Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spotlight on... you guys!

If you are one of those people who comes and visits my actual blog as opposed to reading it through a reader, then you may have noticed that the two very long blogrolls on my sidebar are no longer there. They had a noble life though, and as much as I would like to keep them there they were simply getting to be far too unwieldy and as such they have been retired. ...or, at least, moved. I now have a completely separate page for my blogrolls:

Pike's Blogroll

And that is what will appear on the sidebar. I contemplated leaving a few "Best of the Best" blogs on the front page but it's just too hard for me to pick favorites when there are so many good ones. So everyone from the most popular bloggers to the very-newest-bloggers all reside on the same page.

Why are my blogrolls so big? Because I maintain that a lot of my skill as a player comes through posts made in WoW blogs, and as such I want to help to promote blogs and articles that continue to educate (and entertain) me. See, look, here's just a brief sampler of some of the neat stuff that's been posted in the past week alone:

Mirshalak tells us how he solo's Scholomance as a Survival Hunter and shares his views on how, on some situations, the cookie cutter talents builds might not be quite as effective as the more unusual ones.

Pelides has a very informative post about Feign Death and when and how to use it.

Trackhoof tells us about meta gems for hunters in various situations.

Drotara has a super-informative post about shot rotations, it's really one of the most nicely-summarized articles I've seen on the topic and it's definitely worth a look.

Over at Great Green Hunter we have a post about the pros and cons of using various popular pets in arena.

Siha at Banana Shoulders made a super-useful jewelcrafting reference sheet.

Critical QQ has some handy tips regarding that urge to go spend time in battlegrounds mid-leveling.

And Trollin' spills the beans and tells us just how he made that awesome click-able blogroll of his that everybody has been drooling over for a while now. least, I know I have.

See what I mean about learning from other bloggers? That's why my blogroll is so gigantic. So go take a look if you haven't already, and maybe you'll learn something new! =D

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Viktel said...


LOL. One of the biggest reasons I fall behind in posting on my blog is that other bloggers put links to good blogs in their daily blog.

I spend all my time reading.