Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Cute and Cuddly Beasts Within

First of all, a shout-out to the authors of Troll on a Powerbook and One Among Many, for becoming the fourth and fifth people, respectively, to roll alts on my server to say hello. All of you guys flatter me, really, and I still sort of can't understand it-- I don't find myself very interesting at all, and I'm even less interesting when I'm talking in real-time, because I can be pretty shy. But thank you anyway. I'm quite a lucky hunter. (I'm also getting to be quite the enchanted-out hunter, and thus quite the broke hunter... but that's another story.)

In my recent "essay" on the Beast Mastery spec, Faradhim asked me if I have pets in real life. As a matter of fact... yes I do:

These are my guinea pigs Reno and Vincent. (First person to figure out where their names are from, and then deduce which is which because of it, gets a big ol' cookie. Turns out I name my real-life pets the same way I name my pets in WoW... always a hidden meaning.)

Reno and Vincent have been living with me for the past couple of years. They are intelligent, mischievous, and also possibly the most spoiled guinea pigs on the planet. You see, I work at a pet store. (Yes, that's right, the hunter works at a pet store!) Specifically, I work in the pet care/small animal department. This means that I not only spend most of my time working with and handling fish and small critters, but I also get to stock the shelves in my department with all the new goodies that come in. And the whole time I'm doing it I'm thinking "Oh my gosh, they would LOVE this new treat... oooh, and that one too..." and then I come home with a bunch of snacks for them and they don't eat half of it.

At least they've gotten a little less picky lately.

They've caught onto my sleeping schedule and decided that maybe if they start making noise before my alarm goes off, they will get fed earlier. Cue lots of squeaking at 4:30am, every morning. Fortunately I am prepared, with earplugs! Bwahaha.

They have also decided that merely eating their food out of their bowl is not exciting enough, and it's much more fun to eat food off of the floor of their cage. So they wedge their head under the bowl, and then when you least expect it... BAM. Bowl goes flying, food goes flying, and the guinea pigs are happy and Pike has to grab the vacuum again.

I can't help but love them though. And I wouldn't want to get on their bad side... I don't know if I'd want to deal with the wrath of a Big Red Guinea Pig anytime soon.


Hunter and pet said...

They are from Final Fantasy VII, yes? I'm guessing the red-headed goofy and cute one is Reno, and the dark one Vincent. Am I right? Although, the dark one has light patches under his eyes, which could also reflect Reno....

Hunter and pet said...

By the way, Final Fantasy is amazing, and Vincent is one of my favorite characters of any game I've ever played. Plus, who can resist the awesomeness of Dirge of Cerberus?! Definitely not this hunter!

Pike said...

Cookie for you guys!!

Reno is the red one and Vincent is the dark one.

And yes, I love both the characters Reno and Vincent.

Sellia said...

Ahhh ... I was too slow ... :)
I was also going to say FF7. Well, better luck next time. ;)

lienna said...

Awww sooo cute!

I used to have a guinea pig a long time ago, we origionally got him for company for my rabbit, who was a bit erm... *cough* friendly with him so we had to put them in seperate cages.

Years later my rabbit had to be put down and then overnight the guinea pig died too, that wasn't a happy day for me.

Still I'm an animal lover so I'm so glad my mums fur allergy didn't pass onto me, I wish I was a bit smarter so I could become a vet.

faradhim said...

I have faradhim on your server already. But you weren't on for the limited among time I was there. We had a guild playing Sat so I had to leave Silverhand early.

With regard to your pets and job. I hope at least you get decent discounts. :-)

baila said...

Finally, an excuse to share this video! It's for all those who have had cute and cuddly cavi beasts.

Anonymous said...

Pike, though I'm not a huge fan of small rodents...(I know you love 'em!)

They are cuties :)

My own pup is more so a terror than anything - but we love him to pieces...even if his ears are ten feet tall...

Maebius said...

Horray for the weepy monsters. (Weep as in the siren-piercing SQUEEEEK sound they make, not weep='cry')
we have three cavies, one who loves to sit on my desk while playing WoW and content himself to gnaw on carrots.
Long time lurker, first time post here. The piggy reference made me do it. <3 the little things.

Nialla said...

super cute! great names too!

Capn John said...

I was way off, I was thinking Jean Reno, and Vincent from TV's Beauty & The Beast (1987).