Monday, December 10, 2007

My First Screenshot

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their input on my question about Wordpress. When it comes down to it, I don't really have any big plans for this blog (yet), and a custom domain name would be nice but it's definitely not a top priority right now. This would suggest that sticking to Blogger would be just fine, but I am curious about the types of customization that Wordpress seems to offer. So I think I will probably end up making a Wordpress blog and messing around with it for a while, and then deciding whether to make the switch or not. Either way, I will keep you all posted.

However, this post is about something entirely different, namely, the first screenshot that I ever took in WoW:

That, my friends, is Tawyn Q. Huntard, Esq.

I don't have Hunter's Mark on my action bars anywhere because I figured I'd run out of room to put new spells, and Hunter's Mark didn't sound very exciting to me anyway.

Tux is there, yes, which is a wonder because I had no food for him when I first tamed him and now that I look back on it I'm lucky I managed to get some food in time. You will notice he does not know Growl. I had no idea that move existed; my general strategy at this point was shoot stuff and make it come to me so my pet and I could melee it together. Yes... it's sad, but true.

The raid icon is above my head because I'd been grouping with a friend who wanted to show me around and they started messing around and putting those icons above my head, which was freaking me out because I had no idea what they were or what they did.

I am in Menethil because I was whisked away to Stormwind at the wee level of 6, but at level 10 I got the quest to tame my first pet and I had to return to Teldrassil. I used my hearth to get back (since I'd forgotten to set it to something in the human lands), but it was on the trek back with my new pet that I forgot all about the flight paths I had collected last time and I needessly walked basically the entire way, dying multiple times.

The reason I took this screenshot was because I found it amusing that the Menethil Sentry was partially submerged in the ground. Ironic that now I see things like that all over the place in Outlands... heehee =P

So yeah. At least I had Aspect of the Hawk on...

I'd like to think Tux and I are doing a lot better these days.

You readers, if you are up to it, are hearby dared to post or link to the newbie-est screenshot of yourself that you can find!

(Oh, and ding 68)


Tengu said...

Congratulations! :D

Well, since you asked for our noobie screenshots, here is mine:

I took it to show to my friend about World of Warcraft. I thought being able to eat corpses like in Warcraft 3 was pretty cool and he would find it interesting too. So it was the first thing I tried to take a screenshot of. There are some more screenshots of that time but none really amusing.

Anonymous said...

gratz on 68 and reading your story kinda made me think back when my nelf hunter was at the tender level off 14 unfortunatly i dont have any screenshots from when i was a weee level but had some funny experiences like when i met my 1st horde :D

lienna said...

Congratulations on 68.

Wish I could share my first photos, but that pc had all its screenies lsot during a harddrive failure, anyway I played a druid at the time so it wasn't that interesting anyhow.

Besides I've yet to do anything newbie-ish on Lienna (*cough* that I took a screenie of)

Peashooter said...

Oh god, newbie-est? ugh... all my screenshots are noobie-ish, they're all of stuff I think has a cool graphic :O. Anywho, yeah, when I was a noobie my strat was to hit the mob ONCE, send my pet in, and then shoot shoot. Oh, and I didn't have growl either, and the first shot I used was always distracting shot, because I thought it was to distract/stun them, needless to say, I was pretty much screwed, btw, this was with my first hunter, not Peashooter.

Also, i had no hunters mark, or melee abilities on the action bar, and low lvl rogue-ing I didn't have backstab, our basically best melee attack, on my action bar, because I thought it was an opener.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with the masses and say woot for your ding!

Sadly though - all of my "first" screenies were lost upon the first "uninstall" of warcraft. Talk about being a noob, I didnt even save them. The rest were lost to the ex and the remaining ones are mainly of my 60's that my ex now has...

I can at least share my screenshot story...when I started upon release I didnt know what a screenshot was. I didnt know you could take them until my druid (first char) was already almost lvl 40. Maybe even 43. The first screenshot was just of her on the character selection screen.

Lassirra said...

Unfortunately, I've formatted my computers so many times since I first started playing that I don't have any of my original screen shots. :(

I really wish I still had the screenshots of Lass running through Felwood at the tender level of 25. THAT was a fun experience! Two of my guildmates (both 60) had to come to my rescue because every time I'd die and get back to my corpse, as soon as I rezzed, I'd immediately aggro a pack of nearby mobs and die again, no matter how much I tried to corpse hop, lol.

I was mildly pleased, though, with having disrupted my guild to such a point with my antics that both a 60 hunter and a 60 mage felt they had to come to my rescue and escort me to the nearest flight path back to appropriate zones for my level, at which point I was sternly told "Don't do that again. We won't come get you." Lol!

Anonymous said...

My new favorite word: "Huntard!"