Monday, September 1, 2008

Well... that's that.

I left my guild today.

The one I've been in for a year, the one I co-led for months and eventually led myself for a few months as well. The one I leveled with since Zul'Farrak. The one I ran Karazhan with, for the first time. I mouse over all my gear in Armory and don't see loot as much as I see items obtained from heroics and raids that I ran with my guildies. Each item has a story to tell.

More and more of those people have left the guild and I don't know, these past few weeks I've logged on, looked around, and realized I simply didn't know anybody anymore. So it was with a deep breath and a final sigh that I one-by-one kicked my alts and then /gquit.

I don't really know where I'm going next. I am, I suppose, a freelancer now. I'm not particularly interested in another guild at the moment largely because I am essentially unable to raid with any regularity, so I wouldn't want to promise myself to a new guild. I've considered making a "Casualish Level 70 Hunter LF Guild, Willing to Transfer" post on this blog to see what sort of interest I'd garner, but I also have a hard time envisioning myself leaving Silver Hand and my friends there (though I'd never say never), and yeah, I think I might wanna fly solo for a while.

It was a good year.

But you know what they say about all good things.

Best of luck, Entelechy.


Saresa said...

/hug Pike. Best of luck, and I hope that things do work out for you! <3

Tzia said...

Good luck in all your searches Pike!

Zupa said...

... and all clouds have a silver lining!

I'm sure this turn of events will work out in your favour as the expansion looms, and enable you to be where you want to be at level 80.


Siha said...

I'm sure it'll be rough for the next little while, as you feel a bit lonely and maybe second-guess your decision a bit.. but in the end, it just means you'll be open to take up the next great opportunity that comes along.

Good luck. :)

Mirshalak said...

What's Silver Hand's progression like, Pike? My server is finally starting to pick up a bit.

If it's good though, I'm sure you'll be able to find another guild. AFAIK, anything past Gruul generally isn't pugged, but people on my server at least pug probably up to that point, so you'll probably be able to.

Then there are Heroics. I'm told that Heroic Slabs and SH in particular are considered more difficult than Karazhan. You could also farm the Arena for S3; I'm wanting to get hold of a few pieces of that myself. The armor pen on it is fantastic.

Witch Doctor said...

Leaving a guild is never easy, especially if it's a guild that you have such a long history with.

I've been in a similar situation, after I left my old guild (that I had been officer in since day one) I didn't really know what to do. I spent a few weeks guildless, and that gave me the time to figure out what I really wanted out of the game. It was a decision that worked out well for me.

I hope things will work out for the best for you as well. Good luck out there :)

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I'd make the post, myself - after all, I did it, and now I'm raiding shoulder to shoulder (well, not really - dorfs be shorter than blueberries) with Maevet.

Who knows what'll happen? Especially given your vastly larger readership!

Pike said...

@ Mirshalak - Silver Hand's progression is pretty good, there are a couple guilds working on Sunwell and many more that are in Hyjal/BT (I believe several guilds have downed Illidan at this point).

In all 100% honesty, Silver Hand Alliance is probably the best place to be if you want to PuG raids; they have a server-wide raid signup website called "Leftovers" which has garnered a lot of attention from the likes of WoW Insider. I've definitely seen BT and Hyjal PuG signups posted up there; can't tell you how well they do but the site does make an effort to revoke group-making privileges from groups that aren't getting anywhere =P

@ Everyone else - thanks for all the support and ideas /hug

Karl said...


It's hard, but there are guilds out there that are casual-friendly. I can only really hit one raid a week, unless it's a holiday weekend, if that, but I still have a place in my guild.

With the expansion coming, now's a great time to just have fun, grind up some gold, and be ready to start leveling again..

when ya don't know the faces anymore, it's time to move on. nothing wrong with that at all.

Anonymous said...

I can say that I've been in your shoes before. I guild hopped around till I found a fun PvP guild I called home for a while, but even that came to an end. I found a new guild to raid with and I'm making my debut tonight.

Things will all work out for you. Just remember it may take some time.


TheBigBearButt said...

Well Pike, you know that you are always welcome to come to Kael'thas, make an alt and join Sidhe Devils to chill for a bit and decompress.

We'd be happy to see you and delighted to say 'hi'.

Main transfers not required :)

Viktel said...

Hey there,

Its a good thing. Take a little time to be Pike as Pike.

When you are ready to be a part of a guild it will fall right into place.

Have fun as a hired's kinda Clint Eastwood-esk, no?

/cast thegood thebad & theungly soundtrack

Maevet said...

*strolls in wearing a pristine white suit and matching fedora*

*gingerly walks up, smiles, and with a slight nod of the head and a rolling flick motion of the right hand produces a business card..*

"Please to meet you... hope you'll guess my name.."

Knights of Valor

Theactrics aside, if you think about possibly going off SH, feel free to look us up. we're casual/laid back raiding. If you want to I can arrange a 'ride along' if you want to hear/get a feel for how we are in raiding.

As for the /gquit. You have my sympathies. It's was brutal on my psyche for the fisrt few days after I quit my last guild. A guild that I had risen from an obscurity, to a well respected officer and mediator. I worked hard along with my friend the GL to keep draging the guild back from the edge of the cliff, that when I made the desicion to move on to a larger raid capable guild (we were down to 10-12 active players towards the end), it felt like I was turning my back on my friends.

I have a good ear if you ever need to use it.

Flaime said...

If you do decide to transfer, and you want to stay on RP servers...Earthen Ring has 1) my guild (Providence), which is a pretty good family type guild (very light on RP, though), and 2) a group called SASU that anyone can join as a "Free Agent" to do occasional raiding or run pugs with, if that's what you wish.

David said...

Best of luck finding a new guild if that is, indeed, what you even WANT to do. Maybe you should be single for a while! Guild's just tie you down from your true potential!

Jezrael said...

<3 Well done for taking the first step Pike. I'm sure you will find your 'niche' in game - even if it feels a little lonely at first. You could always come to Feathermoon and hang out with me and Anna :)

Nauloera said...


Sometimes it needs to be done. You'll find your place.

And when you get lonely, I'm on Feathermoon too. You're always welcome to come visit. :)