Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tawyn and the Case of the Missing Chess Loot

On Sunday I did the Chess Event in Karazhan.

But then it decided to glitch and afterwards we all got pooped into Curator's Room instead of back into the Chess Room.

We ran back, but much to our dismay, it meant we could only see the loot and badges inside the chest... we couldn't actually take them because we apparently hadn't run back fast enough.

Ya know what I saw in there?

[Fiend Slayer Boots].


After much whimpering and clawing at the glass, I sent in a ticket to the GMs, and about an hour later one popped up (mid-crazy-pull) and I informed him of the glitch. He asked a couple questions about it, then told me that everybody in the raid should send in a ticket about their lost badges but that he would have to escalate the issue of the unlootable-loot to a higher power, and that they would get back to me. I said "Sounds good!"

We downed Prince for the first time. It was an epic battle. By the end, the tank was the last one standing; the priests (post-Spirit of Redemption form) having hit the bucket mere seconds before Prince. It was also the longest 1% on a boss you've ever seen in your life. Yeah... it was intense. We decided to call our Karazhan a big success for the week.

But I stayed around and waited a while for the GM. He didn't come.

I kept waiting. No GM.

Finally, after staying up much later than my bedtime, I went to sleep.

The next morning I got online; my ticket to the GM was still in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. But alas, there was still no response.

It's Tuesday night now, and still no word from the GMs.

This is killin' me, you guys. /twitch




(Really though, I've no right to complain; I got a nice new cloak from Shade of Aran, not to mention my shiny new rifle. ...but... you guys... My current boots are level 67 rogue blues. /whimpers again, and contemplates various ways to bribe the GMs)

P.S. Are Felsteel Stabilizers really that hard to come by? I swear, I've been stalkin' the Auction House for days. How is the kind Mr. Flinthammer ever supposed to make me my scope at this rate, as he so generously offered to do?



dblzero1 said...

Same thing happened to me saturday night, gm told me the same thing. on monday the "ticket has been escalated" message was still in the upper corner. so i opened a new ticket on an alt because it would mess up the original ticket if i edited the same ticket. i didn't log in today, so i should know something wednesday morning, i hope.

Bobo&SgtPork said...

If your buddy the engineer can make the scope, he can make the stabilizers, you just need to get the mats = 2x felsteel bars! Hope this helps! /hugs!

sonvar said...

Sorry to hear about that our guild is trying to run two groups through Kara and the second group ran into the same issue. I need to check up with them to see what happened with that. But that bug seems to be occurring more often and I hope its addressed soon as I don't remember it happening in 2.3 patch. Typically as soon as the opposing king is dead I'll take off the buff on me saying I control a piece. Since I always do this and haven't been put in curator's room it might help with this bug.

As far as the Felsteel stabilizers go you aren't very likely to find them on the AH as I don't know of anything outside of engineering that need them. Since the person making the scope has the ability to make them just get him the raw mats which would be 12 felsteel bars as the scope needs 6 felsteel stabilizers. If you want to break that broken down to ore needed its 72 Fel Iron Ore and 48 Eternium Ore.

You could also check out Qiff in Area 52 as he occasionally will sell them.

Anna said...

Escalated GM tickets take, in my experience, about a week to 10 days to process (for some reason). Messed up loot that we had from Hydross took a full 14 because it was messed up because of a server problem when 2.4 was new and they had like 8 bajillion loot issues to sort out.

So do not despair! It might take a few more days, but you should get your boots!

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You will likely be waiting for several days, if not a week. That's about how long both restorations I had to ask for on my old account took.

Viktel said...

Good luck on the boots.

Qiff in Area 52 sells the stabilizer for 4g. Thats a lot cheaper than I've seen on the AH.

You can also have an engineer friend make them for you.


Anonymous said...

Escalated tickets about loot have been pretty slow lately. The last time I did Karazhan, we submitted a ticket because of accidental loot by someone who wasn't supposed to get the item, but the ticket took about a week to get resolved. When it was resolved, it wasn't even conducted by chat with a GM. They just restored the item to the intended person. This was also around a week before 2.4 was released, and since 2.4.2 is under development right now, I'm assuming the staff is very busy.

Amava said...

Gratz on your first Prince kill. My guild recently did the same thing so I share in your excitement.

The Stabilized Eternium Scope is rough on the mats because of the 12 Fel Steel Bars you need. Each Fel Steel Bar requires 2 Eternium Bars. Each Eternium Bar requires 2 Eternium Ores. So you need 48 Eternium Ore which is a semi-rare drop off of Outlands mineral nodes.

Back when I was a miner, I used to save all the Eterniums that I gathered. In a span of 1 week, I got 3 new ranged weapons and my guildie got the scope schematic off of Attumen, so I burned through my whole stock of saved metals instantly.

But, last week I got the new 150 Badge crossbow, so I doubt I'll be in need of a new scope for quite some time :-)