Friday, April 18, 2008

Top Secret Project #314159: A Confession

That's me.

Tamaryn, kittycat, druid.

Yes, I can hear you, screaming at your computer monitor, "Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute!"

"Didn't you roll a horde druid that you got to level ten?"

Yes, yes I did. Then I decided to reroll as an Alliance druid because I wanted to play with my guild.

"You actually got a non-hunter character to level 20?"

Hey, this is my second non-hunter to get to level 20, thankyouverymuch. I have a 21 mage.

"So you decided to make a feral druid?"

Actually no, all my talent points thus far have gone into the Balance tree. The picture shows me in Cat Form cause I just got it and thought it looked fun.

"So you're gonna level Moonkin?"

Yup, I figured it was the best bet if I wanted to be able to solo decently efficiently while still having a strong mana pool for times when I'd want to jump into a healing role. Endgame I think I'm gonna either stay moonkin, or more likely, switch to tree, because I really want to give healing a serious try.

"Wait... did you just say... endgame...?"

Yes. Yes I did. I'm being serious when I say I'm leveling this character. And thus far this is the only non-hunter class that has been able to hold my interest for a decent amount of time.

Here's the deal, basically I decided that I wanted to try playing a "hybrid" class that would allow me to heal, or, with the proper reshuffling of gear and talent points-- tank, for my guild. That gave me two options: paladin and druid. In the end it came down to whether I wanted a reliable rez or whether I wanted to be able to turn into stuff, and being able to turn into stuff won out. (Not to mention I have a horribly hard time trying to get into paladins. I just can't do it... I don't know why!)

How am I liking the class so far? To be honest I've been having a lot of fun with it. It's fun to be able to cast at stuff and then when you're running low on mana, switch to bear or cat and start swiping at things. It's fun to be able to run around and give people buffs (hunter pets are always buffed. Always.) Perhaps one of my favorite things is that it's an all new challenge for me. Running into quests that are orange or red to me with one of my hunters is challenging and it's fun to take on that challenge; but trying to do the same with my druid is even more challenging, partially because I'm still learning about the class. I felt so proud of myself today trying to complete some collect-the-mushrooms quest in a cave in Darkshore. There was one last mushroom that I had to get that was surrounded by three guys all at my level, one of which healed. I popped an armor elixir, cast Regrowth on myself, hopped into Bear Form and ran into the fray. A healing potion, a couple healing spells, and a whole lotta Mauling and Swiping later, I'd finished the quest and was /dancing all over the cave.

That's really the beauty of the class so far-- you can change your style of play based on what you feel like doing. Feel like casting? You can. Feel like tanking? You can. Feel like being a rogue? You can. Feel like healing? Yep, you can do that too. Granted, this does leave out "feel like being a hunter?", which is my favorite type of character, but hey... nobody's perfect. And running around in Cat Form sorta feels like a perpetual Eyes of the Beast.

I have no idea how much longer I'll be able to feel like a true hybrid before I realize that my feral skills are falling farther and farther behind because I'm spec'ing and gearing myself up like a mage, but in the meantime, it's fun. There is a "MoonkinForLife" in my guild who told me he leveled up to 30 with no problems using Cat Form, even as Balance, so that's encouraging.

Oh and for the record, I still like hunters the best and this is always gonna be a hunter blog. =P My hunterness, I feel, extends beyond the game whereas donning the druid costume for a couple hours does not.

That said, I'm having Writer's Block lately. Ask me hunter questions so I can answer them. Dooooo iiiiiiit!


Caleb said...

My main is hunter and my highest alt is druid. I had the same feeling as you, except i wanted to tank instead of heal. And i wanted to BE the pet sometimes instead of have the pet, lol (i still want a druid kitty as my hunter pet).

Still I love the feeling that I could respec to heal at any time, and I keep my bank full of the healing gear i find just in case.

Anonymous said...

Playing a druid really is tons of fun. Switching roles at low levels is super easy too. The only problem you might encounter is around 67ish when you really need to decide what you want your main tree to be so you can start getting the best gear for it. Yeah you can maintain 3 sets if you really try but one of them will usually end up stronger.

sonvar said...

A druid was actually my first char on the first server I rolled on. While I love the hunter class I always wanted to go back to my feral druid ways. So I did roll an alliance druid, since my original char was a tauren druid on a pvp server that couldn't be transfer, and I'm currently at level 57. I think I've done well leveling this time around as I started the char probably about mid february. The first 20 levels seemed to take forever as they always do for me but since then with the 2.3 patch change it seems like I'm leveling long before I finish all the quests in an area.

Druids are fun and have a certain synergy with hunters and shamans. We all bring an aspect of nature and the environment into battles.

Good luck with alt.

My hunter question is when you gonna replace that pvp bow and get a real pve ranged weapon? I think you'll actually find that at least the Wolfslayer's Sniper Rifle does you more good as a BM hunter then that glad xbow will

Llanion said...

Yesssss. Joooooin the dark side.


Bobo&SgtPork said...

Here's a hunter question for you: How do I give up either my pets, or some alts? I thought that the solution to not-enough-stable-slots was roll-moar-hunterz, so I've got 13 hunters on 13 servers. The problem is, only 3 of them are even 20, only 1 over 50 (Bobo). I love SgtPork (RFK piggy) and Ras (Humar) {ask me about Ras's name!}, but I keep seeing all these other beautiful creatures I could tame! My alts cover all the races that could be hunters, and I've a penchant for cross-faction taming, so I've got some great pets, but how do I ever "get 'em all!"?

Althoran said...

@ caleb - yes I agree...I love the druid kitty skin - that would be epic to be able to tame a cat like that!!!

I remember (this is noobish) being in an instance one time and I looked at my ranged crit and I was like what the heck? I think it was the Mark of the wild buff. Druid lovin going on here!!!

Rowan said...


Top secret project #314159...

Pike, is there something you need to tell us? What are these other 314158 secret projects hmmm?


bobo&sgtpork said...

@ Rowan: "Secret Project Pi" 'k?

loronar said...

Haha, I know how you feel. I've been wanting to try my hand at tanking, that's why I have a warrior alt I can tinker around with. Leveling has been slow, but it should pick up again soon.

Best of luck with your druid! I'd love to try a hybrid class after trying ranged and melee. :)

Softi said...

ooh Druids really rock! Glad you're enjoying her!

I've got a question... any idea on good areas to level up a 62 pet that I can get something out of it too? I'm not a skinner so clefthoofs are out /sigh

Mama Druid said...

What great news Pike! I'm so glad you are enjoying her. Druids are pretty flipping awesome, but then so are hunters... both are my favorite class! Although Mama Druid was my first character, and always my main in my mind, my huntress beat her to 60! (back when 60 was the cap, of course)

I look forward to your druid posts. :)

Dave said...


Goooood... GOOOOOD.... all is going according to plan!

Seriously though, let me know if you ever need info about your Chieftess Bigfeather, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

dave is so evil...trying to convert the world into moonkins...


Seriously though I love it too Pike! I'm loving Jaden as a lvl 70 moonkin.