Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Kingdom for a Choco-Bow

In a comment in my last post, Sonvar asked me when I'm going to be replacing my PvP bow with a good PvE bow.

Sonvar, I am the first person to admit that my bow is not the best bow for PvE. Not by a long shot. The reason I've been using it this whole time is because I got sick of [Valanos' Longbow]. Every new-70 hunter and their ravager has Valanos' Longbow. And no upgrades to it were dropping for me (none has ever dropped for me actually) so I did the honor grind and got myself a spiffy and oh-so-shiny [Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow]. It's slow, it's not an optimum PvE Beast Mastery bow by any means, but it's served me well regardless.

As for when I'm going to replace it... the answer is... the very second I loot my 150th Badge of Justice. Currently I'm sitting at 93 of 'em or something similarly abysmal. "Pike, why do you need 150 badges?"


[Crossbow of Relentless Strikes]

This is delicious on so many levels. Improves your hit rating. Improves your crit rating. Improves your attack power. 2.80 speed. 93 DPS. Probably tastes divine when plucked, roasted, and lightly seasoned.

It may be a Choco-Bow (This is the new name of this weapon. So let it be written, so let it be done), but I will be doing heroics all weekend and it will be mine.


Ratshag said...

You go get that bow, Pike! Me I's sitting on a whopping 4 Badges, so I shall be enjoying the thrill of new loot vicariously :)

Anj and GirlsVsWorld said...

Good luck on getting the bow! Hope it matches your cloak! ;)

LS said...

I will heroic my buttock off with you, sweetness!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're right, it is the Chocobow.

You have to admit, you'd be ready to kill somebody if it did a "wark!" sound every time you fired an arrow, though.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I have played enough Final Fantasy to know that there are no effing Chocobos that come in THAT kind of rainbow color.

That said, I would actually buy one if it went wark.

sonvar said...

Eventually I may end up getting that bow but for now the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle is all I need. My badge loot gear I want is the Leggings of the Pursuit( as I've had the Beast Lord Leggings since shortly after I hit 70. Then my plan is try to get into Heroic MrT to get the chest piece or if that never pans out the new badge chest then.

I was only chiding ya on the Glad Xbow as to me it seems that bow is replacing Valanos longbow as what most hunters aim for initially at 70 for a ranged weapon.

lunch said...

You're very brave going for that crossbow :P

I will not stop shooting my Sunfury :)

My bow will always be determined purely for aesthetic reasons, I mean, if it's packing agility :)

Cap'n John said...

I'm ashamed to admit that while doing a Shattered Halls Run and killing that dastardly Warbringer O'mrogg, he, um, sort of, dropped his Skyfire Hawk-Bow: and with me being the only toon that could use it, or benefit from it, I got it...that is to Rogue got it. Now I have a female Gnome Rogue, walking around Shattrath, dragging this HUGE Bow behind her. Kind of cute, really. The darn thing is twice her size.

Thank heavens my Dwarf Hunter has his Khorium-balanced gyro-scopic thingamajiggy.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

"Kind of cute, really."

That can describe female Gnomes at any point in time, though. Especially if they have pink hair. ^_^;

<_<; WHAT?!