Friday, November 16, 2007

Desktops & Blogs

This is a screenshot I took today of my current computer desktop:

The wallpaper was made by the extraordinarily talented artists over at The Bronze Kettle, which is a very good WoW blog that I would recommend looking into if you haven't already.

Speaking of blogs, I've finally updated my sidebar's blogroll; in fact, thanks to Google Reader and some code, it should actually self-update now every time I find a new blog to read. (Thanks to Mania for originally pointing out that you could do this!)

My blogroll has gotten very big in such a short amount of time, if it gets much bigger I might have to make a dedicated "page" for it. But I like having all the links on the blog itself.

Ding 63 and I got my [Survivalist's Pike]! It even has my nickname in it, so you know it's gotta be a good weapon. =P


Anonymous said...

Grats! And it will be a while before you replace that Pike, Pike... :)

Peashooter said...


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Amava said...

Congrats on the ding 63. Funny because I used the Survivalist's Pike for a while, but just this weekend, I replaced it with a new staff. So in the grand cosmic scheme of things, I'll say that I passed the weapon to you, so care for it well, and pass it to another hunter when you're ready!

That's actually one thing I dislike about soulbound equipment. I know they put it in there so you cant just have one set of guys leading the way killing bosses and passing phat loot to new players, you gotta kill the boss to get the loot. But there's a part of me that would love it if a guild could pass equipment down and build a tradition. There could be a ceremony where you grant a worthy guildie your old axe and it keeps a history of who had it equipped when certain bosses were taken down.