Saturday, March 8, 2008

Karazhan: Liveblogged.

Tawyn & Locke and her guild (and a few non-guildies) vs. Karazhan:

This is going to be edited frequently throughout the night:

4:25pm: Having a roleplaying guild meeting and trying desperately to fill out our group because we had a few people drop out...

4:40pm: At the summoning stone. Tying up last minute details. Let it be known that I am really, really nervous.

4:55pm: The Boyfriend/Guild Leader is giving the Pre-Kara Peptalk.

5:05pm: Goin' in!

5:25pm: Standing in front of the first boss, getting ready for him. I chain trapped something and was proud of myself. ^^

5:35pm: Attumen the Huntsman down. I got some bracers; [Stalker's War Bands] (I'd link 'em on WoWHead but I'm in the middle of a raid! =P)

6:00pm: We're currently in the room with Moroes. I successfully pulled off four chained traps in a row a little while back, I'm glad I'm managing so well so far! =D

6:20pm: First wipe on Moroes; we had a horrible accidental pull and someone got disconnected, and still managed to kill some of the mobs and get Moroes down to about 11%. I kept some guy trapped for a while until I wound up too close to my trap and he got a hit on me; killed me in one hit cause my health was already a bit down. Still, definitely not a bad first try.

6:35pm: Moroes down on the second try. Me and the other hunter had some tag-team trapping action going on throughout most of it and it was pretty fun. I recorded it too! =D

7:03pm: Wiped on a trash pull where we accidentally grabbed two more adds than we wanted; we still managed to take down three which I thought was pretty good considering the fact that we're in some tiny hall and there was very little space to move around or trap and stuff. Currently sort of taking a small break while people rez, repair, and/or grab stuff to eat.

7:19pm: Standing in front of Maiden.

7:25pm: I died about ten seconds after starting Maiden; whoa, had no idea Holy Fire did that >.> So yeah, that one was a wipe.

7:37pm: Holy Fire and Repentance at the same time! The tank and I both died when she was at about 50%. Offtank picked up and got her down to about 30% before another wipe. The Deadly Boss Mods announcements are a big help though.

7:57pm: Third try, third wipe. Healers keep getting stunned...

8:10pm: ...and again. Sheesh. x_x We keep getting her to about 30%ish.

8:13pm: New plan, going to Opera.

8:25pm: The priest disconnected without us noticing and we did a pull expecting a shackle which never came-- this was followed by more adds then we wanted and this resulted in a wipe. My gear is all yellow... might have to repair soon. A couple people have to go so we're working on grabbing some replacements!

9:00pm: Unexpected issues with a lot of people having to leave, so we're going to call it for the night. We may or may not be back tomorrow. Either way, I had an awful lot of fun and got some new gear out of it. (Oh, and topped DPS. Just barely though. We had a fantastic group!) =D


Softi said...

Eek good luck in there! You'll have a blast! :)

Ratshag said...

Go Go Tawyn!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Get in there and show that dungeon what for!

Nightravyn said...

Wohoo! congrats! :D

Anonymous said...

Paladins for Maiden! I had never cast the spell before (and if you had any pally healers they probably haven't either), but if they Blessing of Sacrifice the tank (at all times, just to be safe), they will take damage during the repentance and that healer will no longer be stunned and can resume healing.

Otherwise, not bad for the first time through. Chain trapping so key in here. Once I had three hunters in a raid and asked them to keep one of the Moroes adds chain trapped, and he was running around hitting everyone, sigh. :)

Kestrel said...

Well done, Pike!! Grats to the guild :) And a lot of fun refreshing here to get the updates.

Hexapuma said...

Interesting read! grats to the bracers.

Llanion said...

Whoo, Karazhan! It's so exhilarating. Grats on first-nighting Moroes and Attumen!

It's not a strategy I see mentioned a lot, but if you have a druid healer then you can do what my guild calls a flamedance on Maiden- about ten seconds before Repentance, the druid steps onto the tank and weaves casts around the half-second silence. Repentance goes off, the druid is immediately snapped back awake by the AoE and can back out, Regrowth the tank and resume normal healing until the rest of the group wakes up.

Fanthis ( Kargath ) said...

As two people mentioned, paladins and druids, shamans with earth shield.

If Maiden is stationary ( as she should be once the tank settles in ) one of the healers can edge up on her until he is getting hit by only the final edge of he conscecrate.

This does about 200 damage every 2-3 seconds, EASILY healable through, and he can stand there the entire fight. When repentance hits he taks 200 damage ( oh noes ) and snaps out of it.

Priests/Paladins cleanse holy fire, and shamans grounding totems will absorb the DoT from Holy Fire but not the damage. So you'd get hit for the 4k blast, but not have to decurse the DoT because the totem ate it.

On a side note, took Prince down in 3 minutes 15 seconds last night.. Insane. xD

Lassirra said...

Grats, Pike!

Attumen and Moroes down on your first trip in is nothing to shake a stick at. I know when I first went into Kara, the guild I was in at the time had a bit of a time with Moroes at first (although, that was before there were a bunch of different strats available for dealing with adds...)

A couple tricks: for Moroes, since you have DBM running, right before he Vanishes, if you Feign Death, and stay feigned until after he comes back, you won't get Garroted.

For Maiden, as was already mentioned by other folks, druids, pallies and shammies can get out of the Repentence to heal through it. If you don't have any of those, right before Repentence goes off, if you have a healer intentionally take a couple ticks of Consecrate, they'll be up to heal through the Repentence because damage taken will remove the effect.

As for Holy Fire, the way that works is that it does a significant amount of damage on the first hit, applies a DoT effect that does no small amount of damage, and, if the DoT isn't removed, Maiden will hit the same person with it again if that person is low on health. Priests and Pallies are able to dispell the Holy Fire DoT, so it's important to have them spaced out enough so that everyone can be reached by a dispeller, and dispellers need to pay CLOSE attention to folks that get it, and dispell it as quickly as possible, or the person WILL die.

For Opera: if you get Big Bad Wolf, hunters can Feign Death out of the Red Riding Hood debuff. You'll need to stay feigned until the debuff goes away, or he'll just start chasing you again. (Rogues can also Vanish out of it.)

All these tricks are things you pick up with a little bit of practice, once you get more familiar with the instance. The more time you spend in there, the more you get to know all the neat little work-arounds there are.

Grats on your first trip in! :D

sonvar said...

Yea Maiden can be a pain. If you don't have pallies/priests taking that holy fire off you won't last long. Your pet attacking Maiden should be fine as long as you maintain mend pet up as that will just about nullify her aoe damage. At least in my attempts in maiden we try to have the healers go into the consecrate area a few seconds before repentance so that they are knocked out of it. And if they miss it the tank will go back to his main healer to get them knocked out of it.

Gratz on downing Moroes and Attumen.

Yunkndatwunk said...

Great job on your first time in!

Elfinator said...

Grats on downing moroes! Also grats on those bracers :) Paladin are neccessary for maiden because of blessing of sacrifice. If they time it right, then they take some of the tanks dmg. This dmg in turn breaks the stun (cant remember stuns name atm, its the ret pally talent but for like 12 sec) GL with rest of kara!

70 hunter