Saturday, December 1, 2007

Five Things Gaming Has Taught Me

I've been tagged by Girl Meets WoW:

Five Things Video Gaming Has Taught Me:

1. Supply and demand. Thank you, online game economies!
2. Playing the same games as your friends and family members can be both very fun and somewhat difficult, at the same time. (I actually feel a full-fledged post coming on about this.)
3. We humans have a surprising ability to memorize a large amount of information which we feel to be important, regardless of whether it will be useful later down the road or not. I could probably still name all 151 original Pokemon and tell you their strengths and weaknesses if I sat down and tried.
4. The Super Nintendo is still the best video game system of all time.
5. There is a real person behind each of those characters in online games. Treat them accordingly (even if they don't always treat you as such).

I could probably continue the list pretty easily; I once wrote up an essay (and posted it on my personal-life journal, actually) about how video games have effected me and helped shape me into the person I am today-- geeky but true. I might have to repost that here sometime. I actually have a lot of ideas for future posts; I must apologize for not writing so much recently, but I've come down with a horrible cold and it's got me rather "out of it".

Tawyn is now halfway through level 66. She has been doing a lot of instance-running and that has really been bringing in the XP, so I've been leveling pretty quickly. It's hard to believe I'm getting this close to level 70. I've been loving all this stuff I've learned in the past few levels... first Steady Shot, then Aspect of the Viper, then Kill Command... it's changing my playstyle (for the better!), making my character even deeper to play and requiring more concentration, and it's making me feel like a "Real Hunter". People weren't kidding, the game really does change once you hit Outlands.

So exciting. ^_^


Tengu said...

That essay sounds interesting. Hope you decide to repost it here.

Anyway, hope you get better from the cold and get to level 70 soon! : )

Peashooter said...

For your bad hunter thing with the ledge, was it in DM east? If it was I think I did almost the same thing, I fell off it and got slaughtered.

pelides said...

Ah! The DM east jump! That takes me back!

Just wait til 68 and you get snake trap. Best... hunter... trap... ever.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Picking only five was really hard for me, too... I think I had about nine, and then crossed stuff out until I got it down to size.