Wednesday, September 17, 2008

[WotLK Beta] The Man, The Myth, The Legend

So I decided to do something completely crazy in Beta and see if I could tame one o' them core hounds. From Molten Core. Solo. Hey, I'm a hunter, I can do that, right?

Got about halfway through Blackrock Mountain when I remembered I needed to be in a raid group to even get in the door.

Oh hey, some nice dwarf and his bear are gonna party with me! They even flew all the way over to help me out!

We had about a dozen different plans and they all failed to go through, thanks to evade glitches, threat glitches, and a variety of stuff refusing to work right. We were so close a couple of times that it was just frustrating. Lemme tell ya though, the bear is a beast. Never seen a hunter pet tank not just one, but two Molten Giants for so long. I am so gonna get one if I can tear myself away from my Rhino who I just solo'd most of Slave Pens with.

Anyways! The moral of the story is: If you are a Beta blogger you had better be on the lookout because I do periodic /whos and you might be the next person who gets roped into one of my crazy schemes, fo'shizzle.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Step 1) Find a tree (druid) who knows MC well
Step 2) Skip the Molten Giants at the front, and jump off the ledge on the right side towards the Fireguard and Lava Annihilator.
Step 3) Tree turns into a kitty and sneaks along to the "safe zone" where (s)he's out of aggro range of aforementioned Lava Annihilator and Fireguard.
Step 4) You run to where kitty is stealthed and feign.
Step 5) Kitty goes tree. You select the appropriate PUPPY! from the large selection available. Stun and Fear PUPPY!s are bad.
Step 6) Unload in the PUPPY!'s face. Hit it with everything you can throw at it.
Step 7) Start the tame. Hope that your tree can keep you alive and stay under your threat for 20 seconds. Remember, you can't take pots, or it'll break the tame.
Hopefully Step 8) Use new PUPPY! to fight your way out of MC, or just cover you and your tree's hearthstone timer.

That's how I got Lezard. ^^;

Anonymous said...

Oh....and just "some dwarf with his bear"? I was reading through and then realized who I was seeing and started laughing! Nicely done!

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

Autumnn said...

(enter random dorf hunter LoL)

I always wanted to tame The Beast in UBRS. And "fly out there"? Is there old world flight in WotLK? /hides back in her cave.

Basil said...

Thank goodness I'm under an assumed name and on Horde side :D

If you REEELLY wanna look me up, you can find me as Utensil.

Maevet said...

I like my bear Iokek.. after playing on the ptr... definitly not getting rid of him.

my cat from Skettis... he got ditched for a devilsaur :-)

Sellia said...

Hi Pike !

You can come get your WORDLE at my site now. ;)

Cya !

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Well, there's five stable slots, Maevet, you shouldn't need to ditch anyone :P

Siha said...

Iffen you need a healer for your crazy exploits, give me a yell ;-) I'll be on Sailan, in Fim's beta guild.

Loronar said...

I wish I could be in Beta to see all the bloggers. :(

Lin said...

Awww. Gogo Pike and that unknown "dwarf with his bear"! -coughs-

Yeah. Maybe I'll steal my friend's beta account while he's in class and mess around with you lot!

... And probably have no idea how to play his boomkin.

Dilecto said...

You don't know me, and that's ok (I like new friends!) but I'm a fellow hunter in beta. You can look me up under Coranaluna.

I went and got myself a chimera instead of a corehound. The chimera is a step up (in my not so humble opinion) from the wind serpent and can shoot lightning AND frost at the same time. It roxors.

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