Monday, January 14, 2008

Instance-Running Machine

Well, after a lull of a week or two where Tawyn was sort of stabled from instances and focusing on PvP and working on trade skills, the instancing appears to be back in full swing.

Yesterday I did both Shadow Labs and Botanica. The Shadow Labs run wound up being horribly ironic because everyone in the group was running it for gear, and not a single piece of gear for any of us dropped... that includes the ever-so-elusive Sonic Spear. However, I did receive a visit by one Bremm in the middle of this instance, so that was pretty awesome. /wave

Botanica we were running for the second half of the Arcatraz key. Our group also had slightly better luck on this one gearwise; I actually didn't come out of the instance with anything for myself (a pretty good neck piece dropped, but the rogue and I decided we would roll for it and he won, which I'm glad for, because he deserved it)... but the quest turn-in did bestow a pretty snazzy new belt upon me. Not to mention the Arc key! We'll hopefully be running that at some point today.

One of my favorite parts of the instance-running, though, was this: there's a boss in Shadow Labs who mind-controls the party (I can't remember the name of this boss). The problem for us was that when he does this, the tank seems to lose aggro. So we came up with a plan: after the next mind control, I was to misdirect onto the tank. The next mind control pops up and by the time it's over the boss is chasing the rogue around-- probably another hit and the rogue would be down.

Here comes Tawyn to save the day!

Misdirect on the tank... pulling back the bowstring... and... BAM!

Aimed Shot Crit Misdirect. Oh yeah!

Boss runs back over to the tank, rogue survives, and we finish the guy. I felt pretty awesome.

My next moment of personal heroism was the last boss in Botanica. Right towards the end-- boss had maybe 6% of his HP left... everybody wound up dying except for the tank and I, and we managed to finish him off. But to be honest there were a lot of little moments of heroism from everybody throughout the instances, not just me. It was really great.

I also felt good because at some point everybody started complimenting me for my traps. "Tawyn, I have no idea how you do your traps like that, but you're pretty much the only hunter I will ever group with." Stuff like that. /blush. Even though I still think my trapping could use some improvement, but I think I'm getting better with all the practice I've been doing lately.

I promise I'm going to post about something other than instances soon. =P


Anonymous said...

On the misdirect...

Misdirect uses the first three shots you make after you cast the spell. If things are that serious, consider having those three be Distracting Shot / Arcane Shot / Autoshot. Misdirecting an Aimed Shot is great for an opener, but if a squishy is in danger of eviseration, the two instants and the auto might generate enough threat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. And don't you just love, "It's time for FUN!!" ;)

Anonymous said...

best way to get around this instead off misdirect or if your misdirect is on cooldown,is after the mind control finishes and aggro has reset everyone does not attack or heal nothing just gather up all together and if your tank is fast enough he will have aggro in no a charm :D

Tazbutane said...

Nice tip. I am going to need to start a cheatsheet to remember all of the hunter tips I am getting from you and brk!

Stephen said...

Hehehe, I have no idea how I played without misdirection. When I set it up for a misdirection pull onto a tank, I cross my fingers and pray for the 'Holy Trinity' - Aimed Shot crit, Arcane Shot crit, and Steady Shot crit (if you're fast enough, you can get all three without an autoshot cutting loose). It does happen, and when it does, my tank literally dances for joy (he did it in RL once while letting rage build up and his headset fell off :D )

As for Blackheart, I have never met a boss for whom luck plays such a major role. You can plan and prepare tactics to protect your healer and prevent a wipe, but that madness of the mind control can destroy your party.

Best time I was in there, the MC destroyed most of our group leaving only tank and healer alive. In the time it took for me to run abck from the spirit healer, MC had hit again, and the tank killed the priest. I popped back into the instance just as the MC wore off, and Blackheart locked onto me. In the time it took for him to run to me, the tank had popped a bandage and I had managed to get my pet out. The pet didn't survive long, and neither did I, but when Blackheart locked back onto the tank (who had caught up with him nr the instance portal), our DPS shammy had come back in and instantly started healing. In come our Shadow Priest and healing Priest who between them provide enough healing and DPS to keep him busy until I get back in. We suffer a few more deaths, but we always have out tank alive, and the DPS switch to healing to keep the tank going. We finally get Blackheart down and stand around in shock that we had salvaged what was a surefire wipe.

Bobo & SgtPork said...

@ stephen
Could you do a macro with /stopcast for each, so that you can always do those three? (yesh, I watcheded BRK's macro movie earlier:)

Anonymous said...

please please post more about your instance adventures pike really good reads :D

Anonymous said...

Blackheart the Inciter is the boss, and while I remember being soooo frustrated with him after just hitting 70 (well, maybe not so much him, but getting 3 shotted by our dps during the mind control, hee!), now he's one of the funnest fights in the 70 instances.

Seargent Viktel said...

Nice with the MD idea. Embarressed that I didn't use it myself. I'll have it ready for the next run though.

Thanks for the tip.

My thing is to keep a trap down near the healer at all times during that fight. Caught my own Big Red cat one time. Missed the screen shot though. /pout

Have a great day

Stephen said...

@ bobo & sgtpork

i'm not that great with amcros - i tend to use them for humorous effect (quoting Indiana Jones while laying snake trap normally has any PuG I'm with laughing). as far as i understand, a macro will only accept one /cast command, so i;'d have to either set up a sequential macro (oo-er) or have 3 separate macros (/cast aimed shot, /stopcasting; /cast arcane shot, /stopcasting etc) which would take up valuable taskbar space. However, if someone has such a sequential macro, or a similar one that i can modify, the they would be muchly appreciated :)

Stephen said...

see how bad i am with macros? i can't even spell them correctly! :P ;)

Sonofspree / Fanthis said...

I use Misdirection for the same purpose on Blackheart. Answer me this. When you get Mind Controlled, does your pet start beating on your party? If so, here's a very simple fix for it.

Before you pull, go to the outside the raise platform Blackheart stands on and tell your pet to STAY. At that point don't call him to you during the fight, just sic him on the boss when the fight starts.

Do you know what happens when you get Mind Controlled? Does the pet attack you? No. He goes back to his STAY spot to patiently wait for you to become un mind controlled. Once you get free, tell him to attack again.

If no one goes near him ( which you can put him out far enough where they will almost never ) your pet will never hit anyone on that boss again.

Enjoy. :)

Sonofspree / Fanthis / Kargath