left--- er, was booted actually-- after. Armory is just slow. I don't know if she's going to find a guild or fly solo-- still thinkin'!


Viktel said...

I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you on the Survival spec.

Don't Boars just rock? They are a lot of fun on the battlegrounds too.

Anonymous said...

what is that myroleplay? in the chat pane some kinda addon to let fellow rp players know when ur in character or something??

Pike said...

Viktel - boars are quite fun! =D

Anonymous - MyRoleplay is an addon that lets you write information about your character and lets you see information that other people write about their character. When I click on somebody with it, it alerts me that they're using MyRoleplay (it will also alert me if they are using a different RP addon, such as FlagRSP2.)

Anna said...

It's Niels Bohr... er... Boar...


Pike said...

*bestows a cookie upon Anna* =D

lienna said...

I hope you have lots of fun leveling as survival!, even if you've got a boar so you probably won't need to kite things quite so much as I had to!

And feel free to wave at the Chieftains, they are quite friendly, though I do worry that they hang around in silvermoon... its not the most reputable of cities, such is the life of rock stars I suppose.

sonvar said...

Just as a forewarning lvling using Survival Talents is definitely the long and hard road for hunters. And most of the benefits really aren't seen unless you're in groups.

Lazz said...

I just started a Survival Hunter too! Not that I'm going to get to play her much, but it's great fun.

It's funny how, as much as we love the BM tree, we've always been secretly making eyes at Survival. If you're at all like me, that is.

Pike said...

@ Sonvar - that is exactly the point! I want a challenge.

@ Lazz - I've been eying Survival ever since somebody posted a comment on BRK saying Marksmanship was Windows, BM was Mac, and Survival was Linux. That was way back when I was level 25 or 30 or so and had just barely discovered BRK. I knew nothing about Survival or what it did. But reading that comment has had me working my way slowly towards Survival ever since...

Tazbutane said...

Pike, is that boar Princess from Elwynn forest or a look-alike? I have not been able to find any decent looking boars in the early hoard starting areas. Of course my highest horde is a Level 15 orc hunter at this point.

Pike said...

@ Tazbutane -

That boar is a Battleboar from Mulgore (Tauren starting area); they are about level 3-4 and they can be found directly to the east of where a new Tauren spawns-- so in Southern Mulgore.

Even though they are only level 3 to 4 they level really fast when they are that low (I think it took about four kills to ding the boar from 3 to 4) and they will catch up to you really quickly.

You can also get somewhat-higher-leveled versions of the same looking boar in Westfall.

Hope that helps!

Tazbutane said...

Thank you Ma'am! That helps tremendously. I was contemplating going to Westfall for one, but the Tauren starting area will be much easier to get to.