Friday, July 18, 2008

Lunch Break

There is nothing more amusing than being in the breakroom at work, eating lunch and minding your own business, and suddenly hearing the girl next to you screech over the phone "I WAS IN THE MOST EPIC ALTERAC VALLEY EVER!"


So the new WotLK hunter talents are supposedly up on WoWHead, if you haven't heard already. Yeah, I looked at 'em and messed with 'em a little, but you know what? Not only am I still taking the talents with a grain of salt for various reasons, but I have way too much stuff I want to do before the expansion hits to spend too much time worrying about new talents.

I want Tawyn to at least see some Tier 5 content, other than that failed attempt at Hydross, before the expansion hits. Heck, I want Tawyn to see something other than Karazhan. I always feel kind of like a newbie when I'm trying to write about raiding and I've never even been to Gruuls/Mags (in all fairness, I've tried about a million times, but I seriously jinx Gruuls/Mags and they always fill up or are canceled.)

I want Lunapike to get to level 70 and start tearing up the battlegrounds.

I want Tamaryn to get to level 70 and start Tree'ing it up (I hit 40, by the way, and respec'd Boomkin. WTB Mana Battery, PST.)

Now we get to the secondary projects, which are that I'd like Althalor to tame Humar--been camping out for days now, with no luck thusfar-- and start working his way further up the leveling tree, I'd like Songlark to either start leveling seriously or at least hit 19 and become a semi-twink (my definition of a semi-twink: buy decent enough greens at the AH and put cheap enchants on them), and I'd like my dwarfyhuntergirl to start leveling as well.

But as my House-loving boyfriend likes to say, "You can't always get what you want", and with my time limited, it's time to prioritize. Sooo tough to pick from my characters though... I love them all. I do think that Tawyn, Tamaryn, and Lunapike are going to become my primary projects, though.

What do you guys want to accomplish before Wrath of the Lich King?


Loronar said...

Being the completionist that I am, I want to finish all the outstanding quests I have in Outland and get a bunch of attunements.

I finally completed Netherstorm last week and will soon be moving on to Shadowmoon Valley. I'll try to complete all quest chains (provided they don't involve a raid like the BT attunement). I'm attuned for Ogri'la (but I don't do the dailies), and I'm looking to attune for Netherwing. If possible, I'd also like to get all my Shattrath factions (Lower City, Skyguard, SSO, Aldor, Sha'tar) to exalted.

As of now, the only place I haven't been into is The Eye of Tempest Keep. One goal I have is to also do every instance in Heroic mode.

Daniel said...

I honestly hope to See M'uru or Kil'jaeden before WotLK hits. Working on Kaelcgos, but that leaves us a long way to go.

My Shadow Priest would totally be your mana battery! He is level 40 now.

Dammerung said...

I want Edjid to be level 70 and warlocking the place. Currently level 6.

I want Dampanza to be level 70 and ready to heal. Currently level 52.

I want to have epic flight form for Dampanza.

Other than that... not much really.

Adam said...

I'm hoping to get the champion of the naaru title before the next expansion, along with the crossbow of relentless strikes. I also want to clear my questlog of all dungeon and raid quests.

Verolia said...

I want to clear Black Temple.

We killed Archimonde last night and are 1/9 in BT... I want that to be 9/9 before Wrath.

Maybe, I'll have another level 70 but I doubt it.

Sade said...

Goal #1: be in a battleground with Tawyn so I can say hello and gush all over her.

... No, really! I just realized that Proudmoore is part of BG9, too. I really just hate raiding on my hunter though, so I'm working on his PVP set. 300 resilience and getting an arena team started sounds like a pretty reasonable short term goal to me.

Muron said...

1. Finish BT and Hyjal attunement.
2. Kill Kael and Vashj with guild.
3. Kill Illidan (I have friends with BT on farm, so I might be able to get in for 1 kill).
4. Finally get my epic mount.

sonvar said...

I posted what I want to do here.

The hardest part is gonna be getting Gruul down because lately we've had trouble just getting consistent kara groups together due to a lack of healers.

MW said...

I want the full PVP set and an epic flyer for my belf hunter, for her to be exalted with a few of the Outland factions (I have a list), to get my shaman to 70, and to get my orc hunter to Outland or close. I have other goals, but those are the only ones I definitely want to have accomplished before the expansion.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Not much that I can accomplish - I'm simply lurking behind the scenes until I see something that screams THIS IS AMAZING, WE ARE COMING BACK FOR WRATH 110% or GG BLIZZ, YOU SCREWED US AGAIN, BYE.

But I'm leaning towards the former right now. Here's hoping :)

Mister Adequate said...

I'd love to have a level 70.

But we know that's not happening. xD

Better yet, get a tank to 70. Dorf if Ally, Tauren, Orc, or Troll if Hordie.

And run an Outlands instance. Once.

Anonymous said...

I want that Amani-mount (from ZA).

Kyrilean said...

Level my shadow-priest to 70. Just dinged 65 last night.

Level my druid from 17 all the way to 70. Unfortunately, the hunter will have to wait.

Down Gruul. High-King down last Sat.

Get into Mag's, SSC, and TK at least.

Finish ZA. 3/6 right now. Want the Amani mount just so I can say I did it.

Want Champion of the Naaru title.

Oh and to do all this without my wife divorcing or killing me. LOL