Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wipes. Not the Baby Kind.

I have been tagged by Bremm to share my five "worst wipes". Unfortunately I fear that, largely because I have only been playing for seven months... well, I don't have two years' worth of wipes to draw on. So some of these are rather less than exciting, but are more... "You had to be there" types of moments.

Five Worst Wipes Meme
-invented by Pelides

1. Dire Maul: We were near the end of this instance, in some gigantic room and we had to get to a little circular area in the middle to fight a boss. The other four members of the party got there just fine, but I was loitering around for some reason. Finally they informed me that I should join them, so I headed towards them... and ran into a patrolling mob. Okay, one patrolling mob, I can handle it, especially since my fellow group members can help me... oh wait, there's another mob... and another... and another...

...and we wiped, thanks to me not listening and following my groupmates fast enough.

(Actually now that I think about it this may have only been a semi-wipe; I think me and a couple other people died but not everyone.)

2. Sunken Temple: So... that room where you have to summon the dragon god and there's all those mobs trying to stop you, as you gather items from them to put out the four fires? The first time I did this room, nobody in our group knew you were supposed to do that. The putting-out-the-fires thing, that is. We fought wave after wave of nonstop mobs for ten or fifteen minutes and died a very slow and painful death thanks mostly to eventually running out of mana and having all our good stuff on cooldown. I still shudder just thinking about that room, despite the fact that I've done it successfully since then.

3. Underbog: There's a sort of dragon-type boss whose name I can't remember; he's standing on a big ledge, really high above some water. The first time my group ran this, it didn't occur to us that the boss could push you off the edge. So there we were, starting the boss, expecting your typical tank'n'spank and suddenly the tank was gone. One minute he was there, the next... *poof*... no more tank. The "Uh..."'s in party chat were met with the tank's reply, "He pushed me off into the water" about a second before the rest of us turned into dragon food, still with silly looks of mystification on our faces I'm sure.

Now whenever we fight this boss, we pull him to the wall first. No more disappearing tanks for us!

4. Dire Maul, Again
: I mentioned this a couple posts back. Basically I jumped off a ledge, forgetting a little minor detail: my pet. A few minutes later, in the midst of minding our own business, Locke runs up with more elite mobs than I've seen in my life hot on his tail. Our whole party was squashed basically before I could blink. It was embarassing but oh-so-hilarious.

5. Zul'Farrak: We aggro'd one of the scarabs. Enough said.

So, there ya go! I tag... whoever wants to do it! (I'm not very good at this tagging thing.)

Oh, and ding 67... yes, ignore my Armory profile and the banners on my blog that are dependent on my Armory profile. The Armory hasn't updated my character in a week now, and I've no idea why (especially since my guildies are getting updated just fine...)


Anonymous said...

Grats. Only 3 more until the end of WoW! I mean, the end of leveling! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's when you say "Ding, 70! Woot I win!"

and then you realize...

"Oh I didnt win? It's not over yet?! You mean...theres more?!?!!?"

lol :)

Shawn said...
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Brehm said...

Thanks for picking up the thrown gauntlet, Pike! I chose you specifically because
1. I like your writing style
2. I knew you had only been playing a short time and surely had wipes to discuss that might be more accessible for folks not raiding Black Temple

Amava said...

ZF Scarab Wipe, FTW!!!

That one got my group not once but twice. It reminds me of a room full of mouse traps with ping pong balls. Trigger one, and next thing you know, the whole room's gone.

Grats on 67!

Katil said...

Not sure if you played before TBC came out ... but one of the best wipes was in Scholomance in EPL. Theres a summoned boss in a balcony (blood of innocents is used to summon him) that charges you often. If you dont have your back to the wall, his charge will thrown you out into the lake below ... funny as hell =)

Stephen said...

OK, a little behind with the comment, but what they hey.

I love ZF for winding up new people. I took my girlfriend in on her lvl 42 Shdaow Priest and a bunch of 60+ guildies. We had soooo much fun. You know the graves? I told her that the only way to progress was to loot them all! She didn't know what was going on, and even with about 40 mobs spawning she was still doggedly running around looting :D

But the best wipe I've ever caused was in Scholomance. It was a period of time where I loved messing around with Eyes Of The Beast. So we're in an early part of the instance, and I take control of my pet and make him jump through a hole in the ground. Looking around, I see Rattlegore. Realising that the group is ready for the next pull, I cancel Eyes of the Beast, and instantly forget about my pet. Pull goes well, mobs dead. As we're lining up the next pull, my pet pops back onto the minimap, running towards me. Suddenly, it all hits home as to what is about to happen. Rattlegore, his entire room, and every mob between us and him is homing in on me. Party chat is a mess with 'WTF'. I have just enough time to issue a /rw of F*CK! RUN! before 40-odd mobs one-shot me and the rest of the group.

And the lesson learned? Sending your pet to die by jumping down large holes only works in ST.