Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pike's Hunter Macros

I don't use a LOT of macros, but there are in fact some that I couldn't live without. Here they are...

Hunter's Mark/Pet Attack:

/cast Hunter's Mark

Puts Hunter's Mark on something, and sends your pet in to attack. My pet and I are never attacking something without Hunter's Mark on it, unless I have a reason to be (trying to take on two things at once, etc.)

Pull Shot:

/cast [nomodifier] Arcane Shot(Rank 4); [modifier:ctrl] Distracting Shot

Hitting the button by itself fires off a mid-rank Arcane Shot; holding Control down fires off a max-rank Distracting Shot. After either one, you stop casting, so as to not break your own trap. The first one is useful for pulling things to where you want them to be while out solo'ing or questing; the second one I use in raids/instances, just to be sure.

Tank Assist

/assist [tank's name here]

Useful in five-mans and some raids to figure out what the tank is targeting. Note that the tank won't always be targeting what you should be attacking, so use with caution!

"The" Infamous Macro

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, Auto Shot
/cast Kill Command
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Basic 1:1 Auto/Steady Macro. Not as DPS-heavy as a more flexible 3:2 macro, but also not a mana-eater like that one would be. I very rarely use this macro (we've had the talk about how I think it's boring, right?) and it's here mostly in case of emergency (for example: massive lag spikes during a boss fight which makes manual weaving impossible)

Not hunter related but...

Action Bar Lock/Unlock:

/run LOCK_ACTIONBAR = (LOCK_ACTIONBAR == "0") and "1" or "0"

Locks and unlocks the action bar with a button click. I keep the action bar locked 99% of the time (I haaaaaaaate randomly pulling something off of the bar in the middle of PvP/a boss fight), but sometimes you wanna move stuff around, so that's what this is for!

And, yep, that's it for my hunter-related macros. I also have several "fun" macros such as my Mount macro (uses Flying Mount in Outlands, and Normal Mount in Azeroth) and my random mini-pet macro (have I mentioned my bag space issues? Now you know why). But I figured I'd try to keep this post as hunter-related as I can.

What sorts of huntery (or even non-huntery) macros are your favorites?


Nibuca said...

I -think- that when the bars are "locked" you can pull things off by holding down shift.

I locked my bars ~1 year ago and have never unlocked.


bobo&sgtpork said...

Gee, Pike, that mount macro sounds really useful, even if it's not strictly hunter-related . . .

Mister Adequate said...

I don't use any macros. I just can't.

Oh, and you wouldn't have those problems if you learned to hotkey =P

MW said...

I don't use macros now. I have all of the abilities I generally use for PVP or soloing keybound, and just switch stuff out as needed. I do need to set up a couple of macros, though (including the Pet Attack/Hunter's Mark one — thanks for posting it!).

Pike said...

@ bobo&sgtpork:

Here ya go, replace with your own mounts:

/use [outdoors,nomounted,nomodifier:ctrl,flyable] Swift Green Gryphon; [outdoors,nomounted] Swift Palomino
/dismount [mounted]

It uses your flying mount in Outlands and your ground mount in Azeroth. If you want to use your ground mount in Outlands, hold down control.

Aedos said...

Hi Pike =) I'm a long time reader, first time commenter =P Was actually thinking of posting something about this myself, also I'm not a hunter (resto druid). I don't use a lot of macros either but I can't live without my

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Touch(rank 13)

Helpful for getting a tank out of trouble with an instant healing touch. Although it doesn't work every time sadly =P

Boothy20 said...

My second most used macro is to feed Jinx

#show Jinx's fave snack
/cast Feed Pet
/use Jinx's fave snack

Anonymous said...

I also have a mount macro.

And Silencing Shot pull macro is win. =)

Pike said...

@ Aedos - remind me to set up that macro on my druid XD That sounds super handy.

bobo&sgtpork said...

Thanks, Pike! You are teh awsome!

Anonymous said...

Use SpartanUI (admittedly with a few extra add-ons to act as gaffer tape over the cracks) and your action bars lock automatically as soon as you enter combat.

Actually, SpartanUI relies on Bartender so you could probably just use that on it's own, not as pretty though.