Monday, September 22, 2008

Post Your Bank

I don't care if it's a mess. I don't care if it's embarrassing. Post it anyway.

Let's see what we got in the old closet here...

Whoo, talk about a mess. And I haven't even opened all the other bags and the two overflowing herb bags. But because I'm sure you don't wanna see all the random crap I've accumulated, we'll just look through the main portion here...

Row 1:

Plain Letter
: This is a letter the boyfriend sent me after level 4 Tawyn ran around Teldrassil in a desperate attempt to get to this "Stormwind place". He apparently made a desperate attempt himself to get to "Night Elf place" and wound up somewhere in Arathi Highlands. The letter details his attempt and his resolve to try again later.

You'd better believe I still have this letter.

Chicken Egg: My first mini-pet. Somebody showed me how to get it and helped me set up a /chicken macro. I never bothered to get rid of that macro... it's still there in my macro menu.

Wood Frog Box,
Parrot Cage (Senegal),
Jingling Bell,
and Clockwork Rocket Bot: Minipets that did not wind up in my bags with the other 12 or 13 odd minipets that I usually carry around. Hmm, so that's why I never have bagspace.

Chestnut Mare Bridle: Ahh, Tawyn's first mount. Her name was Buckles. Yes, I name my mounts. So sue me.

Row 2:

Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor
Arathi Basin Mark of Honor,
Alterac Valley Mark of Honor,
and Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor... ye olde PvP badges. 99 WSG, yipe. I must be a masochist of some sort.

Obsidian Warbeads,
Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample,
and Apexis Shard... collectables!

Row 3:

Minion's Scourgestone (oldschool?)
Spirit Shard
Zaxxis Insignia
Halaa Battle Token
Halaa Research Token
Arcane Rune
Badge of Justice... more collectables!

Row 4

Gladiator's Chain Helm,
Merciless Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets,
and Merciless Gladiator's Chain Spaulders... the PvP gear that I pull out when I want to add more o' them PvP tokens to my collection, or when no one responds to my "BORED HUNTER WILL DO ANYTHING I HAVE TRAPS AND COOKIES AND HUGS" pleas in LFG. ...which is actually quite frequently. /sob

Cat Carrier (White Kitten): was given to me as a present for answering a quiz question in guild chat. I still remember the question. "What anime includes the name of a WoW profession in the title?" Yeah, easy question, I was the first to answer so I got a kitty in the mail. What a deal!

The Gunblade: This is never leaving my possession. I will never forget the story behind this. I was level 65ish and a guildie who'd I'd been instancing with for a while took me all the way out to Blasted Lands, telling me he had a surprise for me. He handed me a package with the Gunblade in it, as well as an ammo pouch and bullets, and then he /saluted me and informed me that it was my present for being a good hunter. The gun served me well until 70, and yeah... it's stayin'.

/stoically stops thinking of old guild

Sonic Spear: Such good memories of when this dropped. I can't bear to get rid of it.
Guild Tabard: Tawyn will always and forever wear the Private's Tabard, because it fits her character and looks nice, but ya never know when you'll need a guild tabard... at least for a screenshot or two.

And yeah, see all those other bags? Those are stuffed full of various holiday items, nostalgic gear, nostalgic quest rewards, and the mandatory RP gear (I actually have never been one for "RP outfits", figuring my characters' RP outfits are their gear... but you never know!)

It appears that Tawyn, just like her human player counterpart, cannot bear to throw anything away. Adding new stuff to the bank is always an agonizing thing. And so many times I've staunchly said "Today is the day I organize my bank!", marched up to the banker, and... found that I couldn't bear to toss anything. Hi, my name is Pike, and I have a problem.

Please tell me I'm not the only one! /whimper


Avaric said...

Gawd, I worked so hard for my Sonic Spear. I was almost Lower City exalted before it finally dropped for me, I'll never get rid of it.

In the greater scheme of things, Avaric is fairly young as my characters go. My first character was my paladin, and he has some really ancient stuff in his bank.

krizzlybear said...

Regarding that Anime question, I actually had to write down every single profession until I thought of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Bonus Question: name an anime Series with a WoW class in its title!

tip: Shaman King doesn't count, because it's a terrible anime XD

Anonymous said...

Why not hand the PvP badges in for honor, and get some sweet pvp gear! :)

Pike said...

@ Krizzlybear - Witch Hunter Robin =D?

@ Anon - My Honor count is pretty low at the moment, and I don't know if turning in the badges would accumulate to much more, but it is certainly something to look into!

krizzlybear said...

DING DING! You are teh awesome XD

Brierley said...

Mine looks very similar, especially with al the non-combat pets. I also have 2 sets of resistance gear. I have been considering turning in all my scourgestones just for fun and to open up a couple of bagspaces.

Really looking forward to non combat pets becoming a learned skill and not having to use up bag space.

Sephrenia said...

