Monday, November 5, 2007

You know you're a Beast Mastery Hunter when...'re fourth in the healing charts at the end of an AV match:

Ahead of druids, pallies, shammies and priests. I found it rather amusing, but I guess that's what comes from spamming the Mend Pet button!

This particular AV match was a very good one, too. Highlights included a rogue and I taking on and successfully capturing Frostwolf Graveyard by ourselves (thanks to sap, some cleverly placed traps, and Tux amazingly managing to tank the 61 elite for a very long time), a very close race from both factions to killing the final boss, and my personal favorite part, ding'ing 61 mid-game in the 51-60 bracket (you'll notice my level in the screenshot, heehee).

It's moments like those when I really love battlegrounds.

I was asked a couple questions regarding Linux (and my desktop wallpaper too, haha) and I will be addressing those in my next post. Thank you giving me the questions and the opportunity to answer them, and do feel free to keep asking them!


Peashooter said...

Congrats, you get xp in av?

Anonymous said...

@Pike: Correction! You were #2 healer Alliance side! :)

@peashooter: I'd guess from killing the NPCs, no? Only tried AV once at 51 to try to leech my very own bow or polearm or such, but never again set foot in there! :)

And IIRC, there are a couple quests, and even maybe some quest givers/returners inside AV? Or are those guys all outside?

Peashooter said...

Ah, ok, that actually sucks, it means that you have to get enough honor in 10 lvls to buy all that stuff, without lvling. DOH

TazButane said...

Hi Pike, Nice blog! I enjoy reading it. More information on BG's would be cool, it sounds like you enjoy them and spend quite a bit of time there. I have not found or read much information about them but they sound interesting. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated