Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old School

So while I've definitely been enjoying my alts (mostly of the hunter variety), I have also found myself logging into Tawyn a lot more often again, lately.

Why? Is it perhaps the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion that has me all excited? Is it getting into the current raids of Burning Crusade?


It's cause Blackrock Mountain is basically the most epic thing Blizzard has ever done. True story.

I went to Molten Core the other week with a bunch of people. Unfortunately it was sort of a hastily put together group, people started leaving more and more as we went on, and we had to call it quits after wiping on... the fourth or fifth boss? Can't remember.

But it was a really neat experience and inspired me to start looking seriously into old-world content. I am a "Burning Crusade Baby" as they say, who waltzed into Outlands at level 58, effectively skipping most of the old Level 60 stuff.

But doing LBRS the other day to get the UBRS key, and aaaaalll the billions of quests involved for that; and now currently doing the quests and the BRD runs for the Onyxia Key... this is when Epic was Epic and when adventuring meant going into a burning lair of fire of brimstone.

Oh, and guess who plays at 8:00pm in BRD?

Sheer coincidence that we happened to be in this room at 7:57pm. It was great.

The interesting thing about these old-world quests, to me anyway, is how memorable they are. So far I have had to take control of a dragon in order to blow fire on a quest object, take secret notes all over Eastern Kingdoms, and rescue a guy from prison and escort him out of BRD while he deadpans lines about his flying fists of fury (and runs into every mob he can without giving you a chance to drink >.>). I think my favorite, though, was when I was sent to a guy in Lakeshire, the same guy who gave me a bunch of quests when I was, oh, level 16 or 17 maybe. "Do I know you? You look familiar," he said.


I can't tell you how far this little old-world excursion is going to take me. In theory, I'd like to hit up all the old raids, in reality, I don't know if that can happen. But the point is, Bear was right. There is a ton of content out there and I dunno about you guys, but I don't raid for the loot. Loot's a fun bonus, but it's not why I still adore Karazhan and try to run it every chance I get even though Be Imba tells me I should be in SSC, and it's not why I want to do the old school raids. It's cause there's adventuring and exploring out there that I haven't done yet.

Oh, and Hunter Tier 3 looks awesome and I must have it.


Paedolos said...

I'm with you on that one. Epic feel > Epic gear.

Here's to seeing more epic places like the Depths of Blackrock Mountain (as long and party-destroying that it was).

*raises his mug in a cheers*

Avaric said...

I never really enjoyed BRD that much, the instance is so huge and sprawling. There's lots to do there though, that's for sure. We recently ran a lower level alt of one of our guild members through there to do quests, I was kind of pleased that I still remember my way around.

LBRS was my favorite dungeon in Blackrock Mountain, mainly because that was where I got my worg pup and my spider hatchling. Most people today don't even know those exist, since nobody goes to those instances any more.

Zigystardust said...

I think it's hilarious that Blizzard would go through the effort of coding the Tauren Chieftains into BRD. Cheers to that!

On the topic of old instances, I wonder what you'd need to solo a tribute run in Dire Maul.

Loronar said...

I haven't done old world (i.e. any level 60 instance). At one point, I had all the quests for BRD, but I was level 57 at the time. I said screw it, grinded Un'Goro and went into Outland at 58.

Figure I should go back and and finish them now... Good luck farming Naxx for tier 3. >.<

Hammardin said...

I very much miss the days of MC and BWL. It was a totally different raiding atmosphere from BC, one that was (in my opinion) way more fun and relaxed. And bosses had more monologues too. ;)

Shalkis said...

Molten Core? No. No satisfaction. Everything up until to it, will be a gas.

Blackrock Mountain is quite simply the most majestic of Blizzard's creations so far. And one of the few places in the game where I still keep the background music on.

Mirshalak said...

You'll have to get your running shoes on to get t6 before WoTLK, Pike. Truthfully I was going to try for it myself, but given that AFAIK the xpack is due out in September, I figured I wouldn't have the time.

You will need to get Revered with the Argent Dawn, (which is what Scholo runs will do for you, actually) and then find some groups to hit Naxx. If you push really hard you might have some chance...not sure.

I wish Blizz were just cloning Naxx, rather than taking the old one out, myself.

Mirshalak said...

oops...I meant t3 of course. ;-)

Armond said...

@Mirsh: October, not September. Huge difference - the former means I can try to get it as a birthday present. :P

I really do want to try out the old world instances. I, too, am a BC baby (started playing four months and a day ago) and, for the most part, skipped everything because I wanted a 70 (which I got around three days ago). But this is one thing I really don't like about WoW's leveling system - once WotLK comes out, you could probably solo the trash and 5- or 10-man the bosses.

...Gripes aside, it's a really epic area that I must find the quests for again. (Although attuning will take a while. Practice for when my druid gets epic flight form two or three months from now, I guess...)

Th. said...


Pike--loved the missionary ones.

Namthe said...

Hunter Tier 3?

It looks the same as Hunter tier 7 IIRC. So you stand a chance of getting it after all :-)

LS said...

I've always had a great love for oldworld. It's so much better than everything new.

Bell said...

Heh. In the past 2-3 weeks, I've done ZG three times, Ony once, MC once, and AQ 20 once.

I've done Kara 0 times, no 25-man raids, and...two heroics.

Let's hear it for old school! :D

The Wild One said...

I miss the old-school stuff too. DM Tribute runs non-stop, hours spent crawling around in LBRS doing that damn Seal quest…

The old Tier gear was better looking, imho. The newer stuff just looks dark and dirty by comparison, and doesn't look like what many people associate with WoW on an overall.

"zigystardust said...On the topic of old instances, I wonder what you'd need to solo a tribute run in Dire Maul."

You need:

Trap repair Items
1x [Frost Oil]
1x [Thorium Widget]

[Gordok Ogre Suit] ingredients (half these if you've previously learned the pattern as a LWer or Tailor):
4x [Bolt of Runecloth]
8x [Rugged Leather]
1x [Ogre Tannin]
2x [Rune Thread]

Rogue with 300 lockpicking skill, OR 2x [Powerful Seaforium Charges], OR 2x [Truesilver Skeleton Keys]

The door opener is really a must, since one of the in-instance keys is only obtainable by killing a boss.

I've only ever gone in there to run down Knot Thimblejack's Cache, or to help a pally do the epic mount quest.

Neggles said...

I LOVE doing the old world content. We just went to Naxx the other day, because Neg's OCD won't allow her to not have all the LWing patterns in the game (I'm currently at 94% competition). So I grinded up to exalted with AD and we 7-manned trash and poked some bosses. It was rather pleasant.

In the months before TBC expansion my hubby and MT would often form raids for the world dragons. We even did a AQ-40 run. Trust me, if you ever had to do ONE THING in this game, KILL C'THUN. It is one of the coolest fights in the game.