Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Which Pike Goes Hollywood

A couple months back I got an e-mail from somebody telling me he was making a WoW website and would I write up a hunter guide for him, according to his template? I agreed, wrote one up and sent it to him.

I got an e-mail today saying that the site is up.

Lookie lookie: http://projectlore.com/wow-game-guides/classes-and-talent/hunter-guide/

Now I have to admit, I don't know a whole lot about this site or its project, but it does look like a big deal; a bigger one than I initially thought! I do have a few worries; one is that my guide isn't as great as it could have been. Reading over it now, there are some things I should have clarified or re-worded. Although, it was admittedly somewhat difficult to write because I was following a strict template. Also, reading over it, I can tell that it was rather condensed from my original guide. Anyways, I hope that I did an okay job (at least enough of an okay job that I don't sound like a complete huntard), and that people who want some more information on hunters click the little link to me and find their way here, where I can go much more in-depth.

Speaking of which, if you have managed to find your way here from that site... I'm Pike, and I like hunters. And Linux. Nice to meetcha!

I have a Beast Master specific guide that I'm working on for the site, and then I think I'm done with that project. Which I'm actually kind of relieved about, because as fun as it is to see my name attached to a big ol' shiny website like that, it simply does not compare to writing freely in the more intimate environment that is my blog. Where you guys can read it. /nod <3cha all by the way!


bobo&sgtpork said...

Less than three back atcha! Thanks for all you do!

Matticus said...

I got approached by these guys to write for Priests too. Sadly I couldn't :(.

Gibbiex said...

Pike, good guide, but so brief.

Here's some things to add. 1) At least an example shot rotation. Maybe not the flavor of the month, but so people can have a start.

2) Consumables for raids

3) Gear selection. I've been toying with a high +spirit leveling hunter, it's actually pretty useful. Less agi means i dont need to hold back on pet, and more +spi means less downtime. Obviously this is for leveling only.

4) Example talent builds

5) How to kite
6) How to chain trap
7) How to act in groups (ie growl off, assist the tank, how to pull a mob and trap it.

I can fill in this info if wanted. (email is gibbie99 at yahoo dot com)