Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Few Final Words Before The Alt Project Kick-Off

First of all I want to say thanks to everybody for your input on my previous post regarding "The Alt Project". I read all your ideas and comments and took everything into consideration. I wanted to post a few things though, to perhaps set peoples' minds at ease:

1.) I am well aware of the fact that level 20 is not going to give me a sufficient overview of a class. The main goal here is to actually get some non-hunter classes higher than level 10 and get just a very, very basic, minimal idea of other classes. After The Alt Project is done, there might be an Alt Project II, where I try to get to level 30 or 40. And then maybe an Alt Project III. Etc. But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself when I haven't started yet. Level 20 is an attainable and tangible goal that I can work on without feeling burnt out. And getting to level 20 on a class is better than not getting there at all. That's why the initial goal is set at 20. I do realize this puts some of the slower-to-ignite classes (such as druid) at a disadvantage. But the whole point is to take things slowly and then go from there. I don't want to set my sights too high at first.

I myself would say that somebody who played a hunter to level 20 should (hopefully) at least have a basic idea of the class mechanics. Oh it's true they don't get Feign Death or improved traps or Steady Shot or Scattershot/Intimidation or a lot of other very important stuff yet... but they will have spent ten levels with a pet and thus should have the very basic, "1+1" idea (or what I often like to call "Hunter 101") down . That to me is the important part.

2.) Regarding specs: the reason why I want to spec into what sounds the most unusual or fun rather than what most people swear by, is because that is how I did my hunter and I am very glad that I did it that way. I was deep enough into Marksman for Silencing Shot before I respec'd BM. I am so, so glad I had that experience as a Marksman hunter. It really helped me a lot in regards to my playing experience I think. Now granted, hunters are maybe unusual; all three specs are considered to be fairly solid specs if you know what you are doing. And admittedly the gear-stat focus for each of the three hunter trees, is not nearly as varied as the three trees on a druid or on a shaman. But the point is, I know hunters who would never dream of leaving the Marksman tree or the Survival tree, not even for the much-hailed DPS machine that is 41/20/0. Just as I know druids who would never be anything but a Moonkin. And mages who will never be anything but Arcane. That is why I want to spec what initially "sounds fun". If it turns out that it's not fun, or it's too gear-dependent, then no big deal-- it's super easy to respec to something cookie-cutter. I just want to have that experimentation option open at first.

3.) "Aspect of the Alt" is the best name ever. Thanks Lazz!

4.) Most of the characters are already rolled, on my main server (Silver Hand) for the most part. I imagine I might make a few characters on The Venture Co. as well. While trying out other servers might be fun I think I'd like to stay "home" for now, while I'm trying things out.

Once again thanks for all the comments and suggestions and constructive criticism. I really appreciate all of it and please do keep them coming =) Oh, and this blog will always be a hunter blog first and foremost, even if I do start sharing some alt stories every now and again. With Elune as my witness, the day another class takes over hunter as my favorite class, is the day I kiss a murloc.

...Murky doesn't count. Because he's adorable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to put my laundry in the washing machine and then roll a druid!

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Xial said...

good luck with your new project, i hate alts right now! I wanna hit 70!!!!!!! O well me and my trusty hunter will one day!