Friday, July 4, 2008

Request for Comments

I was thinking of starting up a new "So You Want To Be a Hunter?" series, which would start at... well it would start at the character creation screen and work its way on up from there. There's just so much I want to cover about hunters and so much that I assume everybody sort of knows and then I find out people still want to learn about... I think a long-running series like that might possibly be helpful.

However, I also don't want to simply rehash things that have been already been done by places like WoWWiki or BRK, both of which I know have great beginner-hunter-guides, as do a lot of other good blogs out there.

So I come to you readers and ask: is there anything in particular you'd want to see if I started a series such as this? Do you want movies? Pics? What sort of questions would you have as a new hunter? What do you wish you knew when you started out that you know now? Anything I could cover that you haven't seen covered anywhere else? Just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Happy Fourth of July weekend to my fellow Americans and a nice "normal" weekend to the rest of you. I might be going back to Karazhan this weekend for the first time in about a month, so we'll see how that goes!


Verolia said...


There could be alot of things that BRK or WoWWiki has not touched up on.

You could talk about what pet is great for leveling? You could talk about what a hunter rotation [i]should[/i] be during different levels. It could be general awareness of being a leveling hunter, what you see, what you do.

Not every post has to be informative for you to make it blog worthy. You could talk about silly things that happen, what quests you find enjoyable and the unique things that are offered in different areas that people may have missed the first time around.

Hope that helps

Sade said...

Your unique perspective on the hunter class, which is primarily lore- and flavor-based, could be a welcome change from the mechanics-based guides we see so often. BRK did do something similar to this, yes, with his BRKTestBed series of movies, but a video series of you going into detail on how to start a hunter effectively could lead to wonderful things! One thing in particular that I don't see very often is how to play a hunter before you have access to a pet. And I'm not talking about "arcane shot, auto til the mob's in your face, melee til dead." I'm talking about jump-shot kiting, and kiting at low levels in general.

Was just a thought. I'd love to see you do something like this, because your love for the hunter class is contagious, and seeing something like this might reinvigorate me to go play my own hunter.

LS said...

I'd like to second what Sade said. Also, I'd like to nominate him as vice-boyfriend. So if I'm assassinated in office he can take over. =P

Dechion said...

How about something on not so much pet selection during leveling but the way the different pet skills will effect your pets ability to help you level?

I was planning on looking into something like this, but it would perhaps be better received by your readers.

Folks will put hours of min-maxing into picking the right set of boots or which enchant would be better on your main hand weapon, and yet there are very few articles out there on hunter pet specs.

In my mind my pet is my primary weapon, everything else is gravy. Think about it, if you had nothing but your pet and a level 1 grey throwing weapon you could still (sort of) function.

Mister Adequate said...

I think a guide to 1-10 would be great, as well as covering the pet get quests too. Maybe you could also go over various other milestones, when you get certain abilities or traps or something.

And movies. As many movies as possible. They're by far the most enjoyable and intuitive way of learning - I never understood shot rotation until I saw your movie recently, and then it clicked instantly and made perfect sense.

Oh, and any particular items worth persuing at various levels. As well as which professions are good for hunters and why, and what they might aim for within those!

Anonymous said...

I agree with sade, and also, maybe some advice on how to juggle levelling two or even three pets so that they all stay near enough to your own level to still be useful, without having to stay in an area for an extra day or two to grind them up.

Sade said...


Soooo, does this mean I have to roll a warlock?


I really need to roll a character on Silver Hand and look you Entelechy folks up. I always feel so alone on non-RP servers.

Greta said...

*** when to use special shots. like, erm, I'm a level 70 hunter and it wasn't until my third run in Kara that someone said "use arcane shot to dispell that" and I was like What? dispell? huh? /embarrassed

*** hunter pvp for noobs. I've never even done a duel. but some of the good gear at this point comes from PVP points. so what type should I do? what are my strengths and weaknesses? what can I accomplish without having to get all new gear and a new spec every time?

*** something about double trapping. I've heard rumors of it but never done it myself or seen it done. (I don't mean chain trapping, I mean trapping two mobs at once)

*** a post/guide to the hunter quest series that goes into sunken temple

*** don't miss this! quest list. I barely touched many zones and only found out later that I would have received an awesome gun upgrade if only I had done this line that no longer matters but would have been awesome at the time.

*** and combined with that idea... best zones to level in as a hunter. best quest rewards, best types of mobs to kill or whatever. Like I know paladins are all about the AOE grinding in plaguelands. but what is the top spot for hunter grinding?

I should probably stop now, this is getting long!

Riyddik said...

I'd like to see what you think good stats for a hunter are at various levels. Say at levels 10,20,30,40

but I really like your blog so don't change your style.