Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hunter Loot Trumps Sleep

AND The Abacus of Violent Odds. Which the rogue already had.

Tawyn is only going to get about four and a half hours of sleep tonight but she is a happy, happy hunter.

Heroic Mech (almost) clear. We got the fire boss to 4% and wiped, and then people had to start leaving. Still, we got the Calculator, so we'll consider it a success.


Nightravyn said...

Congrats on the loot! fun times. :D

Xial said...

Yup, Congrats, thats some nice gloves. Maybe one day Ill be worthy of booty that good.

Viktel said...

Holy Crap!

Mech has not been so kind over on Echo Isles.

Nice work and gratz!!!

pelides said...

Gloves AND trinket! Grats! Quite a score for one night!

May they serve you well! :)