Friday, June 20, 2008

Brief Technical Difficulties

Because I am bit of a tinker, I decided to start messing around with my computer the other day, and to make a long story short I basically blew everything up, in true goblin fashion. So these past few days have been spent hacking away at my keyboard trying to fix things, and reinstalling more than one operating system. As such I currently do not have access to World of Warcraft and I imagine I won't for another couple days (I actually am in the process of installing it right now, which is taking longer than usual because the "Copy the Old Folder Over" method does not want to cooperate-- but I won't have time to really touch it very much for a bit, even when it is installed.)

Honestly I probably could have had this all fixed and taken care of in just a day or two, but it's hard inbetween long work shifts!

I am still going to be on the Twisted Nether podcast tonight (note to self: install Skype) so that will be fun.

In closing, lemme tell ya... it's surreal when you Google "WoW on Wine with Kubuntu" to make sure you're doing it right and you are the top result.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you can get it all straightened out shortly. I hope your guildies know why you're absent

Vesuuvius said...


Itsnoteasy said...

I haven't been playing a great deal lately, either. But that's because my machine is now so horrifically unstable that I can't even get dailies done without it either crashing or screwing up the video card.

I've ordered a new machine, but it won't get here for another 5-odd days. :(

Also, it's kinda annoying when you want to check something, and Google keeps showing up your own advice. "No, damnit; I don't trust myself! I need a second opinion!"

Good luck with the reinstalling. :D