Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Giant Robots? Check. Fuzzballs? Check.

My guild went to Karazhan on Saturday-- I unfortunately was unable to go-- and they managed to get past the Opera Event in what I hear was an epic fight (something about six people dying, the tank kiting stuff around for five minutes while the healers regen'd mana, and eventually four-manning it) but then got stuck on Curator.

So... we went back. When I was available!

This fight, for those of you who haven't done it before, works something like this: There are these electric fuzzballs that aggro on random people that you have to kill. Every so often, Curator, a giant robot, turns all blue which means he takes double damage from everyone and that's when you have to focus on DPS'ing him.

Here's the final video I made-- after three or four false starts:

Music: Cyborg Jeff - F-Zero GX Dr Stuard Jeff & Toad Air Team Challengers OC ReMix; Jean Jacques Perrey - Brazilian Flower

(I know the last song is ridiculously silly. Bear with me when I say it's an inside joke of sorts. And makes the fact that the tank and Curator died within about a half second of each other even funnier.)

I'm not sure if this is a difficult fight for a hunter or if it was just hard for me because I'm not used to it. I know I do my best when I get to stand still and really dig into my shot rotation and let the crits flow. But for this fight I hardly got a chance to get in one or two shots on each fuzzball. For this reason, I had the snot beaten out of me in the DPS charts. I don't mind though. I had fun, I had the killing blow, and I got something shiny out of it:

Feels good to have some Tier 4 on my Armory, lemme tell ya.

At some point I'd like to write detailed guides to playing a hunter in each of the Kara fights but that's a ways off yet, right now it's just a blast to run around and check out all the different bosses. It sort of has a "rogue's gallery" feel to it. These are the bad guys that I've been hearing about since I started playing WoW about a year ago. It's so neat to finally go "meet" them.

We went to the Chess Event after this and then called it a night. Yes, we won Chess. I'd been informed that we'd be disowned if we didn't, so I guess that's a good thing.


loronar said...

Congrats on your first Tier 4, Pike! I've started running Kara with my guild also. They're already in SSC/TK, but I'm just starting to raid on their farm nights.

Hopefully luck is on your side, and Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix will drop for you like it did for me when you get to Prince. :)

I still read your blog from time to time (even if I don't update anymore, but I may restart it again soon).

Loronar & Vornskr/Acklay
U.S. Eredar

Kyrilean said...

Gratz, Pike! I too also achieved my first Tier 4 piece off of Curator this last weekend, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

Also, I finally caved after reading your blog for several months. On Sunday, I rolled a dwarven hunter. I'm only level 7, but I'm having the time of my life with my rifle!!! I can't believe I never tried this before!

sonvar said...

Gratz Pike. I'm not sure what may be different from what you do to me but typically after Curator I'm leading dps until we do Illhoof cause those locks get some great dps from using SoC on those imps. Typically what happens to me on Curator is that those flares come towards me after I get off about 3 shots or so and I just move around just enough so I can plug a few more shots in.

The interesting fight we had with Curator recently in which he was bugged is that Omen kept showing me his aggro list wiping along with any sunders from the tank and dots from the lock. At the same time he wasn't dropping his flares or evocating even though he was OOM. We got him down to 50 and then he released 3 flares at once. At which point we ran or died. Got it fixed by killing a mob that was stuck in the wall in Curator's room.

Fanthis said...

Only comment I'll make is that Locke could of done a lot more DPS.

Basically when I do this on my hunter ( I know this was your first time, and it was hot. ^.~ ) I stand at angle between the raid and boss.



I do this so me and my pet can DPS Curator the entire run, and I tab target to the Astral Spark when it comes us, hit it with a quick blast of hits until it gets out of range and go back to the boss. Usually by the time it gets out of your range you'll just waste time trying to chase it down.

If you sic your pet on it, keep him on defensive. Since he hit Curator once, once the Astral goes down he'll return to it on his own ( Edit, I "think" he will, if not just return him manually. )

If your guild really needs the DPS on the adds, you're doing the right thing but can be a bit closer, otherwise you can catch up on the charts easily.

Oh, and out current record is getting the Curator to enrage halfway through his first Evocate.. :X You'll be there soon enough.

Fanthis said...

Bah.. the word "Me" did not slide over like I had it. =o(

Boss. Me.


Slamdance said...

Gratz on the gloves they still elude me to this day even tho we don't run with a rogue or a pally and i'm the only Shaman /shakes fist Cursed!

For curator our hunter(s) just stick thier pets on him and hit the sparks after someone else so it goes for them instead of our hunter(s)XD Also standing in range of Curator will help you get to dpsing him quicker during the evos thus upping your dps.