Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lessons Learned in Warsong Gulch

People respond to kindness:

I'm sure most of you have been there. The battlegrounds game where within five minutes, somebody has, say... taken the flag but then something goes wrong and they lose it. And then somebody pipes up with "Wow you guys suck."

I'm here to say... don't let your team have that attitude.

"Nah, we don't suck, we just got off to a bad start", I said. "Come on, we can do it."

"Yeah," a couple other people sort of tentatively agreed.

And so we were off again. After some hard battling we managed to capture a flag.

"See? We can do it. Now we just have to keep it up."

That was basically really all I had to say. It took off from there, people encouraging each other, thanking each other, and helping each other out. Mr. "Wow-you-guys-suck" decided to be obnoxious again at some point, proudly proclaiming his top position on the damage meters to everyone and making a big deal out of "why can't you guys keep up", but a quick "Yes, you're doing a good job, keep it up everyone" reminded him that it was a group effort and hushed him up pretty quick.

Somehow, someway, after nearly an hour-long game, our scrappy little team won that Warsong Gulch game 3-0. Even with one of our members AFK nearly the entire time. Furthermore, while Mr. Originally-Obnoxious-But-Really-Not-So-Bad kept his top spot in the damage charts at the end, there were four more of us up there with him.

Was it my encouragement and our team's overall helpful attitude that gave us this victory? Maybe we'll never know. But I'd like to think that it at least helped a little. I've had similar things happen to me before; our team coming from behind and winning not because of our skill so much as because of our attitude. Don't underestimate the power of a little encouragement; it can go a long way.

I love worthy opponents:

I ran across a female orc hunter in a completely different WSG match. She was Beast Mastery spec'd, like myself, and she and her bright green Windserpent were good. At some point early on in the game, I think we both subconsciously decided that it was a matter of hunter pride to make each other our sparring partner, so throughout the entire game we were hunting each other down and taking each other on 1 on 1. Sometimes I won, but most of the time she did. I've long thought that most hunter-on-hunter matches come down to gear and stamina, but this orc had skill. You could tell. I wish I'd had time to /salute her before the game ended, she was a fun opponent.

Level 19 Mage PvP

My mage got to level 19 and I took her to WSG a few times. It was my first time PvP'ing as something other than a hunter, and I'd like to think I did decently, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Not to mention that it's tough being a squishy in there.

Somehow I managed to do less overall relative damage than I do as a hunter, but got a lot more killing blows. It was kind of strange.

Not being able to track people was driving me insane, though, and I missed all the other hunter abilities too. After a few games I missed my hunter so much that I had to log out of the mage and onto the hunter, and that's where the previous WSG stories came from.

Just a few more levels until the level 70 battlegrounds! If any of you guys happen to play on the US battlegroup "Bloodlust" then I look forward to working with you... or sparring with you!... soon. Give me a /wave!


Anonymous said...

Every time I play a non-hunter (and have been playing a few of my lower level non-hunter alts!), I feel that the minimap is almost useless without those red/yellow dots! :) I almost feel lost without tracking abilities!

Kestrel said...

I'm not a PvPer at all (the occasional fragfest in Halaa notwithstanding), but you certainly make it sound enjoyable, Pike. :)

Kudos to you for taking a leadership role: Without a leader, your group is a mob, and few mobs ever accomplish anything worthwhile.

lienna said...

I don't get why theres a group of people who think outrightly ignoring tactics to try and get thier damage done/HK's up as high as possable. As you proved its teamwork that wins the games. I really don't see how people think saying "you suck" is actually going to help anything, if they really don't like the group they can /afk and maybe someone nice will join in their stead.

Psycho & Chaos said...

I generally ignore them or I tell them point blank to shut their mouth and help or leave the BG. Generally to a chorus of agreements.

Peashooter said...


I hate it when people tell me that I suck, and when they turn around and say, "You guys are a bunch of n00bs" when they realize its pointless to insult only one person.

Erisse said...

Well well well, turns out I am on the Bloodlust battlegroup, Pike :)

Look out for the BE hunter with the enormous white bat... ;)