Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Our logic is to be illogical."

Mania's Arcania had an interesting post the other day about a hunter who refuses to use guns because he doesn't like them. The comments were also full of people agreeing about how much they disliked guns.

My first thought was that this was silly, because guns are awesome. They make big "Pew-Pew" noises that accentuate the damage you're doing! They look really epic in silhouette! And from a roleplaying perspective, they throw a unique spin on your character; that you are a bit of an eccentric mechanic or tinkerer on the side, perhaps, at least enough to know how a newfangled gun works. I've always been drawn to that sort of character; one with a curious enough mind to be willing to wonder how a gun works. My crossbow is the weapon I'm sure I'll be keeping until WotLK, but I do miss my Wolfslayer.

(And have you seen a male blood elf hunter with a gun? /drool)

Truthfully, perhaps this all simply my lifelong crush on Han Solo coming to fruition (curse you Princess Leia), but the fact remains that it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that many people don't share my Thing for Guns.

...but then I started thinking about it and realized that I have my own silly little quirks too. Other people may refuse to use guns; but Pike refuses to use...

Saber mounts.

They drive me insane. I don't know why. I think it's because many times it seems like every Alliance toon and their dog has one.

Tawyn was exalted with Stormwind at level 37 and has ridden horses her entire career. My druid is in her 30s now and is slowly grinding Ironforge rep so she can ride rams. Fortunately both of these characters have appropriate backstories for why they ride the "wrong" mount (I actually seem to have an affinity for that kind of thing, hence why my blood elf is going to ride a kodo even though I actually do like the chickens).

The really illogical thing is that I love cat pets on my hunters, even though they look exactly the same as the saber mounts and they are just as popular. So I really can't tell ya why the mounts bother me. This probably makes me much sillier than the people who dislike guns because at least they usually have a valid reason (i.e., they're loud).

What about you guys? Do some of you guys have silly opinions about various aspects of the game or is it just me who is completely illogical?


Dammerung said...

My brother hates the horde quests because they are all 'confusing'. Unlike...the alliance quests. :P

I dislike dwarves because they waddle and alliance because they feel iky.

Toque said...

I also hate the saber mounts, and have a horse on my NE char. And I love my cat on my hunter char. Its just the way it is. I do hate the way my NE's legs dangle off his horse though :[

Anonymous said...

I think guns are too noisy (as you mentioned). Bows and crossbows have the softer sounds and is easier on the ear, though I do have to get used to gun sounds eventually because my warrior is using one. The designs of bows and crossbows are also much more creative. That's why I had 1/350 gun skill at level 70 for a while.

It's unfortunate that Blizzard doesn't design weapons so that there's an equivalent bow/gun/crossbow for each of the ones already out there. The design/origin may be different, just have exactly the same stats so that we can choose appropriately.

I also have a thing with having pride with one's own race. Night elves look silly with guns; dwarves look silly with a Sunfury. Aurik and I did agree that Draenei crossbows are cool. That's why I'm sticking with sabers, bows (except Choco-bow), and hippogryphs (money sink is another story). I do have a soft spot for talbuks though. I wish I can get the patience to grind the Dark War Talbuk.

Becca said...

I definitely hear you on the aversion to strange things. I can't stand the undead because...

They have bad posture.

I also hate male trolls for the same reason.

And yes, I'm serious, and yes, I've gotten laughed at since I first made the mistake of mentioning it out loud. ^_^

Viktel said...

I have to say...there is just something funny about an elf with a gun. Maybe its 'cause they always have bows in the books.

I remember getting my first gun and giggling at how silly it was. Of course I am now sporting Don Santo's Famous Hunting Rifle.

...and I ride the PvP Epic Horse, though the ram makes me chuckle.

Hunter and pet said...

Silly heehee!

I hate gnomes because of the way they breath. They can't stop moving! Same goes for dreanei males. Their stomachs ripple in a wave pattern when they breath.

It also kinda annoys me the way night elf females shift their weight from leg to leg (only looks good in mail armor, heheh), and blood elf males just move way too much.

Gal stands almost completely still 24/7. it's love.

MW said...

I dislike the saber mounts too, and the raptors and wolves Horde-side. My troll and my orc are grinding rep for kodos, and my night elf rogue will be riding an elekk, although if I'd considered it earlier, I'd totally be going for the ram. Maybe for her epic mount.

I don't care much for the noises guns make, but honestly, if the gun was awesome enough, I'd use it anyway (and then I could actually make my own ammo instead of buying it all the time) — or at least, I would on my main two characters. I don't know if a gun would fit my troll's persona.

(Of course, if I had a dwarf hunter, she'd be using a gun, loud or not, because a dwarf with a bow is weird. Well, maybe a crossbow, too. But only temporarily.)

Ransem said...

I'll use what ever I can land my mits on with my hunter. But my draenei kinda breaks the norm of his kind anyway. >_>

Pike said...

@ Ransem - me too really, but guns are still my favorite.

P.S. Tawyn/Ransem showdown outside of Shatt needs to happen. So we can all giggle when you STILL BEAT ME D=

Greta said...

