Sunday, July 27, 2008



Last night, I was kind of a mess-- it was midnight, a million thoughts were going through my head, I'd just logged off in frustration, and I had to let those feelings loose somehow. So I wrote 'em all down in Blogger. It was super cathartic. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed some tears in the process. Before I hit the "Publish Post" button, I glanced at what I'd written and thought "Man... I should maybe just delete this all... nobody wants to hear my QQing." But I was hoping maybe I'd get some advice, so I published the post and then went straight to bed.

I woke up after a bit of a fitful sleep and went over to my computer and I had dozens of comments expressing support and help. People telling me they'd been through it before themselves, who were offering their own advice and experience. Ratshag even IM'd me to make sure I was okay. I also had some responses to a (rather embarrassingly) panicked post I made over on my guild forums, from guildies reassuring me that it wasn't my fault.

Are things magically fixed now? Well no, but I feel more calm and confident about it now. Whatever happens, will happen, and it will be okay. The point is, your collective concern helped more than I can express... so, thank you.

ANYWAYS, I don't want to dwell too long on mushy stuff like that. Aspect of the Hare will return to our regularly scheduled hunter programming on Monday (or maybe even Sunday if I'm feeling inspired.) You wants hunters, we gots hunters. And you wants the prettiest screenshot I've ever taken...

I was gonna say "You've got three guesses" but it's super easy, so you've only got one guess. =P


Loronar said...

I actually had no idea where that screenshot was taken. Then I figured it was someplace I've never been in before. I was right. I never went anywhere past Temple of Atal'Hakkar in the old world before going to Outland.

Fishstix said...

Probably should have renamed the picture before uploading it ;). I haven;t been to that particular zone (and wing) since the day (night I guess) BC launched. I had a bunch of librams to turn in for quick xp (turns out just heading straight to outlands would have been quicker, coupled with the fact i had to pick up my hawkstrider, i didn't hit outlands till about 45 minutes after logging in on BC launch night) oh the memories, it's why we play, right?

Eleanor said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post before this one (though it's still sitting open in my browser!) but I just wanted to share sympathy, and offer support. Speaking as a fellow guild leader - it really does hit home when you see people leaving, and it can be very demoralising -- and I think it's all too easy to feel that you're at fault somehow for bringing the guild to that point.

Please don't do that - I am sure, from what I know of you from your blog, that you've acted with the best interests of your guild at heart at all times, and you would have done your best to offer them the best possible guild environment. Don't feel bad for missing the good old days - but also, don't feel that you're responsible for your guild's current predicament.

Regardless of how things end - whether Entelechy has a happy resurgence or whether people move on to other places - you have great friends and 'family' in the game, and they will always be that even if they're not wearing your guild tag.

I hope that things turn out well - and if there's any guildleadery advice that a fellow GL can provide, I'm happy to help in any way I can.


Ratshag said...

Is only super easy if'n ya beens there :P

Glad ta know yer feelings better.

Pike said...

@ Fishstix - I considered changing the filename but it was 1 AM and I was tired, so I was hoping I could get away with it. Apparently not! =P

Ellis (Eonar) said...

Filename or not, I immediately recognised it anyhow. It's also one of the few places inside that the new generation of WoW players might recognise, only because of the Warlock and Paladin mount quests. (Pity there's nowhere that pretty in DM-North or East. That'd have really thrown people.)

Dire Maul was one of my favorite old-world instances back in the day, along with Maraudon and Scholomance. I ran them to death with a small tight-knit guild back when I was playing horde. (Tribute runs in DM-North, how I've missed you.)

It pains me now to meet people who've never even been there.

Avaric said...

That's Dire Maul-West, the pen where Immol'thar is. Been there a lot of times ever since I took my warlock there for her epic mount quest, since I kept all the summoning stuff I've helped at least four others get their mounts as well.

LS said...

In the distance stands Espado, the mighty warrior, prepared to tank the dreaded mana beasts for the good of our group.

Behind him is the ever-grumpy dwarf, Kaygan, prepared to shower his retribution upon the foes that stand before us.

Dancing and running about as per her norm, the priest Cylayna seems refreshingly unaware of the danger--which simultaneously comforts and terrifies those she is hear to soothe and heal.

The unflappable Tawyn stands silently in the rear, petting her companion Locke's head. Eagerly awaiting her next chance to shoot something.

In the center, the source of the group's efforts to conquer this place, stands the warlock. Anxious for victory, and the spoils it will reward him.

Good times.