Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Return of the Grumpy Care Bear

I was on Lunapike, my level 63 Hordie Hunter, and I was camping out in the inn in Tarren Mill because I'd been helping a friend out. At the moment though, my services weren't required, so I'd alt+tab'd out to do some stuff.

Suddenly I heard a bunch of commotion on my screen and pulled up the game just in time to see a big red cat clawing my face out. I could barely move before I was completely demolished.

Eh, it's Tarren Mill, it's to be expected. So I went back to the Inn and rez'd and then alt+tab'd again.

Same story about a minute later, big red cat destroys me.

So at that point I was getting annoyed but there really wasn't a whole lot I could do, this being my highest leveled character on that server. I started to play a little game with the guy. I'd stand in my spot in the inn, I'd see "Noodle gains Bestial Wrath" and "Noodle gains Dash" in my combat log, Noodle the kitty would run into the inn... and I would log out. I can only imagine the confusion on poor hunter's face when his big red kittycat came running back to him emptyhanded.

I did that a couple times and thought it was immensely hilarious until one of these times I logged in and the hunter himself was standing in my spot waiting for me, and I got demolished.

Okay, this was all getting super annoying, and at this point I was having to wait around in Ghost Form to rez because I'd died so many times in such a short period of time. So I figured I'd head out of there. Which was in and of itself a major pain, because even my Frostwolf Howler is apparently no match for Concussive Shot + Intimidation + Full S2 Hunter, and I died another two or three times on my way out.

Now it was around this point that I think the other people at Tarren Mill were getting annoyed too because they started disappearing and higher levels started showing up. Mr. AnnoyingHunterGuy left somewhere around this time, headed south, and we all made a group to go track him down.

We didn't see him anywhere, though.

But whaddaya do when you're in a group full of ticked off Hordies whose lowbie alts just got camped into oblivion?

You raid Southshore, that's what.

We leveled the place. I mean, completely leveled. There were no NPCs left. There were no quest givers left. The poor level 30-ish Alliance that got caught in the crossfire? Rest in peace. They can thank AnnoyingHunterGuy and Noodles.

Now the respawn rate on the guards was super fast and we were just killing them over and over. So I was figuring the Alliance World Defense must have been exploding with "Southshore is under attack!" which is why I was expecting the Alliance Response Team to show up and put an end to our shenanigans. See, I say that as somebody with experience about the other side. I always have WorldDefense on, and if Tawyn sees "Southshore is under attack" more than a couple times and she isn't in Outlands, she pulls out her PvP gear and hops on her gryphon-- you'd better believe she does. Usually she shows up right around the same time as five or six other similarly-minded people and we successfully defend our town.

But you know what, on this server, it never happened. The Alliance Counterattack I was waiting for never came. Every so often a single level 70 would pop up and they would quickly get killed. That was about it. AnnoyingHunterGuy never even came back (although he did /yell something at us in the middle of it, so you know he was somewhere and knew what was going on-- he just never came out to fight us.)

So after about twenty minutes of having Southshore firmly under Horde control we left not because the Alliance came to take care of us, but because we just got bored.

Victory for us!

So there you have it. Has Pike crossed over to the dark side? Gonna go around ganking and camping lowbies on a regular basis? Nah. I still like /hugs for the most part.

But revenge is sweet.

The best part of the entire night though?

Now I've had people make alts on servers specifically to say hello to me, but I can only think of a few cases where people who already live on that server recognize me. Makes me feel special. <3 And to Mr. Moonkin who asked me that, if you are reading, 'twas fun! =D


Avaric said...

I actually created a character on Silver Hand because I heard about the Leftovers Raiding that goes on there and I thought it would be cool to get in on. I dunno if I have it in me to level another hunter to 70 before Wrath comes out though. :) If I do though, I'll say hello sometime.

Loronar said...

Avaric — I have hunter on Silver Hand too..level 16. maybe we can go level sometime. :P

Pike — You would think people would come running to Southshore on a PvP server, but we really don't. I have WorldDefense up all the time, but no one rushes to the defense of Southshore on a PvP server. It's normal. On the other hand, sometimes people are more willing to help in STV. Whenever I'm in Booty Bay, I see in General chat: "Any Horde?" Halaa is also another place where people are willing to drop their questing and join a raid.

LS said...

Meanie huntard shot me in the face. ;_;

Anonymous said...

It's alot more fun when you have both sides fighting. Sounds like Silver Hand alliance aren't quite as active

LS said...

She's actually talking about Venture Co. Alliance.

Avaric said...

Well, Silver Hand is an RP server. Lunapike is on The Venture Co, which is RPPVP.

I don't enjoy PVP myself, so you'll never find me on any species of PVP server.

Anonymous said...

ahahahhaa hee - hmmm I feel like saying: welcome to the army or horde or something suitable for the PVP server Tarren Mill initiation and that guilty-happy feeling of smacking back ^_^

MW said...

Aww man, I wish I'd been there. Southshore vengeance runs are my favorite, even though Alliance hardly ever shows on VeCo. (Menethil Harbor seems to get better results, in my experience.)

Jaylene said...

So funny, the same happened on my server recently.... Alliance mucking up and disappearing before hordies get a party together and before you know it you raiding southshore. But never ever anybody shows up to defend it.

for the horde ^^

Csibi├║r said...

Good old TM/SS days...I can not express with human words how I miss them. A few daysago horde erased SS from the map. But believe me, there were only red name guys at SS when I arrived. I died before I could move. That went for a while, then Alliance grouped upand did the same in TM. No mercy at all. Even the critters have been killed, then we said hello to Sylvanas. That was a fast wipe but it was the first time I have been in a Horde city since I replaced my main UD mage with my actual main (NE Hunter)

DeluksZ said...

Not that it counts, but it was me, DeluksZ from the nick "csibiur". My bro was logged in.