Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pee Vee Pee

Presenting Tawyn and Tux, all dressed up and having declared Lumber Mill as their property:

Now I have a confession to make. I've been a pretty big PvPer with Tawyn throughout her career, and she has over 9000* kills to her name. She goes into her battlegrounds with guns (or bows, or crossbows) blazing and ready to steamroll the competition given the chance; even if the Horde is stomping on us that day, Tawyn goes out fightin'.

BUT! I haven't PvP'd with her in a very, very long time. Until today.

See, it's partially because I realized PvP is more enjoyable for me overall Horde-side, but largely just because Tawyn is 100% geared and spec'd for PvE and level 70 battlegrounds just aren't enjoyable when you're sporting a whopping zero resiliance and under 8000 hit points and a pure PvE spec.

Today though, a Gruul's run I was going to sneak into failed to ignite (I think I just jinx Gruul's runs, seriously, I can never get into them), and I was bored, so I ran to Champion's Hall and squandered all my honor on Merciless Gladiator's Chain Spaulders and Merciless Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets, then pulled out my ol' Gladiator's Chain Helm (and I coulda pulled out my Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow, too, but then I decided to stick with the Choco-Bow), equipped my loveworn PvP trinket, and ran into Arathi Basin.

And we won, oh did we win, twice in a row baby. The first game was cake and we had the place five-capped in a matter of minutes; the second game was a very close one-- we won 2000-1850 or something-- and both were a complete blast. Epic battles, mass carnage, and the little periwinkle elf and her owl not lettin' you get near Lumber Mill. It's mine, all mine!

Then I took a deep breath and ventured into Alterac Valley and discovered that Alliance on Bloodlust apparently still fails at it (big surprise), but oh well. At least I live much longer with my new PvP stamina gear and can take a few hordies down with me. (In all honesty I'm starting to think Horde just manages to drag a few more healers into their AV than Alliance usually does.)

I am so glad that Blizz did whatever they did a few months ago that made it so queueing up for a battleground no longer pits you against premades. I'd gotten so sick of spending 95% of EotS my games sitting on the little floating island and letting the premade team just do their thing. I was so tired of getting camped at the graveyard in AB while the five-cap happened, waiting for it to end so I could grab my mark and do it all over again with a tear in my eye. Because that wasn't PvP.

The good ol' fashioned super-close battlegrounds, however, are, and it makes Tawyn a happy Tawyn.

Oh hey, fellow Bloodlust-ers, we should totally all plan a time to try and queue up into a battleground together. Even if you're a hordie. We can /wave and /hug have a friendly spar perhaps? /grin

*Did I seriously just sneak the phrase "over 9000" into a blog post? Dang, I should get a cookie for that.


twww said...

Any preferences? Chocolate chip? Oatmeal raisin? Chocolate chocolate chunk?
Go ahead and have one of each!

Anonymous said...

Hah, I only recently started PvPing. I got my 8000 honor with 600+ kills late last week to get my PvP trinket. So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed AB. WSG comes second for me. I don't really like AV because it's too big.

But I haven't been doing that bad for a whopping 0 resilience and all PvE gear. :P

PS. Why does Tux look green?

Pike said...

@ twww - peanut butter is actually my favorite kind of cookie. =D

@ Loronar - I think it might just be the monitor; I've noticed that in this picture he's got kind of a greenish tinge on my desktop but he looks fine on my laptop.

Also, I envy yer spec in PvP. =P I'd go Marks/Surv for PvP in a heartbeat, I just don't feel like respec'n for a few games!

David said...

You would drop BM for pvp? I would never do such a thing! Being big and red in pvp is addicting. And is not, in my opinion, worth getting snared into oblivion. Would I do better in arena as marks/surv? Probably. But my 1650 record is enough, and I don't like outlasting people. What is that? Just too boring for me. I want a blastfest, and BM does that. Plus my kitty kills good ;)

ANYWAY, I originally was going to comment on how I agree, and am so grateful that Blizz fixed the premade problem. It was getting just stupid before.

Pike said...

@ David -

Lemme clarify: I would love to be Marks/Surv for Alterac Valley.

Needs more Multi-Shot crits!

Spicytuna said...

"What?! Nine Thousand?! That cannot be!"

Yea, sporting full PvE gear in battlegrounds isn't as fun. Sure you can 3 shot some players now, but you also die in 3 hits.

Though I do admit getting the Beserker buff with full PvE gear is pretty awesome...

Zupa said...

... Says she of 50k plus lifetime kills !

I'm on Frostmourne, and thats bloodlust so lets do it! Just name a time and a battleground!

oh yes I'm Horde ;)

Ngita said...

As a healer on Alliance Bloodlust who often is no 1 healer by 50% or more its not the healing:)

First off if 10 Alliance Take IB GY from 10 horde they are will happily ride off leaving that healer drinking solo at IB GY and suicide on those same 10 horde who are now ressing at Frostwolf.

Horde just play strategically and defend much better. 20 or 22 people standing around near dreks room wont win the game. But 1 or 3 People sitting inside Tower point while it caps will. But despite that time and time again you see people ride past objectives that need guarding so they can join the big zerg and have safety in numbers.

SH tower and icewing might have 0-3 Horde guarding. Alliance taking them back will probably give them 5 more minutes minimum to win the game. Watch how many alliance even go near to see how many are guarding. Often none at all.

Mithrilina said...

Hehe... I am Horde (yeah, For Da Horde and all that), and seriously, it seems we should swap battlegroups.

On mine It's Alliance that seem to have more of a strategic game afoot, keep on winning AV, and have a monopoly on PvP healers.

Or perhaps it's just that on the Reckoning battlegroup we have far more Alliance than Horde.

Nevertheless, the experience of almost always losing AV, AB, EotS and WSG does sweeten the victories... and PvPing with PvE gear rocks if you're in a good group!

I used to PvP a lot before, so still have a full S1 set buried somewhere in a bag. I started raiding in S1, albeit resocketed to be more PvE friendly.

As for PvP in PvE gear: don't go rushing in as some many of us are wont to do; instead, follow behind the spearhead and make sure that there are plenty of warriors, rogues and wotnot between yourself and whomever you are shooting at, and you will wreak absolute havoc!

PvE-geared PvP can be really fun! :-)

lunch said...

lunch is on blood lust, would love to roll through av and shoot things alongside some others, let us know when, pref weekend as that will be more forgiving for time zone differences :)