I had to take screenies of all my characters so I could sort out all my junk and tidy up my bank alts (yes, plural alts).

I'm so looking forward to WotLK so I can get my 50-60 pets and mounts out of the way, clear up my banks and make room for another character.

You're not the only one - I have letters, diamond rings, red roses, a wardrobe of costumes... old school bone fragments, all my hard earned T1 rogue gear, ... the list goes on and on

Incubis said...

/cry very pathetically. I am roughly 1k away from exalted with the lower city and I have yet to see the Sonic Spear drop...and so tomarrow I am marching over to the arena vendor and picking up the S3 waraxe. I became obsessed with getting the sonic spear I could do slabs with my eyes closed while telling newbies the strategies. And to finish with a /cheer, I cleaned my bank after reading this post. I love your blogs and all the wealth of info that is within them, BM topping the meters each week at Kara FTW!

/cheers at Pike!

Ferrusmanus said...

I don't keep tokens, I keep an armory D:

I only have 3 bagslots purchased, but my entire main bank plus at least one 16-slotter is completely stuffed full of weapons and armor that are too cool/unique to vendor. And that's not to mention my own collection of minipets...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the LFG plea in "line 4" made me kinda sad.


Cynra said...

I'm almost as bad as you, though I did recently part with a lot of stuff that I was keeping in my perky priestess's bank. I still had a lot of level 60 Fire Resistance gear, not to mention anything even remotely related to reputation. Sadly, I filled those spots with a lot of Tier 1 that I've recently acquired and my Argent Dawn reputation items. Running for a Baron mount in Stratholme has gotten me quite a bit recently!

Webmosher said...

Hunter anime is actually quite popular. Aside from Witch Hunter Robin there is Vampire Hunter D, City Hunter, Demon/Devil Hunter Yohko, Hunter X Hunter, and a few other minor ones.

Awlbiste said...

My desktop with my WoW screenshots is in storage so here are two ancient ones and a bc beta bank shot:

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Done and done.

Neggles said...

Sigh, why did you have to get me started Pike!

krizzlybear said...

Row 1
11x Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
28x Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
9x Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor
1x Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor
9x Essence of Fire
36x Spirit Shard
10x Arcane Rune

Row 2
1x Argent Dawn Commission
Korium Lockbox
Korium Lockbox
Korium Lockbox
Korium Lockbox
Korium Lockbox
Eternium Lockbox

Row 3
Eternium Lockbox
Thorium Lockbox
16x Coilfang Armaments
10x Sanguine Hibiscus
Plain Letter*
35x Badge of Justice

Row 4
Blank Slot
Zaxxis Insignia
Illidari-Bane Shard

Seriously, I need to talk to a Rogue in my guild...

Extra Bank Slots
Bag 1 - Motes and Enchanting Mats
Bag 2 - More Enchanting Mats, Random Pots
Bag 3 - Pots, Elixirs, Consumables
Bag 4 - Random Rep Turn-Ins (Nagrand, WPL/EPL)
Bag 5 - Fish, Holiday Items
Bag 6
Bag 7 - Scryers Bloodgem, Quagmirran's Eye, Tabards

krizzlybear said...

omg it's sunjun! i've missed you!

Pike said...

Hehe, thanks to everybody who shared!

Basil said...

Sadly, I do not share this affliction. I have never hesitated to sell or delete something that would not be useful later on.

Yeah, my level 40 mount got ye olde delete within 22 seconds of me dinging 60.

Might put an actual blog post, depending on how interesting my bank turns out to be... once the servers come back up, anyways :D

Ganieda said...

My horde hunter has NO bank space. LW mats, raid buff pots and food (left over from when he raided) mostly useful stuff take up half, the other half is pets, mounts, or gear I am keeping purely for sentimental reasons. My alliance hunter I powered to 70 to catch up with the guild I wanted to raid with, so I didn't collect as much along the way.
But she still has two bags of fun stuff I'm keeping.

Zigystardust said...

I think I'd be ok if I wasn't collecting gear for three different specs.

Anonymous said...

I see your bank... And raise you (one of) mine:


Aleathea said...

You're not alone, Pike! My bank is so filled with old letters, candy and flowers, vanity pets (but that snake was a Birthday gift!!) and pre-BC gear with special memories there is hardly room for the anything else.

My solution a few months ago was to roll a bank alt, outfit her with the max level Engineering bag, Enchanting bag, Herb bag and a few other bags and send all my non-essentials to her.

It's eased up my issues a little.

Until I decided to buy several outfits for my "glamor shots" in Feralas.


Avonar said...

LOL Neat, I will so be doing this, too. :) Great to get such a look into your bags!

Madaleine said...
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Pixelated Executioner said...

You are definitely not alone, Pike... I am a packrat, both in life and in game, and I can never seem to throw anything out for fear that "I might need that later."

Avonar said...

So I'm really late - but here's mine:

Great idea, Pike!

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