Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Traptacular Trapathon

When you are chain-trapping, possibly your two most important assets are: firstly, making sure your trap cooldown is up before you first pull, and secondly, distance. Putting distance between yourself and your trap helps more than I think many people realize; it can give you up to some ten seconds of extra time if you concussive shot/wing clip your mob, and still a lot of extra time even if you don't.

I have a lot of hunters who will ask me how I can keep something trapped for so long, and those are my secrets. Starting off with no trap cooldown, and then maintaining distance. If you lose distance, you can still regain it later to maintain your edge-- it's difficult but can be done.

I've discovered I'm really into this whole "movie" thing (I guess my filmmaking degree is coming out here?) so I'd like to show Tux in his motion picture debut in "Trapathon: Tawyn Gets Bored". Basically when I get bored farming Scryer signets, I'll go trap a mob and see how long I can keep him trapped while I burn down the other guys. This is mostly a "just for fun" movie as opposed to an "instructional" movie because I figured BRK already has his fantastic chain-trapping how-tos-- so this is mostly to show that keeping your distance = endless chain-trapping, even if you don't have any points in Survival:

Music: Beatnick vs. Loituma - Leva's Breaks/Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)

(Yes, this is the type of stuff I listen to when I play WoW. No wonder I'm so upbeat and postive about the game all the time, right? =P)

Another important thing to keep in mind when you're trapping is to make sure that you are inbetween your trap and the mob you are trapping. Sounds obvious right? Well sometimes it's easy to forget and move yourself so you have a better shot at whatever you are shooting at the moment. Always be aware of your surroundings so you can adjust yourself if need be-- for example, you'll notice at around 3:50 that I saw my hapless Trap Victim was running towards me and not the trap-- so I had to quickly move myself so he would run into my trap instead.

So there we have it: Start with your next trap ready, maintain distance, and keep the trap between you and your mob. With those three things you can trap indefinitely, at least until you decide to pull five mobs at once =P And even then you can regain your trapping rhythm and continue trapping indefinitely... well... until the wrong mob runs into your trap anyway.

I enjoy making these movies but I sort of feel like most of the instructional stuff has already been covered by BRK and others such as The Hunter's Mark. But if you've got anything in particular that you'd like to see, let me know and I'd be glad to see what I can whip up! (Oh, and also, let me know if you've got a good solid place where I can host bigger sizes of these movies).


Anonymous said...

That song...


Get it...

Out of my head...


The hole in Z's neck says: That's a great idea for practicing chain trapping though.

Breana said...

Pike, awesome video...loved the music and the trapping!!! Makes me want to go out and try it myself. While BRK has the instructional vids, seeing yours just makes me want to party! Kept the vids coming!

Nightravyn said...

Back at the Sunfury NPC barracks:
"Dude, you look rough. What happened?"
"You wouldn't believe this. Some hunter chick shot me in the ass, so I went after her. Next thing I know, I'm in a giant ice block."
"Oh that sucks."
"I know! So I got pissed and ran after her again! but she trapped me AGAIN!"
"oh harsh..."
"Wench kept it up for 10 minutes before she killed me ><"
"oooo bummer. here, lets go have a drink."

Althoran said...

hey props on the wing clippin' too - that was sweet!!
Can't wait to see a bigger version!

Loronar said...

Pike, would you mind doing a quick tutorial on how to make WoW movies?

Hexapuma said...

That was a great movie! My hunter is only 47 at the moment but it sure makes me want to get out there and start chain-trapping! Your music though... phew... especially that last song sounded like something fromo smurfhits.. =)

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I'll say this:

Frost Grenades are the best trapping tool ever.

It's like a mini Frost Nova on a one-minute cooldown. Absolutely amazing if you need a few more seconds.