Saturday, August 23, 2008


Have any of you read the Warcraft books? Some great stuff there. The Boy and I are currently reading "The Last Guardian" together (also reading "Star Wars: Heir to the Empire" together, but that's another story).

The books are a great way to really immerse yourself in the lore and history of the Warcraft universe, as well as crack horrifically dorky jokes with your reading buddy that, on the one hand, are just bad, but on the other hand, somehow manage to be absolutely hysterical.

"Hey look, Moroes... vanished. *spends the next five minutes giggling*"

"Hey guys, it's Khadgar, I'm super lost and I somehow walked into a big battle of evil green guys =( Can I get a summon to Maiden's room?" "Khadgar, you're in AV, we haven't summoned you yet. Relax." *once again, spend the next five minutes giggling like a lunatic*

In all seriousness, Warcraft lore is awesome, and I think it's one of the big things that made WoW as popular as it is. I spend a lot of my freetime devouring WoWWiki, it only makes sense that I'd move on to the books.


krizzlybear said...

If you haven't done so already, read the War of the Ancients trilogy. It's super sweet. It's full of awesome and cool. I think it is a very good read to get you up to speed with the side-stories in wrath of the lich king.

Euripedes said...

IYou're reading that Timothy Zahn trilogy for the fourth or fifth time, right?


Not the first?

Trollin' said...

Relax Euripedes, it's ok. Some people take a while to be introduced to pure awesomeness.

How they live so long is beyond me. =P

On topic, I do love WC lore. I read the War of the Ancients a while ago and actually managed to pick up the whole Sunwell Trilogy along with like 7 novels for like 65% off at Barnes and Noble. I'm gonna start those when I'm done with the Star Wars Expanded Universe. No spoilers! =P

Rayare said...

I love Day of the Dragon. It follows Rhonin and Vereesa Windrunner as they travel through orc-controlled Khaz Modan to find Deathwing's lair and free Alexstrasza. It has some cool Kirin Tor lore going on (the whole Alliance of Lordaeron, Plaguelands, and Dalaran lore fascinates me), as well as a lot of pre-portal and black dragonflight lore. Plus Deathwing rocks, and you gotta fall in love with Rhonin along the way. Falstad and Duncan Senturas also provide much amusement.

Anonymous said...

WoW Lore (through the books) is why I personally /slap Jaina every time I'm in Theramore. I do love the books though. My all time favorite was the story of Thrall, when he was captured...and this one old orc thought Thrall was out numbered, but really he was just training with the Alliance warriors he was raised with...a slave, but a "secret weapon" is basically what he was becoming. The old orc was shouting - but Thrall couldn't even understand him :(

And don't get me started on his "sister/friend"...I'll start to cry.



loronar said...

Heir to the Empire. Good stuff. Have you read the New Jedi Order series?

I absorbed a lot of lore about the dragon aspects last night through WoWWiki. So now I'm all caught up all the way to WotLK.

LS said...

So I'm "the boy" now? Can't I have a cooler title? =P

Euripedes: In my lady's defense, I blather on about Star Wars lore enough that this is probably the equivalent of her reading it for the sixth or seventh time.

And aside from that, her and I have this "division of labor" thing going on. I focus on some aspects of the wealth of nerdy pursuits, and she focuses on other aspects. Then we come together and make a pretty fuckin' awesome nerd team.

Ironrar: Why oh why would you read NJO before Heir?

Rakhman said...

Lord of the Clans was an awesome read, I'm not sure if it was better because I play horde, but I thought it was the best of the crop of WoW books. War of the Ancients was also really good, it gave me a reason to go back to Azshara again.

I've just ordered Beyond the Dark Portal and Tides of Darkness, here's hoping they are good too.

Webmosher said...

I have been enjoying the WoW comics. Not quite as much lore, but a very enjoyable story. You can actually get the first 7 in a bound volume. Unfortunately, the story progresses just a few pages each month.

Entropy said...

I just started reading the WOW books myself. I was surprised at how good they actually are. I just finished the first book that had the four short stories in them. I liked Lord of the Clans the best even though I play Alliance. I was impressed enough with this first trilogy to place an order with Amazon for the Ancients trilogy. I will hand these books over to my son once I get off of deployment. I might require him read all of the trilogy books before I start to let him play the game. Do you think 7th grade is old enough for someone to start this game?