Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Somebody made a character on Silver Hand to say hi to me (and give roleplaying a shot)! I'm quite honored. I've gotta thank you all again for your comments and support. It never ceases to amaze me that I've got an actual readership, especially because I started this blog mostly to have a place to ramble to myself and provide occasional advice to newbies.

Speaking of which, I'm going to try and provide more guides and "newbie advice". I'll definitely keep posting stories and anecdotes though, since a lot of people seem to enjoy them. But I'll try to sprinkle some guides in here and there too.

Anyways! Level 70. I have to admit, the first few days I actually seemed to come down with an odd case of a Post-70-Funk; that is to say, this whole time I've been looking forward to 70 and I had all this stuff I wanted to do at 70, and then I got there and after the initial excitement wore out, I thought about the stuff I'd wanted to do and none of it sounded appealing anymore. However, I think it might have just been some exhaustion over the whole thing; because now after some rest I'm quite happy about being 70 again and I've made some goals to work on:

- Grinding marks/honor in PvP: For the Gladiator's Pursuit set. Yes, it's just the infamous "welfare epics", but they are definitely not a bad start to a good set of PvP gear. I've already snagged myself Gladiator's Chain Helm and I'm working to complete the set and get them all gem'd and enchanted up.

- Karazhan Key Quest Line: I've started this one already, got some instances ahead of me though.

- Getting Enchants and Stuff: The ever-so-illustrious BRK posted a list of good post-70 pre-Kara gear and enchants. Now I'm probably not going to follow this list 100% to the book but it's definitely going to be my guide for the time being-- and yes I want to work to get the enchants even on my fresh-out-of-Outlands-greens, because I want to be prepared to do my best if asked. First on my list is Glyph of Ferocity, which requires Revered with Cenarion Expedition. I lucked out here in that a.) I loved Zangarmarsh and spent huge amounts of time here; b.) I ran Underbog more than any other Outlands instance; and c.) I still have a lot of Cenarion Expedition quests to do in Blade's Edge and elsewhere. And I'm already halfway through Honored. So hopefully this one won't take too long.

- Work on getting Sonic Spear: My Survivalist's Pike with +25 agi has served me long and well but it's about time for an upgrade.

- Last but not least, Leveling the Pets: Tux is level 66 and Locke is level 68. I'm rather proud of my ability to at least keep them decently close in level with me in the final stretch, though obviously I'd like to get them both to 70. I figure I can do a lot of pet leveling while working on some of my other goals, such as the rep grinding/quests.

I've probably got some other stuff to do, but this is the list for the time being! Posted here so I can keep track of them... =P

Do any of you have any other advice for a newly-minted level 70 hunter? Or a newly-minted level 70 in general?


Anonymous said...

Pike said: "I actually seemed to come down with an odd case of a Post-70-Funk..."

I do that every time I accomplish a major goal. The trick is to avoid starting too many alts while the funk is on you. :>

lienna said...

Oooh your a celebrity now! Hey can I have your autograph?

A lot of people claim 70 is where the game begins, I don't agree, but thres certainly no lack of thigns to do, your probably more overwhelmed by it all than anything else. You'll get into the swing of it soon enough I bet!

Anonymous said...

Getting Sonic Spear should help lvl up a pet or two...just run that place with 'em. That's how Owl finally lvl'd...lots of instance runs and getting the kara key.

If you want to try Arena, I'm definately suggesting that one. Even with Owl at lvl 67 I brought him in there...he's such a wonderful annoyance to my enemies.

Sellia said...

Congrats !!!

Sorry but I can't give you advice since I'm not there yet. =P

8 more levels to go. =)

If only I could resist the temptation to play with my shaman ... lol

Sellia said...

You shold go check this :


Mozu said...

Look up Mozu (on Silver Hand, obviously). I'll be happy to give whatever hunter advice you need. In real-time, even. ;p

Anonymous said...

Get the Quill while you are looking to get the Sonic Spear. It might be a while before that spear drops.

Genralmangr - Kel'Thuzad said...

Someone on the WoW hunter forums (the official ones) made a GREAT list of gear for new 70's. Just search 'Guide new 70' and it should come up as the first one. Best of all, nearly everything on that list is from quests, boss drops, or easily crafted items, so none of it is very hard to get. Oh, and put in a vote to sticky it, I did. =P (No, I didn't write it.)

Vik said...

Ya, this happened to me too. I actually decided on being a mage instead.

But after a while I started to get into the swing of things. PvP Battlegrounds are fun, the daily quests, rep grinds, working towards your epic mount, and of course getting ready for Kara.

Lots to do, and if you decide to take a break your hunter will still be there.

I logged onto my mage so he could get his presents and he still had on his beer goggles from brewfest. That is how long he has been standing in a field outside Iron Forge.


Delos said...

Ahh, the post-70 funk, I know it all too well. No more dings, no more talent points, no more gear just waiting around for you to level up to it. Instead you bring on the rep grinds, bring on the PvP with the overpurp'd people who have a major head start on you, bring on the long grind to 5K gold for your epic flying mount.

The good news: There is a bunch of stuff that opens up once you hit 70. For starters, daily quests. See the wowwiki page for all the dailies now available:

There are a couple of pre-reqs to open up the daily quests, and I'd advise doing the Skettis ones first since you can solo them. Then try to get a group for the Ogri'la ones. I love daily quests, because each one gives 10-12g and it's very easy to finish 7-8 of them in about an hour (NOT including the PvP daily, heh)

Aside from daily quests, keep doing regular quests, as you will notice a huge jump in the money you receive as reward in lieu of the XP.

Also if you are a fisherwoman, you can start fishing for Highland Mixed Schools in various places around Terokkar Forest for Golden Darters, Furious Crawdads, and maybe one day... that magical crawdad box (Where's mine already Fishing gods?!?!)

If you so choose you can also start hitting up the elemental plateau to farm for primal fire and air. It's usually overcamped but it's still a good way to make money.

Get Kara keyed. See the wowwiki page again:'s_Key/In-Depth

Um, I'm sure there's more. Most of them involve a flying mount, so if you don't have that yet, it should be your primary goal!

I've had the post-70 funk multiple times on the same character(s), so I just became an altoholic. It goes in cycles: play the 70s, get bored with no dings and farming rep/gold/honor and switch to alts; play the lowbies, feel like you're missing out on all the "cool" high level stuff and switch back.

Grats on 70!