Saturday, June 14, 2008

"I, for one, welcome our new hunter overlord."

So, storytime.

My boyfriend and I started playing WoW at the same time, and when we were level 20 or so we figured we'd make a guild. So we did. We called it < Heroes of Twilight > which sounds like a rather generic name, and it is, but it had special significance to us because we are both part of a tight-knight online community called Twilight of Heroes and we thought it would be fun to create a WoW guild for it.

Time went by, we got to level 45 or so, and our guild had maybe 20 people in it and most of those people were never on, and hardly anyone was from our original community. We were stuck with this tiny little guild with a less-than-exciting name. So... we disbanded it and made a new one. Or, specifically, the boyfriend did. We called it < Entelechy > after a philosophical concept of Aristotle. Because we liked the word and the meaning of it.

It's almost a year later and < Entelechy > has 201 members and has managed to establish itself as a dual roleplaying/entry-level raiding guild. Because of this, our membership runs the full spectrum from people who just want to see content and would never dream of roleplaying, to people who eschew stepping foot in a Heroic in favor of good quality RP. Most of us fall somewhere along the middle, either leaning towards one end or the other, or perhaps sitting squarely in the center, enjoying both equally. Yet somehow we all get along, respect each other, dork around on Ventrilo together, and have a good time.

In this regard, the guild is a resounding success, and the boyfriend has, I think, created a very amazing thing in it.

But times change, and he has been busy with school and with looking for work, and with working on various non-WoW creative endeavors (which I can only applaud him for), and he soon realized that he can no longer devote the time to the guild that it needs.

And so, he stepped down as guild leader.

Guess who the new one is:

Now I can tell a good story, and I'd like to think I can play a good hunter. But lead a good guild? I'm scared to death.

We'll see how this goes.

At least I can safely say that the guild consists of friends who support me.

(Oh, and now's as good a time as ever to say-- that while in the past we have had some times where we have stopped active recruiting... Entelechy's doors are open to anyone of any level and any activity level who feel like hanging out with a bunch of dorks uber cool people in Ventrilo and maybe doing some roleplaying and a Karazhan run or two. Just toss me a poke.)


Matticus said...

The mantle of leadership is a heavy burden no matter what size your guild is. From what I know about you thus far (which is absolutely nothing but I'm basing entirely on intuition), I think you will be able to handle it well!

The only piece of advice I can give is whenever you are faced with a decision, trust your instincts. They will serve you well (hopefully).

Faeldray said...

It sounds really cool. Since my Alliance characters don't get much play due to having no one I know on their servers, I suppose I could move one of them over and join your guild...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pike!

I've played enough online games to get a sense of the kind of work GMs have to face. But as Matticus pointed out, trust your own judgment. If you doubt yourself, others can easily tell. The more confident a leader is, the more confident her followers will be of her abilities.

Awlbiste said...

Good luck Pike, I'm sure you'll do well! And there's always your boyfriend to ask advice of if something comes up and you really need some help.


Mister Adeqauate said...

From now on there's gonna be some changes around here. For example THIS... will go here.

(But srsly I've got your back, I'm sure you'll do good!)

Ravhinn said...

Congratulations on becoming Overlord!

Noobiewan said...

Yay! Hunter in charge! I would agree with Matticus's advise and also add that as Overlord The Buck starts with you! Don't let "them" (Minions and Hench-people) tell you otherwise!
Good Luck Guild Master.

Malsorian said...

Congratulations on the promotion. Just remember to be fair. And don't ever loose your cool in front of your guild.

Josh said...

Grats on GM, Pike!

As a former GM myself, I can say it can be at times very rewarding, and at times incredibly frustrating. It all depends on what you put into it and what you expect out of it. I'm sure you all ready know about Auzara's blog (, but if you don't, pop over there and read a bit on her take on being a GM. It's from a raid guild perspective, but it'll be related insight nonetheless.

Sade said...

This makes me want to come see you on Silver Hand. :) Congratulations on the promotion; I have a feeling that you will do a fine job in a leadership role.

I mean, if you think about it, by continuing to write this blog, you've sort of already taken a leadership role in the hunter community. Getting to be GM of a guild is almost like the next natural step.

Gothyelk said...

Congratulations and best of luck to you. Leading a guild can be the best and worst experience. You will never make everybody happy, so do what you feel is best and people will and up respecting that in the long run.

Big thing : make sure you have fun. :)

Viktel said...


I look forward to some good videos on kindergarten for Guild Leaders.


Mirshalak said...

Matticus is right.

I was GM of a levelling guild for a few months; nothing too serious in hindsight, but we got close to 100 people at one point, before there was an attempted coup which ended up demoralising me to the point where I stepped away from it entirely.

I can't imagine how tough a raiding guild would be to lead, though; I never did that. Forming raid schedules and

You're really going places, Pike. It's awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Pike. Hopefully you don't have too much drama going along with it.