Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

We went to Karazhan yesterday. At first we were kind of nervous because a lot of the people who went this time had never gone before, and could probably still be considered a little undergeared.

But I guess we shouldn't have worried:

Attumen: One-shotted
Moroes: Two-shotted
Maiden: One-shotted
Opera - Big Bad Wolf: One-shotted
Curator: One-shotted
Chess: Free badges!

So at this point, having completely demolished the first half of Karzhan, we were all feeling really high off of our successes. All you other bosses, bring it on! We were on fire.

...soon to be literally.

We had two wipes on Illhoof before deciding to skip him. This was rather hilarious actually, somebody cried out "If you run far enough away he resets!" so off about half of us went, running throughout the entire tower with millions of little imps following us as one by one Illhoof plucked people away from their flight and sacrificed them. Pretty soon we were down to only me left, so I feigned death-- I don't know if that's what got me out of it or not but I do know that by the time he finally reset I had 40 HP left and was the only one still alive.

With that guy out of the question, we headed over to Shade of Aran. It was all sort of Leeroy Jenkins-ish: After an initial mishap where three people got too close and started the event with the rest of us still standing outside the closed doors (the panicky screams over Ventrilo were priceless), we all gathered together and had the two people who had done it before spend about ten minutes explaining the nuances of the fight to us in detail, we ran in, and... we blew up. At that point, the paladin was soulstoned but was literally laying at Aran's feet, it was super late, and everything decided to respawn, so we called it for the night.

Still, I gotta say it was a very successful night overall. I think the fact that we've got the first half of that place "on farm" isn't too bad for a scrappy group of roleplayers who have never stepped foot inside before until a few weeks ago. Oh, and no hunter loot, though our healers (and to a lesser extent, the rogue) really hit the jackpot. As I often say though-- I'm here for the fun. The loot is just the gravy. Also I think I did really well this time (that's the link to the anonymous WWS report-- I'm Thetys, Locke is Snooper, and Jitte the Mysterious Rogue is, I'm pretty sure, Moroes' garrote. No idea why it's showing up as a player.)

I was feeling kind of bad the last Karazhan run because I wasn't anywhere near the top and I sort of started to worry that I was "losing my touch" and not pulling my weight. So it was nice to do so much better this time. I was even tops on Curator! All the tips people started giving me musta helped. Oh and I was wearing my hunter shirt. Maybe that worked too. +100 Agi, +100 Ranged Attack Power, +100 doing-well-in-a-video-game.


...hey, you didn't think I'd letcha go without a movie, now did ya?

This is the Big Bad Wolf version of the Opera Event. It's basically a tank 'n spank with one little gimmick: Big Bad Wolf randomly turns people into Little Red Riding Hood and you have to run around in circles while he chases you, because you're silenced and can't do much of anything except run. Now as a wise man once said, if you Feign Death, he loses aggro on you and you don't have to worry about it (except for the fact that you are still slienced and can't do anything). Fortunately, my Feign Death, well... worked. =P

Music: The Revs - Turning Japanese

And yes, bad, bad, naughty hunter at about 1:20, pulling aggro like that. Now in my defense, Omen failed to give me any sort of flashy advance warning like it usually does... but still. Bad hunter.

/sits in corner


Althoran said...

Go Speedy!!!!!!

Grats Pike. It's cool on the aggro though right? you just had to show that it was possible for the feign death to work cuz the camera was on.


P.S. Any luck on Loot?

sonvar said...

Yeah my guild finally on this last weekend got Prince down. So its on "farm" status so to speak. I got this the dps cloak from Shade and he certainly is a fun one to deal with. It's all a matter of timing and the biggest issue is more of combination of events occurring like a flamewreath when the elementals show up or his sheep/PoM pyro party when the elementals show up. It just seems to be my experience that if you can survive when the elementals are there you'll be fine.

Illhoof is a matter of luck at least to me it seems because of who he ends up chaining. And if you can't destroy those chains in time you're hurting yourself two ways one less member to help and illhoof just got back health. People recommend downing his main imp and then hitting him while he's weakened but its just as well to have an offtank like an Arms warrior or feral take him on and then just focus on illhoof. Its up to you.

Where did you download that version of omen? The one I have looks much different and I like the format yours showed up in because its what I had before 2.4

Anonymous said...

Players with those lvl1 pets in important fights confuse me. At least that turtle doesnt flap his wings right next to my head...
Still I always ask them to put it away.

lienna said...

Heh, anyone notice how Pike's WWS report leaves her top *by a small margin* I really need to find some magic way to make my guild actually become competent at killing things.

Congrats on all the kills, did you get anything shiny?

Pike said...

Althoran - Hehe, yup, the pulling aggro was intentional to show that you should feign death close to the tank =P

Sonvar - That is the newest version of Omen, I just went into the options and one of the options was "skins" and I chose the "classic" skin.

Anonymous - they're just there for fun, we use them in most of our fights and in the heat of battle you don't even notice they're there. None of us do anyway. =P Our warlocks also put Underwater Breathing on the tank, and we also use random quest items that do random things (a staff that summons a ghostly archmage for example) before a lot of boss fights. Just for fun and good luck charms.

Lienna - My own personal DPS report actually showed me as being ahead by a much wider margin... I figured the WWS must be more accurate though... although I'm not sure. We do have a very, very strong group of players in our guild though. There's another rogue in my guild who didn't attend this particular run who gives me a run for my money every time.

One of my favorite "DPS moments" was actually a Heroic Mech run where afterwards somebody posted the DPS chart and me, the aforementioned rogue, and a very good warlock were all within less than a percent of each other DPS-wise. It was really awesome because it had meant we had all done really well. (That said, we all have Heroic Mech memorized at this point. =P)

Kestrel said...

Grats on the Kara successes!

HOWEVER...I'm disappointed in you. After reading the title of your article, then seeing that you posted a video...I really, REALLY thought the music would be Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, "Lil Red Riding Hood." :(

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,
You sure are looking good.
You're everything a big bad wolf could want.

LS said...

The rogue is OUR ROGUE pike =P He was fighting you and I for the top spot on DPS pretty well.

He doesn't get to be named though, because he's the one who wiped us on Shade of Aran >.>

*Still grumpy about that*

loronar said...

Opera Event is probably my favorite event. The randomization partly contributes to it. I haven't had the chance to do the Big Bad Wolf fight, but Wizard of Oz looks more fun :p

Byrd said...

Haven't had the time to run any big events yet, with working the night shift and all >.< but your videos and posts make me look forward to it oneday. Congrats to you :-)

Nelson said...

Lunaaaa Jenkinnns!

sonvar said... must have a slightly more updated version then me because I don't have an option for classic. All I have is an option to change the color and size for skin options.