All of my toons are female except my tauren. The girls are so ugly that I play a male instead. And I've rolled every single race except human. I am one in real life and can't imagine why I would want to play one in a game. Once they have armor on, I can't quickly tell the difference between humans/night elves/draenei. Gnomes and dwarfs are by far my favorite. My dwarf mostly uses a bow because the gun gives me a headache but I've heard there is a download to silence the gun and I'll look into that if I ever see one drop that has good enough stats to bother. I really loved my cat when I first picked him out and then I realized every hunter on the internet has the same exact cat and I wish I had picked something different but I love him and would feel bad abandoning him because he's common. I really really wish that all pets were somehow equal so that I could choose a pet I would actually visually/emotionally like instead of just the three that have good enough dps for raiding. I want my turtle... he's been in the stable ever since I got a clue about huntering.

Bunnyfer said...

I have a few...

I hate guns for the most part. Only race that should have guns...dwarves and humans.

Mounts - I cannot stand the chicken. The saber mount was weird getting used to after riding my pally horse, but I think I prefer the horses. My hubby HATES the cats, and he makes sure all his elves have a horse.

I cannot play a Tauren. To slow and lumbering for me, at least it feels that way. Undead and trolls bother me too. Gnomes are to low to the ground, and I sometimes have issues with dwarves and orcs.

Malsorian said...

I have a Night Elf and a Tauran hunter. And on both, I favor bows or crossbows over guns. I don't like the sound of the guns. The bows are really cool looking.

Cynra said...

My kal'dorei huntress was a sort of technophobe when I first rolled her (in addition to having a deep-seated revulsion in most magic) and so I had never actually trained how to use guns. This worked well, since I never was able to get my paws on any of the decent gums and I ended up using bows exclusively. Three years pass, her stance on both technology and magic has lightened up a bit (let's just say she's gotten a bit numb to them), and the Tuskbreaker in Zul'Aman. I snagged that baby quick!

Pre-TBC, I absolutely refused to snag Aimed Shot in my hunter's build. The first month I was playing her, I was told that I would never get into any groups with Aimed Shot and would be an utter idiot if I didn't pick up the talent. I decided to be contrarian, roll Beast Meastery, and never picked up Aimed Shot until I reached 70 and needed it for Mortal Shots.

Nomakk said...

This may be cheesy, but nothing looks better on a NE than a Bow. No crossbows, no guns. I was sad to buy the crossbow badge reward (how could you turn that beast down), but sacrafices must be made. I have always loved the way Bows look, shoot and how they make my NE stand straight up in a prideful combat stance.

I also hate pants that don't come down to my boots. When i started playing WoW I had no intention of wearing capri pants or booty shorts!

Sabreur said...

I'm of the opinion that orcs are better at everything, even if the stats say they aren't. They just have more style.

I also dislike blood elves mildly, if only because they make up 60% of the Horde on my server. Need more orcs!

Anonymous said...

I like guns too but I have my quirks too. Like I refuse to try a ravager. I don't know if its there looks or that I see some many hunters with them but I refuse to keep one. The only one I tamed was to get the highest level of gore for my boar but beyond that no-no.

batgrl said...

I like bows on my NE hunter - I just really like the way the arrow graphic looks. But if I can't get a decent bow I don't mind getting a gun, and I have a gun on my gnome warrior.

Er, the same gnome that I'm stupidly trying to get exalted with Exodar just to get an elekk mount. Not because I hate the mechachiken, but because I think gnomes on elekks look so darn funny - I'm doing it solely for the amusement factor. I think I do avoid the cat mount a bit these days only because I have 3 NE in the 66+ level zone and so I've really have my fill of the cats.

If any of you are doing bg, that white Stormpike ram is easy to get if you do AV enough. I got one frankly to get rid of tokens (there's a cap on how many you can have).

Mama Druid said...

I hated the look of the epic Night Elf mounts. I *didn't* want one so badly that I started grinding Frostsaber rep for the unarmored epic cat mount.

Mind you, this was all before the increase in rep gains was patched in. Regardless, I don't like how Night Elves look on rams or horses (sorry Pike!) so the Frostsaber was my only option.

But oh, that grind! It very well could be the most grindiest grinds in all of Azeroth.

I gave up on the Frostsaber and bought an epic cat mount. It gets me places just fine and the armored look has grown on me.

Souvraya and Luna said...

I have RP reasons for disliking guns. Guns seem like an awfully polluting thing to run around with, and my night elf hunter hates anything that can damage nature. I'm not even sure whether I'll make myself a flying machine when I max my engineering, because of all the smoke.

But I couldn't agree more with you on the saber mounts. My hunter has a saber, because I started playing before they increased the reputation gain, so all quests were done and I ended up having to hand in cloth instead. But now she rides around on a brown ram, and it is pure love. :)

lethal said...

Belf chicken's should not be ridden by anyone.
Only Tauren should ride kodos: All other races scale them down so the giant, majestic kodo is reduced to pocketsize.

I have recently rolled an Orc Hunter and yes, I plan on avoiding guns (if i can) for an illogical reason or two.
They dont look or feel Orcish.