Friday, December 14, 2007

It's that time of the level-bracket again.

I've sort of been taken a break from leveling this whole past week. There were two main reasons for this. The first one is that The Boyfriend (hmm, should I call him Mr. Pike? Heehee) has been pretty busy, so he got about a level behind me. We try to stay equal in level, especially as we're approaching 70, so I told him I would wait to level until he'd caught up.

The second reason is that I decided it would be fun to focus on PvP for a while. The reasons for this include wanting to stockpile honor and marks now so I have a jump on the level 70 PvP gear (I learned the hard way yesterday that going into the level 70 bracket AV with level 68 gear is... not a pleasant experience)... and the fact that I just plain like battlegrounds. I think my PvP skill is improving, too... I will still refrain from calling myself very good at PvP, but it felt good to see this:

I am usually near the top of the "Damage Done" charts, but I am very rarely actually first, so it was a nice surprise to see this. I've also noticed that my kiting skills have improved lately, and I've discovered a lot of little things about playing hunters in PvP that I should have known before, but didn't. For example: Rogues love Serpent Sting. ...actually, they really hate it. *cough* Because they can't stealth if they've got it. I never knew this before! Fantastic. Oh, and The Beast Within handily works as, effectively, a second trinket. I didn't know this either. Oh the fun I've had since I found this out. Can't regain distance because of a warrior's Hamstring or a rogue's Crippling Poison? Pop The Beast Within and get back to business.

Speaking of which, I've noticed lately that there's sort of been a complete turnaround for me in terms of classes that I do well against and classes that I don't do well against. In my earlier levels, warriors and rogues were the bane of my existence. These days, I do quite well against them. Meanwhile, warlocks, who I was always pretty good at taking out before, have suddenly become near-invincible. I'm not sure if it has to do with the talents of our respective classes, or if it's just a change in my playstyle, or maybe both. But it's quite interesting.

Anyways, while I've had a lot of fun in the battlegrounds this week, I have been bitten by the dreaded Level 70 Bug, so I've started up my questing again. The newly-christened Mr. Pike is now at level 68 with me and we want to spend the weekend leveling. We'll see how far we get!

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Gibbiex said...

I also love AV as a 70 BM. I truely hate rogues, but as a dwarf I can get out of it sometimes. Also the PVP trinket is helpful as you know, but the cheap one has a *long* CD. For me, i love locks because they can't fear me (TBW ftw). Also in Arena a fav. 2v2 combo is rogue/lock. Very hard to beat, but I can at least take out the lock readily enough. They tend to run when they see me coming :)