Friday, March 14, 2008

Seeing It From The Other Side

So what's a hunter do the second she hits level 51?

Head to the 51-60 AV bracket, of course.

Not bad for being the lowest level they letcha in. I think so anyways.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Tawyn hit her early-50s and snagged herself Ice Barbed Spear. Well, today it looks like yet another of my hunters has achieved that rite of passage.


It only took two games to do it, too. Just two! On Tawyn it took like eleven.

It was so weird playing this battleground from the Horde side for the very first time. It sort of felt like Bizarro-AV. To be honest I still can't figure out Horde's secret for winning. I was sort of hoping it would all be made clear, but honestly it seems like when I'm playing Horde we do the exact same thing as Alliance (only in reverse) and yet we win heartily rather than lose decidedly. Very odd. Clearly this requires further study.

Gosh I love leveling hunters.


Anonymous said...

I will preface this comment with the knowledge that it will sound like I am generalizing.

In simple terms, I have found that horde is often 'better' or more focused on pvp than alliance. And alliance tends to be that way for pve. Is that the case everywhere? Well I am sure it is not. But I have been playing since 2004 open beta, and since the tarren mill pvp days. And it has been like that on the 4 different servers I have played on.

But please, continue your study. And let me know! :)

Viktel said...

I've been thinking about this too. I currently have 3 char on each side of the coin and, as far as my hunters go, my play-style doesn't vary much.

But my hordies always do much better....

lienna said...

Well on my server the horde has just had a spout of losing Av, the alliance just do a 40 person rush and take everything along the way, the horde then take it back, but as soon as they get FW graveyard, which is the first thing the bother to defend, they attack the boss and even with warmasters up 40 people does some serious damage

Of course the horde takes more things and gets more honor than the alliance, but the alliance win...

Oh and congrats on the spear (and nice serpent ;-) )

Mirshalak said...

The only time the Horde has lost AV games that I've been in is when the Alliance is able to camp the graveyards.

I don't know if this is how the Alliance usually win, but the Horde in AV ordinarily form up a long convoy and then simply go from one target to the next.

If the Alliance can keep the train from forming, they can win...and they can do that by camping the graveyards and tying up the roads.

sonvar said...

Hmmm....was not aware of this quest. I must now do it for my shaman and get the hammer.

Ralowae said...

Horde is more defense dependent than Alliance. Galv and Drek are softer targets then Bal and Vann, so if we just race with Alliance to burn down the other side, we loose. (I have seen a full out, 40 man Horde mad rush to Vann work... once.)
Defense at Galv, defense at the IB chokepoint, defense at the towers, defense at the doors of frostwolf keep... we have to break the alliance charge somewhere.
Of course, AV is changing in 2.4 so we all will have to rework strategies.
Guild premades FTW.
Ralowae and BlackTooth, Zangarmarsh

Luketheduke said...

I rolled Horde pre-TBC and Pre-Xrealm BG's. I never liked raiding, and at the time the BG wait times on alliance were 2 1/2 hours for AV, and 90-120 minutes for AB, and WSG. Being a huge BG fan, it was only natural I rolled Horde to enjoy insta-join BG's. I haven't touched my ally character since then. Got 3 70 Horde chars now and won't ever go back, and one reason is the PvP is just that much better Horde side.

Kestrel said...

The Horde rarely win in my battlegroup by killing Vann quickly; we (Alliance) can generally win in 10-12 minutes. Unless, of course, Horde turtle--which is what it looks like happened in Pike's game: 32 minutes for a Horde win means there was a turtle.