Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Google

Every so often I check my Sitemeter referrals to see how people are finding my blog. I do this mostly to see if anyone is linking to me that I don't know about yet, so I can go check out their site and perhaps reciprocate the link =D But a lot of people find my site through Google, too. There are a few search terms that people consistently seem to be finding my site from; I wanted to address some of those here. So without further ado...

If you have found my site through Google and are searching for information on one of the following things, here is any help I can offer:

Pike World
: This is probably the one that I get the most hits from. I have no idea what Pike World is but it sure is popular. I've Google'd it myself and the closest thing I can find to a "Pike World" is "Pike's World: Exploration and Empire in the Greater Southwest", a museum exhibit in Colorado that I don't think is around anymore. If this sounds like what you were searching for, then here's a link to it.

Leveling a low-level pet in WoW: Unfortunately I know of no easy way to do this. Once, quite some time ago, I wrote a post on my own attempts at doing this and my own little strategy. You can find that post here. However, keep in mind that I wrote that post a few months ago when I was still in my 50s, level-wise. Also keep in mind that I think this mostly comes down to finding your own little strategy. The next patch should make pets level up faster, though, so that's always a plus. For more general pet-related information I direct you to Petopia and Mania's Arcania. A quick search of my own also turned up this guide.

Linux and WoW: I wrote up a basic Q&A about this which you can find here. You might want to try searching for information regarding your specific distro. If you use a 'buntu then I can't recommend Ubuntu Forums enough.

Linux and Ventrilo: Unfortunately I have yet to get Ventrilo working entirely on Linux, although I plan on making a more concerted effort sometime soon. The best advice I can give to you is to check out this thread on Ubuntu Forums, and also this great guide over at Synarch (the blog formerly known as /dev/random).

Funny WoW Huntard Stories: /chuckle Well, I'm sure you can find a few of 'em if you look around my site long enough... though I try to focus more on being a "good huntard"...

Hunters in Battlegrounds
: I wrote up a few basic information posts on being a hunter in battlegrounds, the series starts here. They are more aimed for PvP-newbies, though, so if you have some experience already they might be too "basic" for you.

Guides on How To Be a Good Hunter: While I am immensely flattered that my blog somehow shows up when you search for this... I cannot in good conscience keep anyone away from BigRedKitty. Read the articles he has posted on his sidebar under "Hunter Training List". Read the comments. Read more articles. Visit his forums and ask questions.

If for some reason you come back to my blog after feasting on the wisdom of BRK, then glance at the blogs I have in my blogrolls on my sidebar. Click on some links and explore them. There are a lot of blogs out there that provide very valuable information.

...if after that you still come back to my blog for some reason, well make yourself at home and feel free to leave me a comment or question or two. ^^

Alrighty, there you have it, Google-searchers! Have fun.


faradhim said...

Wow. This is interesting. I once read an article on how to improve your google hit score by embedding certain keywords into your website. I think you may have found the holy grail of WOW blogging. I unfortunately has a weird site name which probably don't ring a bell to anything. The only press I can is from your referrals!

BRK said...

We come here for no small part because of the great avatar... cutest one ever.


Pike said...

@ Faradhim - Mostly, I think people are finding my blog through Google because I'll say a couple sentences on something and it shows up in the Google search results. And don't worry too much about getting referrals from other people, they will come, eventually =)

@ BRK - Aww, thanks! /blush

Anonymous said...

Dear pike.stop.I thought I'd write to you today.stop. Just like they used to write before computers.stop. Interesting eh.stop.BRK stopped by!stop. You are famous now.stop. Don't forget us when you move to hunterwood.stop.