Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ode to Locke

This is my cat, Locke.

Formerly known as Rak'Shiri, Locke was tamed at about 4am server time while I was wearing the Leper Gnome Halloween costume. I'd wanted Locke for a while. He is teal, after all. Teal is my favorite color and basically the main reason I rolled a night elf-- teal hair. Teal hair!! So I camped out for him (he's a rare spawn) and finally managed to nab him.

We were level 57 then; today we are both level 70 and he is my Official Grouping Pet. This is mainly because a few people have taken issue with Tux's immense wingspan and I don't want to be a pain-in-the-butt, so I use a pet with a somewhat lower profile. (It's also helpful because I can keep Tux spec'd more for PvP and Locke for PvE.)

Locke has successfully "emergency tanked" two dragons: the last boss in Hellfire Ramparts and the last boss in Old Hillsbrad. He usually manages to somehow double the DPS output of any and all other hunter pets that happen to be in the group. And he has really come to be loved by our little group of instance-runners. He has become our willing guinea pig more than once: "Hmm, do you guys think we can jump here? ...hey Tawyn, have Locke go check it out!" And he has spawned many a guild inside joke. One is that one of these days mid-Heroic Mech run, he is going to randomly disappear and then replace Patheleon the Calculator as the new end boss. (We decided that he is going to be wearing a monocle when this occurs. "When", not "if".)

The other big inside joke is that if anything bad happens and there's no apparent scapegoat-- it's Locke's fault. Many a mysterious wipe or pull-gone-bad has been irrevocably decreed Locke's fault.

We were in Heroic Mech the other day and after one of these "Locke's fault" occasions, we all sort of had a good laugh about how ironic it was that nothing had ever really truly been Locke's fault. Nothing in recent memory, at least (because I recall a few slipups in Dire Maul and Scholo). Locke has always performed his duty masterfully and has never caused any issues unless it's my own mistake. Hunter pets seem to get a bad rap a lot-- but Locke? Nope. He's pretty much got a halo on his fuzzy teal head.

...we spoke too soon.

A couple hours after we'd finished Heroic Mech we made a new group and headed to Heroic Underbog. We were about halfway through, working our way up one of the ramps and slowly and carefully pulling naga mobs out from behind a little open door. Everything was going as intended and I sent in Locke to attack skull, as is customary. And then it happened. I send Locke in to the mob, he somehow manages to position himself so his butt is pointing towards some other naga-- and they must've not been amused because suddenly these extra naga were targeting Locke and charging over to him.

Well you can probably guess what happened next. We already had our hands full with our current pull-- the extra nagas were the death of us. Not to mention I was petless, with Locke having met his untimely demise due to an unfortunate and accidental mooning-incident.

It was all partially very funny and yet also partially very embarrassing and shocking to me. For once, it really had been Locke's fault.

Yet another guild inside joke of ours is that if you make some silly mistake or screw up, you are informed "And that's why you're not going to Zul'Aman." And Locke was not spared. He was informed that he's not going to Zul'Aman and that Tux is going to get to go instead.

Poor Locke. Tux is givin' him heck in the stable, I'm sure.


Althoran said...

Good kitty. Locke's awesome - he caught my eye when you posted your screenshot after you got your sonic spear (I think it was the sonic spear). I was impressed then!
Just out of curiousity - how did you come up with his name?

Pike said...

Locke's name has a sort of dual meaning. For starters, Locke is an English philosopher from around the same time period as another English philosopher and famous hunter cat-- Hobbes.

Secondly, Locke is the name of my favorite character in the video game Final Fantasy VI.

Softi said...

and here's me showing off my love for 'interesting' tv shows, I thought you were doing a tribute to John Locke from Lost... doh! >_<

Scott said...

Poor Locke :( although I reckon he wasn't in the wrong, he was doing as he was told. Skull should have been positioned a bit more carefully :P

this is the couple of pulls heading towards the second boss right?

the best of luck for Locke in his future endeavors ;)

Bobo&SgtPork said...

Pike, I'm soooo torn! I've got Humar (renamed Ras, for obscure and pointless reasons) and of course I could never give up my RFK boar, SgtPork, but that is such a BEAUTIFUL cat! Why won't Blizz give us moar stablez??1@1

Viktel said...

Gorgeous screenshot of him too! Wow! Definatly my favorite skin on a cat.


sonvar said...

Poor kitty. I never blame my kitty Ravnos(originally Shy-Rotam) for wipes. That cat has saved and helped me too many times to give him blame.

Anonymous said..., did he steal the monacle, or did he find it while he was "treasure hunting"? :P

Pike said...

*giggles at Track's comment*

Elfinator said...

i deffinetly just tamed this guy like 2 days ago! Hes 61 atm.. (been doing like 3 heroics a day to lvl him, with groups permision of course) It was crazy how fast he got first 3 lvls, all in one heroic ramps run... its tappered off now tho :( Anyways, cant decide on a name! Any ideas? My hunters name is Elfinator. Atm, his pigs name is Baconator (who is famous on my server!! :P ) I was thinking maybe like fanginator? not sure yet... what do you think?

Pike said...

Scott - Yep, it was!

Elfinator - CatVader? It rhymes =P or Growlinator... hmm... lots you could play with to make a fun name I think!