Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Shadow Labs Runs

Really the only thing I can add to these pictures is: "You should've heard me on Vent."

I'll put Savagery on it tomorrow; no enchanters seemed to be on tonight. I'm at a point right now where my crit is over 20% unbuffed so I think I could use the attack power more than an agility enchant. Though agility will always be my one and only favorite stat. Because I love my crit. But I'm trying to stay balanced.

In other news, I did SM Library on my level 38 hordie hunter. With a 33 warrior tank and a 34 shammy healer. And... that was it. Just us. We three-manned it. We originally had two other party members but they disconnected and disappeared right at the beginning of the run and we... just decided to keep going. It was pretty awesome. I love instances. I love the challenge of them and the rush of doing them, and the whole way you have to coordinate yourself with other people. It's so weird that I've come to enjoy that kind of thing because I've always been one of those flying-solo-types. And not just in WoW.

Said to me today: "A hunter who can trap. I think I love you." You heard me ladies. Freezing traps get all the men. Now you know the secret. =P


pelides said...

I think I heard you scream here in Seattle! Grats on the new shiny weapon, Pike! You've definitely earned it!

Matticus said...

I think my ears might've burst had I been on your same vent =).

Congratulations all the same!

And it's true! I dig ladies who drop traps in front of my feet so I can feel at ease when I get charged by a 50ft tall Demon.

lienna said...

Congratulations on the spear! Makes a change from hearing people say they ran thier 500th shadow-lab and didn't get one!

Hmm if you can get guys from being able to trap and your Bm jsut imagine what a survival hunter could get! *now* I have some real inspiration to get to 70 ^^

Ess said...

Your SM Library run sounded like fun! My husband doesn't like to pug, so our pally/shaman duo have been 2-manning many of the instances along the way. It takes a lot longer because we have to be more deliberate about the pulls (and our combined DPS is lower than a 5-man group, of course), but it is SO much fun. We're level 40ish now, and just did SM Library last weekend. Took us two shots to kill the final boss, but we did it. (And, of course he dropped cloth, but hey...)

Viktel said...

Wow it does exist after all!!

I had my doubts. Congratulation!!

Funny about the insntances isn't it. I love them too, but for regular play I have been primarily a solo guy.


Grats again!!!

Fanthis said...

What addon are you using to show on mouseover the stat changes a piece of armor/weapon would do to your hunter stats?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pike :) Definately a nice spear. I compared our armories. I seem to have less agility but more stam/int/atk power than your char. But the less agility is crippling my crit percentage. That's ok though.


Still - woot! I have savagery on my rocks!

Anonymous said...

Is THAT what I heard last night??

CONGRATS!! Can't think of a more deserving person (well, a certain dwarf hunter blogger comes to mind...), but he'd just stick it in the bank anymore. ;)

Come to think of it, why didn't link to him here? *grin*

Pike said...

@ most of the comments - It's true I'm afraid, I think it's a good thing you weren't Vent with me after all, since you've all still got your sense of hearing intact! =P Brings new meaning to that portion of the instance being called "The Screaming Hall".

Lienna - Survival has really been tempting me lately for the supertraps, and I've got enough agility at this point (almost 500 unbuffed) that I think I could pull of a MM/SV hybrid. But I dunno if I could talk myself into losing the Big Red Pet. Regardless, I have a lot of respect for Survival Hunters-- you guys are awesome!

Ess - that's awesome =D I love doing stuff with my boyfriend. Hunter/'lock can be a deadly combo.

Fanthis - it's called RatingsBuster.

One Among Many - Thankya =) I have sort of been stockpiling agility for a while now, but because of that, my attack power could definitely use some buffing up... so that's why I'm aiming for Savagery I think.

Kestrel - Hehe! Poor BRK. At least the hunter-karma has gone around and he's gotten some nice drops recently

Everyone - thank you for the kind comments!!

Kat said...

Congrats! I cry for the hunter every time I see it being sharded. I am so glad it dropped for you. You will put it to good use!

sonvar said...


Now I just need that weapon to drop for me. And then I'll finally have a good PvE weapon

pelides said...

Funny thing is... now you can skip the Legacy agony we all go through and get the S3 Gladiator Axe in about 3-4 weeks of arena matches. Sure, it's our real welfare epic, but it's better for all hunters (except Survival) than Legacy is. I notice a certain dwarf hunter blogger doesn't have one... the slacker. /poke

I'm really glad you got the Sonic Spear. It is one of the defining hunter weapons in TBC and it shows you think and care about the development of your toon... despite the fact that there's an easy epic waiting for you.

Go Pike Go!

Anonymous said...

You know, I had to come over here just to say I love your avatar. That is the main reason for me clicking your link on Resto4Life, hehe.

Congratulations on your spear! Always nice when a hunter manages to pick that up - I know how much they love them.

About instances ... it's intereing, isn't it? When I played EverQuest, we had a late, late night crew that I was part of, and after our normal raids were done, we'd take, oh, 10-15 of us and find an old boss that used to take our entire raid to kill. Try to down him with a small number of characters, and not the ideal setups or anything like that. It was always a great deal of fun, even if the loot wasn't useful or we died a ton.

I've seen the same thing in WoW, too. 2-manning RFC at level 13, 3-manning WC, etc etc all the way up. You know, it's just kinda' nice to see everything come together like that, when you know you're making a difference and your skill matters. In any case, I'm glad you're enjoying instances :)

Freezing traps get all the men indeed - I would go so far as to say it doesn't matter the gender of said hunter if he or she can trap well :P


Dani said...


It looks sweet ^^