Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Humble Pie

Today I got owned by a blood elf hunter. Twice.

Granted, she had a druid with her. But I had a T6 rogue with me. And later, a mage with me too.

The story? One of my good friends leveled a hunter to ten and asked what sort of pet she could get that wasn't seen every day. I suggested the cute red Springpaw Stalkers in Eversong Woods; it's certainly not every day you see a level 10 draenei hunter with one of those, afterall!

So we pulled together a group of buddies, nabbed a warlock, and us level 70s flew to Zul'Aman and headed into the heart of Blood Elf country.

T6 rogue (a heck of a good one, too) got there first, and I'm not exactly sure how it happened but somehow he got in a spar with a druid and a hunter. I dashed into the fray; determined to save him since his health was dropping quickly, and targeted the hunter.

I pulled out all my usual tricks that I do against fellow hunters; you know, the ones that ensure that I almost never lose against other hunters, as I like to say. And yet somehow they all failed miserably and I was laying rather embarrassingly on the ground before I could think.

Our magey friend showed up and quickly died as well, so the three of us-- rogue, mage, and hunter, decided to rez all at the same time, dispatch of the healy druid, and then proceed to the hunter.

That failed too, we did manage to kill the druid but he rez'd within two seconds and we were all dead again. Dang.

Well by this time more horde 70s were starting to show up, and it was painfully obvious that they were all PvP geared and we were sporting our PvE duds, so we all just sat around in ghost form and waited to deflag before rezzing. We did so, our Warlock pal showed up, we located a Springpaw Stalker and summoned our lowbie hunter friend who proceeded to tame herself a new kitty.

The curious horde showed up about now, all gathered around the unusual bunch that we were, so I /pointed at lowbie hunter and /pointed at her new cat, and /nodded. Blood Elf Hunter /cheered.

Afterwards I logged into a hordie and sent her an in-game mail telling her I'd enjoyed our spar (but she should catch me in my PvP gear next time, I added cheekily) and wished her hunt's luck.

We hunters, we've gotta stick together.


rohit said...

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Pike said...

er, thanks?

"Piiiiiike is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous..."

Neggles said...


Once I was doing the usual daily routine on Quel'thalas when a dwarf hunter challenged me to a duel. He was in blues and greens, so I just /shooed him away. As I was killing Naga, he whispers me from a Horde toon and asks me if my SV spec was the best raiding spec, and where ever in Azeroth did I get my bow?? (These poor kids, badges have spoiled you all!) I answered his questions, then allowed him a duel when he requested one. He didn't do so well :P.

krizzlybear said...

I thought Hunters were more of the type to keep to themselves than to have solidarity for other hunters. I can see that sort of thing with druids, but I figure hunters prefer to have their pet as their friend.

Pike said...

@ Krizzlybear - most of the time hunters like to be alone with their pet(s). But sometimes they like to gather around the campfire with others who understand them and who they can share stories of the hunt with. =P 'tis the way I see it!

Einz said...

Good sportsmanship is never out of place!

Pablo said...

Hunters are kind of loners out of circumstance. We're our own group of two, so we can solo damn near everything, and we have the stigma of being Huntards so we don't get many tells for groups.

But like most outcasts we identify with each other and can band together when needed, or just out of solidarity.

That may be making it seem a bit more dramatic than it is, but that's the identity in a nutshell.

Nomakk said...

These days PVE gear trumps PVP gear even when the skill is on the side of the PVE'r. Resilience simply slants the fight dramatically. Don't worry to much on this one! if you had your pvp hax on you woulda owned the other hunter :)

MW said...

What Pablo said, a little. Plus, we tend to cheer each other on when one of us nabs a cool pet or something, which a lot of other classes (and people who have hunters as a gathering toon but don't really play them) don't really get.

I've seen plenty of Horde hunters leave level 10s alone when it's obvious they're taming (or lowbies camping a well-known spawn point for rare pets like Humar), and an Alliance hunter once helped my little level 10 troll out in the Wetlands when I went to tame a snow leopard in Dun Morogh.

Zerogoki said...

And my Draenei ran the entire way from Menethil to the Eversong Woods on her own in her early twenties. For a Dragonhawk with caster stats.

Well I got Humar a little later. But the Hawk is still in the stables.

Capn John said...

My lvl 10 Dwarf Hunter made the run to Durotar and Echo Isles to get a black & gold Tiger.

My new lvl 20 Orc Hunter ventured to Bloodymyst to get the lvl 17 Green Ravager. Understandably not too many lowbie Horde Hunters have Ravagers ;)

Double Sided Hunter said...

Love your posts as always Pike, though my post is a little late.

I don't PvP that much, but I sure as heck know that when I do, how embarrassing it can be to loose to another hunter! But, it's good to know that in the end, all hunters tend to stick together in a mutual way.

I remember running a level 10 Orc hunter to the Night Elf starting area, just to get her an Owl! I was on a PvP server for that as well! You should have seen all the nervous glances I took over her shoulder, to make sure I wasn't going to be ganked in the middle of my tame! I managed to get my owl and a little Night Elf hunter came by and /cheered me after I did. I hearthed after that! In fact, that poor little orc is still level 10, sitting in Durotar with her owl!