Monday, November 19, 2007

I couldn't help myself.

I got my tauren hunter to level 29 today, and as is the typical case with me when I get to the end of a "bracket", I'm taking some time out to go play in the battlegrounds.

So there I was, guarding Blacksmith by myself in Arathi Basin, feeling a bit awkward about not having Flare or other helpful higher-level skills and dreaming of the trinket I'm saving up honor for. We're winning this particular game and it's nearing the end, but I've still got a freezing trap sitting at the flag waiting for anybody who wanted to try something at the last minute.

Suddenly I heard a familiar noise. I turned around and, what do you know, a rogue is caught in my trap.

Now I try to be a friendly person and honorable fighter in PvP, and throughout the whole game, really. I thank players for their heals or buffs and in general I think I'm a pretty nice person.

But at this point all I could do was be amused at the hapless rogue as my mind cycled back through all the dozens of times I've fallen prey to the stealthed hand of this particular class...

/target rogue

And then I sic'd my kitty on her and she went down like a fly, and it felt pretty darn good.

Dear rogue, wherever you are... I'm sorry for laughing at you when you were stuck in my trap. But you have to realize how funny it looked and how nice it felt to be the one catching you by surprise for once. I was laughing with you, not at you. I promise. ^^

My tauren also tamed a new pet today; the windserpent Arikara. He apparently makes quite an entrance when you summon him. And I've never had a windserpent before, so it'll be fun to try him out. I named him Ivan to go with the kitty Alyosha, and yes the third pet is going to be Dmitri. Cookie for anybody who gets the reference to my favorite book. *cough* =D


Someone said...

I was wondering: don't rogues have a Detect Traps ability? It's level 24 only and passive, so that should have been an overly confident rogue instead of a more "sneaky" type! (Or a Rogard!)

Pike said...

@ Someone -

I sort of get the feeling this person was either new to being a rogue, or new to PvP, or both. But we all learn from experience and making mistakes so hopefully they took some new knowledge away from this AB match which will help them improve. =)

Elistana said...

As a rogue... I say **shame shame** for that rogue not seeing or avoiding the trap.

As a 28 hunter myself... I say **kudos** for catching the little bugger.

pelides said...

heh. I use traps more for directing rogues where I want them to go than anything else. I feel sorry for the poor bugger who actually fell for your trap! lol!

Psycho & Chaos said...

LOL, bet you really enjoyed that one.

Trollypollie said...

The Brothers Karamazov?

~For the Horde!!!